Let’s Eat Kimbap: A Korean Snack House in Dasma

Whenever Filipinos say that they want to eat Korean food, they often talk about Samgyeopsal (삼겹살). Let me tell you that Korean food is not limited to grilled meat. There are actually establishments called Gansikjib (간식집). Gansikjib literally means snack house. I’m so happy that I found one few blocks away from our house. It’s called “Let’s Eat Kimbap”.

Let's Eat Kimbap: A Korean Snack House in Dasma
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I and my friend, Ella from Kimchi Adventures, went there to have some snacks. We ordered Koki (Gogi) Mandu (₱180), Jjapaghetti (₱120), and Kimbap (₱100).

Let's Eat Kimbap: A Korean Snack House in Dasma

Before I make a review of the food, I just want to say that they have the best Kimchi! It’s not that spicy and the vegetables tastes really great. You’ll definitely ask for a refill!

Koki Mandu (고기만두)

Koki Mandu is delicious! They served it with Korean Soy Sauce. I like the container, very Korean. I wish they are a bit bigger. Anyway, as for the value for money, I don’t mind paying â‚©3,800 for 10 pieces of mandu. That’s actually a good price for a good quality food.

Let's Eat Kimbap: A Korean Snack House in Dasma
Koki Mandu (₱180)

Jjapaghetti (짜파게티)

I don’t know how to compare the taste of Jjapaghetti (짜파게티)  to any meals here in the Philippines. I tried this in Korea and I must say that it tastes the same. If you’re not a fan of spicy noodles like me, you must give this a try. The serving size is good for two people (in our case).

Let's Eat Kimbap: A Korean Snack House in Dasma
Japaghetti (₱120)

Kimbap (김밥)

Why would you got to Let’s Eat Kimbap if you’re not going to eat Kimbap? HAHAHA! I love that they don’t have prepared Kimbap. They do it right after you order. The ingredients are fresh.

Let's Eat Kimbap: A Korean Snack House in Dasma
Kimbap (₱100)

Besides Kimbap, they also have noodles, rice meals, and other Korean food.

The complete name of the business establishment is Let’s Eat Kimbap KSYJ Healing and Herbs Enterprise. Besides the Korean snacks, they also sell some products. They have dried mangoes, coconut oil, pure calamansi and some herbal supplements.

Let's Eat Kimbap: A Korean Snack House in Dasma
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Mr. Kim, a Korean national, is the owner of Let’s Eat Kimbap. I was surprised when I heard one of the Filipino staff speak Hangul fluently. It’s great that they know not only how to cook but also how to speak Korean language. I think Korean customers won’t have a hard time talking to them.

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Let’e Eat Kimbap is located at Unit 8 Amethyst Building, Sampaloc I, Dasmarinas City, Cavite. It’s in front of Metrogate.

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I definitely recommend this if you want to try authentic Korean snacks. The price may be upscale for a snack but I’ll definitely say it’s worth it. My cravings for Korean snacks are satisfied!

For more details:

  • Facebook: LETS EAT Kimbop
  • Mobile Numbers: 09152103451 (Globe), 09466625749 (Smart
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  1. Wow another Korean resto! It is interesting how many Korean restaurants opens every month 😀
    The foods looks good as well.

  2. These look so good. My daughter loves everything Korean food and K-pop. I will share this post with her.

  3. I really really love Asian cuisine.. all kinds… it’s RICH with flavor… and looking at your blog TOTALLY made me hungry.. LOL I definitely want to try some of the noodles you mentioned here since they are unfamiliar to me.. like Jjapaghetti ???? Looks yummy.

  4. Ang layo, haha! Would have loved this place if I’m still at my old university (DLSU-D).

    Anyway, the kimbap looks interesting. I like the idea of eating fresh food. The Koki Mandu looks heavy. It looks so similar to the one I order at this Vietnamese fastfood in SM.

    And natawa ako sa name ng Jjapaghetti hihihi! But I think I’m going to love it. I loooove spicy noodles!

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