5 Reasons To Try Freaky Nine Tattoos

Freaky Nine Tattoos are now trending! I’ve seen it on various social media accounts so I decided to try it myself. In this post, I’m going to share with you five reasons to try them.

1. It comes with many designs.

Freaky Nine has 10 Korean Tattooist. This includes Urban, 242, Doran, Haesi, Hane, Ichi, Kaya, Momo, Rorang, and Wana. Each of them has a different style. Personally, I prefer the colorful designs of Tattooist Doran and the floral designs of Tattooist 242.

Freaky Nine Tattoo

2. You can use it in any part of your body.

I like that you can wear the tattoo on different occasions. Recently, we had a pool party and I gave out some tattoos to my friends. Some used it on their chest and arms, others used it on their hands.

Photo from Happy and Busy Travels

3. It is easy to apply.

The package comes with instructions on how to apply the Freaky Nine Tattoos. Using the Alcohol swabs, just wet the area where you want to apply the tattoos. Then, cut the specific tattoo you want to use. Patch it on your skin for 30 seconds. There you’ll see the design perfectly transferred to your skin.

Freaky Nine Tattoos

4. It is waterproof.

After applying the tattoo, I spent one hour in a Jacuzzi. I’m surprised that the tattoo didn’t peel off. In fact, it lasted for 3 days on my hands.

Freaky Nine Tattoos

5. They ship internationally.

Although Freaky Nine is based in Korea, they actually cater to different countries. I’m glad that the Philippines is one of them. You may order on their website using this link.

Freaky Nine Tattoos
Photo from Thinkablebox at CasAlonzo

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  1. Omg mahilig din ako before sa mga ganto. Ang gandang art lnag kase and magaganda po yong designs nito 😍

  2. Love the quick and easy application. Cool designs and it looks so real. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Ohh love it ♥️
    Napakagandang temporary tattoos
    Ang dami pang designs to choose
    To be honest ,takot ako sa totoong tattoos pero okay ito ,
    It’s only a temporary lang ♥️

  4. Ay wow ang nice po nyan ms Karla pang malakasang pang porma ang cute Ng mga design niya… At Tama Lang ang laki at easy pang ilagay… At higit SA lahat matagal maalis

  5. wow this looks great, love how it is easy to apply and I think this is for everyone who love temporary tattoos because I know karamihan sa atin is takot na magpa-tats kasi scared to commit that the design is for the rest of thier lives❤️

  6. Ang gandaaa , gusto ko dn nito mga ganitong minamalist lang plus daming choices ng design , easy to apply ngtatagal pa ng 3 days 😍 tatry ko dn ito .

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