Things You Need to Know about Samgyupsalamat

Samgyupsalamat is one of the biggest Korean restaurant chains in the Metro and nearby provinces. In fact, it has more than 30 branches now. Just last month, one of my colleagues celebrated his birthday at Samgyupsalamat – Torre Sur, Las Pinas so I got the chance to try it myself.


When we got there at around 11:30 am, the staff immediately prepared three tables for the group. I like that we no longer have to wait to be seated.

1. There are two options: Unlimited Pork or Unlimited Pork and Beef

What makes Samgyupsalamat different from other Korean Restaurants is that they serve various kinds of meats. They have 5 options for pork and another 5 options for beef. If you’re going there with a friend, you must have same unlimited course.


Unlimited Pork Options

  • P1 – Daepae Samgyeopsal (Sliced Fresh Pork Belly)
  • P2 – Buljib Samgyeopsal (Tenderized Fresh Pork Belly & Herb Pepper)
  • P3 – Yangyum Daepe (Sliced Fresh Pork Belly with Seasoning Sauce)
  • P4 – Gochujang Samgyup (Sliced Pork Belly with Sweet and Spicy Sauce)
  • P5 – Yangnyum Buljib (Sliced Pork Belly with Seasoning Sauce)

Unlimited Beef Options

  • B1 – Beef Samgyup (Sliced American Beef Short Plate)
  • B2 – Yangyum Beef (Sliced Beef Short Plate with Seasoning Sauce)
  • B3 – Boolgogi (Korean Beef BBQ with Sweet Soy Sauce)
  • B4 – Gochujang Beef (Sliced Beef Short Plate with Sweet and Spicy Sauce)
  • B5 – Sarsa Beef (Beef with sweet-style Filipino Sauce)

You can order maximum 2 kinds of meats at one time. After you finish eating those meat, you can order again. After all, they charge Php 200 for left over meat per table.

2. They have plenty of tasty side dishes.

Unlike other Korean restaurants I tried in the Philippines, I must say that Samgyupsalamat met my expectations when it comes to side dishes. All of them tastes the same as what I’ve tried in Korea.


I enjoyed the Gyeran-jjim (steamed eggs) and their unlimited soup.

They also have cheese and lechon sauce where you can dip the meat.

Left over food or side dishes are not allowed to be taken out. Unless, you ordered it as ala carte.

3. Their staff are courteous and fast.

Usually, customers always have to raise their hands to call the attention of the servers when asking for refill. My experience with Samgyusalamat is different. They occasionally go to our table to check if we need something.

Our table never runs out of side dishes, sauces, and even iced tea.

I also noticed that they clean the table right away whenever customers vacates their table.

4. The ambiance is conducive for grilling.

Besides the fun Kpop music videos being played on their TV, I also like the arrangement of seats. It’s spacious and the Samgyupsal exhaust really gets all the smoke. The odor of samgyeopsal didn’t have much effect on our clothes.

5. Their Facebook Page has over 150 thousand followers!

To be updated with promos and new branch openings, follow their Facebook Page: Samgyupsalamat. You may also contact them using this email: [email protected]

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I recommend to go there during their HAPPY HOUR. The prices are cheaper and there are less people. Here’s the latest price list:

What’s more to love? They don’t have time limit! Other restaurants have two hour time limit. In here, you can take your time eating. I’ll definitely go back there!

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  1. I remember that time when Samgyupsalamat was just a little restaurant near my school in DLSU Manila! I remember when it wasnt in its peak yet a lot of students already flood their restaurant just to get a taste of unli Korean meat! Takes me back to good old days! Can’t wait to eat here again!

  2. P4 and B3 are my favorites here! I am actually in the middle of my shift and this made me hungry. Two more hours before end of my shift. I have to request my mom to cook pork for dinner tonight! Thanks for making me crave Karla!

  3. Samgyupsalamat was the first ever kbbq I visited with my friends and I can’t beleive how large they grew now!! I’d like to say that every branch is different. The branch you visited looks better than so many other branches in Manila. I do agree with the side dishes though, but the meat isn’t really of quality.

  4. Hi Karla! I haven’t tried dining in Samgyupsalamat even if there are so many chances — but reading your article convinced me that this might be a worthy try! Good to know that you had a pleasant experience with this branch. I hope it goes the same with the other branches. ?

    Sometimes, it’s not really the food that differs, it’s the quality of the service that will make you return. ?

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