Best Meal Plan Delivery in Cavite

Are you looking for the best meal plan delivery in Cavite? I highly recommend Sexy Meals Central Cavite. Here are the reasons why:

Best Meal Plan Delivery in Cavite

1. They prepare a customized meal plan for your needs.

They have a healthy balanced meal, high protein meal plan, and low carb meal plan. You may choose from 1200 calories to 2000 calories.

I’m trying to lose weight so I chose the one with the fewest calories. This is an example of a meal with 1200 calories:

Best Meal Plan Delivery in Cavite
MONDAY – Breakfast: Apple Banana Overnight Oats | Lunch: Chicken Inasal with Mixed Veggies | Dinner: Pasta Marinara

2. They have a variety of mouthwatering meals.

In this post, you’ll see the different kinds of meals they served for one week. They don’t repeat meals. They serve rice meals, porridge, pasta, sandwiches, burgers, and even a burrito!

Best Meal Plan Delivery in Cavite
TUESDAY – Breakfast: Egg Arroz Caldo | Lunch: Mango Chicken Burrito | Dinner: Tuna Mushroom Burger

3. Their meals are well-packed.

The food stays in a good presentation from packing to delivery. I’m never disappointed whenever I open the meals packed for me.

WEDNESDAY – Breakfast: Egg Salad Sandwich | Lunch: Fish and Tofu in Oyster Sauce | Dinner: Pancit Canton

4. They deliver every day.

You won’t miss your diet because they make sure to deliver them a day before. I’ve never experienced any food spoilage because I receive the food few minutes after their preparation. In my case, I always receive the meal for the next day every 11 AM.

THURSDAY – Breakfast: Banana Graham Overnight Oats | Lunch: Bangus ala Pobre | Dinner: Chicken Pesto Pasta

Here’s the rate for the delivery fee:

5. Their meals are easy to prepare.

I’m writing this blog post on a Friday. This means that I’m in the office. I just brought everything and reheated them for a minute. No hassle!

FRIDAY – Breakfast: Pandesal and Sardine Pizza | Lunch: Eggplant Fritters with Brown Rice | Dinner: Grilled Chicken BBQ Sandwich
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It’s 2023 and I want to be healthier this year. It’s been a week since I subscribed to the Best Meal Plan Delivery in Cavite: Sexy Meals Central Cavite. So far, I already lost 0.5kg and I would say it’s a big win for me. If you’re interested, you may order from their social media accounts:

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  1. Yes to healthy meals in 2023. This is a big help sa atin para malaman if healthy talaga ang kinakain natin. They will make your food based on the nutrients and calories na akma lang sa anong kailangan natin and if may purpose tayo like to lose weight.

  2. The best plan po talaga ito for delivery so delicious ng foods and thanks for the recommendation po will share this po sa mga tita ko na nasa Cavite.?

  3. Defenitly Worth to Read this ?? thanks for sharing Ms. Karla sobrang laking help po nito for everyone

  4. Wow this is great po for everyone na gustong mag stay fit, healthy na mura pa and less hassle pa kasi they deliver ❤️

  5. Thanks for sharing great review , ang perfect ng mga foods nila tlgang naka pack ng maayos and healthy pra sa araw araw na cravings natin ?

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