Cafe Janggeum: Authentic Korean Cafe in Cavite

Cafe Janggeum brings you to Korea with its authentic Korean Snacks. You can now try all those snacks you see in Kdramas like Tteokbokki, Bungeoppang, and Hotteok.

What To Try in Cafe Janggeum?

1. Iced Dalgona Latte

They offer hot and cold beverages. They serve different kinds of coffee such as Americano, Cafe Latte, Yeonyu Latte, and Chocolate Mocha to name a few. On other hand, they also have non-coffee drinks like Real Choco, Green Tea Latte, Goguma Latte, and Yuja Tea. The best-seller is Iced Dalgona Latte. The price ranges from 120 to 190 pesos.

Cafe Janggeum
Iced Dalgona Latte is perfect for people with a sweet tooth!

2. Sunset Ade

They have a variety of ade: Grapefruit Ade, Peach Ade, Passion Fruit Ade, Calamansi Ade, and Sunset Ade. These fruit drinks are definitely thirst-quenching! The price ranges from 170 to 200 pesos.

Cafe Janggeum
Sunset Ade is a must-try!

3. Strawberry Yogurt

They have different kinds of Ice Blended Drinks. This includes Yuja Slush, Misugaru Smoothie, Mango Smoothie, Blueberry Smoothie, and Green Tea Milkshake. They also have Plain Yogurt, Mango Yogurt, Blueberry Yogurt, and Bingsu Milkshakes. The price ranges from 120 to 200 pesos.

Cafe Janggeum
Strawberry Yogurt

4. Bungeoppang & Hotteok

Bungeoppang is a fish-shaped bread filled with red beans. In Cafe Janggeum, they sell other flavors like custard, pizza, and chocolate. The price ranges from 150 to 180 pesos. In addition, people can also order Ssiat Hotteok, a Korean-style sweet pancake with brown sugar filling and a variety of seeds inside.

Cafe Janggeum
Bungeoppang (2 pcs per order)

5. Gunmandu

Gunmandu is a Korean dumpling filled with minced meat, tofu, green onions, garlic, and ginger. It can be steamed or fried. It comes with a dip. You’ll get 7 pieces of Gunmandu for 200 pesos.

One serving of Gunmandu

6. Kim Mari

Kim Mari is a Korean deep-friend seaweed roll. Most Korean eat this with Tteokbokki. They prefer to dip it in the spicy red sauce. One serving costs 200 pesos.

One serving of Kim Mari

7. Toasts

If you’re a fan of bread, they have Injeolmi Toast, Honey Butter Toast, Garlic Toast, and Goguma Pizza Toast. The price ranges from 200 to 250 pesos.

Cafe Janggeum
Goguma Pizza Toast

8. Croffle

A croffle is a combination of a croissant and a waffle. In Cafe Janggeum, you can try different flavors like caramel, choco, mango, strawberry, and blueberry. I recommend that you try a mixture of two flavors in one serving.

Cafe Janggeum
Mango-Strawberry Croffle

9. Tteokbokki & Rabokki

If you want something heavy, you may order their Tteokbokki, Rabokki, or Rose Tteokbokki. Each serving is good for 2-3 people. The price ranges from 300 to 400 pesos.

I haven’t tried it yet but I’ll make sure to update this on my next visit.

10. Fatcaroons

Fatcaroons are Korean desserts inspired by French macarons. Unlike French macarons, Fatcarons are overloaded with fillings. It comes in 12 flavors: Caramel, Lemon, Brownie, Lotus, Coffee, Pigbar, Matcha, Cheese, Earl Grey, Tiramisu, Oreo, and Salted Vanilla. It costs 80 pesos each but it’s cheaper if you’re going to buy 4 pcs and above.

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Cafe Janggeum is a good place for brunch or snacks. They prepare the food as you order so expect to wait for a couple of minutes. I’m assuring you that the food is worth the wait.

Cafe Janggeum is located on the Lower Ground Floor of SM City Dasmarinas. They are open from 10 AM to 9 PM. They also have a branch at SM City Tanza, and MET Live.

Cafe Janggeum
Their tables can only accommodate 2 to 3 people so I don’t recommend this for big groups.

For updates, you may follow them on their social media accounts:

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  1. Ganda ng ambiance and perfect place to bond with our loved ones ? So delicious foods and drinks ? must try talaga and sure na sulit na sulit talaga ? Bet ko matry Yung Croffle Nila?

  2. Omg wow ang sasarap nman ng mga snacks nila . Gusto ko matry ung croffle and ung iced dalgona latte ? must visit soon! ❤️

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