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I’m now an SK Secretary!

Last month, the Philippines held an election for the Barangay officials and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) officials. Fortunately, it was peaceful and well organized. I participated in the election by voting. A week after the winners were proclaimed, the Barangay Captain offered me a job in the Barangay Hall. I respectfully declined because I already have a full time job. Days after that, the SK Chairman (my brother’s friend) asked me to become their SK Secretary. I accepted the offer for two reasons: First, I’ve always wanted to serve the country, and second, the work load is lighter because their focus is the youth. I don’t need to be in their office everyday.

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Sangguniang Kabataan Oath Taking Ceremony 2018

What is Sangguniang Kabataan?

Sangguniang Kabataan was created because the Philippines recognizes the vital role of the youth in nation-building. It was made to encourage youth’s involvement in public and civic affairs.

SK Secretary 101 (1)

Sangguniang Kabataan is composed of a chairperson and seven (7) members who shall be elected by the registered voters of the Katipunan ng Kabataan. The Sangguniang Kabataan chairperson shall, with the concurrence of the majority of the Sangguniang Kabataan members, appoint from among the members of the Katipunan ng Kabataan, a secretary and a treasurer.

How to be an SK Secretary?

SK Secretaries are appointed by the Sangguniang Kabataan Chairperson and members. They don’t need votes because they are not elected.

Here are the functions of an SK Secretary:

  1. Keep all the records of the Katipunan ng Kabataan, including the list of its qualified members, youth policies, studies, research and registry of youth and youth-serving organizations in the barangay, if any;
  2. Prepare and keep all the minutes of all assemblies of the Katipunan ng Kabataan and of all the meetings of the Sangguniang Kabataan;
  3. Cause the posting, in the barangay bulletin board and in at least three (3) conspicuous places within the jurisdiction of the barangay, and if possible including the use of traditional and nontraditional media, and make available for any person with legal purpose, all resolutions approved by the Sangguniang Kabataan, the annual and end-of-term reports of the programs and projects implemented by the Sangguniang Kabataan, the Comprehensive Barangay Youth Development Plan and Annual Barangay Youth Investment Program and the dissemination of the same to concerned offices, institutions and individuals; and
  4. Perform such other duties and discharge such other functions as the Sangguniang Kabataan chairperson may prescribe or direct.

Being appointed as an SK Secretary is one of the plot twists of my 2018. I did not expect to be a part of Sangguniang Kabataan. I’m going to do my best to serve our Barangay by using my skills as a teacher and as a blogger. The members of the Sangguniang Kabataan are quite young and as the oldest, I’m going to guide them in all the meetings. I’ll also make sure that all the activities for the youth will be well advertised and documented in my blog.

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What’s the plot twist of your 2018?



Because of so many inquiries, I created a Facebook Group for SK Secretaries. Join SK Secretary Philippines for more discussion.


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