Seoul Grand Park

Seoul Zoo, Seoul Theme Garden, Seoul Land

Korean Visa Requirements

Getting a cheap flight to Korea is one thing, but getting a Korean Visa is another thing. The requirements differ depending on your status. I’ll divide this into the most common status of… Continue reading

How to meet Song Joong Ki

Well, this is not about my travels. I might delete this soon. haha. Don’t unfollow me. Char!


It’s a place where you can drink coffee with a selfie!

Seorae Island

Seoraeseom is an island filled with rapeseed flowers.

Jogyesa Temple

Jogyesa temple is the center of Zen Buddhism in Korea.

Seasons of Love

It’s my birthday today. I’ve been receiving some messages from my friends and relatives. Some are short and simple. Some are long and well thought of. But there’s one message that I will… Continue reading

Teacher Karla: A Filipina Teacher in Seoul

These are the FAQ’s I get when people see my Korea adventures.

Nami Island

Nami Island is my dream destination in Korea. It is the setting of the Endless Love – “Winter Sonata”. It’s a little bit far from my place in Seoul that’s why I had… Continue reading