Good Luck Hot Pot: Chinese-style Hot Pot Banquet

Good Luck Hot Post is the biggest Chinese-style Hot Pot Banquet in the Philippines. I and my boyfriend recently tried their Good Luck Surf and Turf Premium Buffet. In this post, I’m going to share with you all the meals we tried.

Hot pot, also known as Chinese fondue or steamboat, is a popular Chinese cooking method that involves simmering various raw ingredients such as meats, seafood, vegetables, and noodles in a shared pot of simmering broth. Hot pot is often enjoyed in a communal setting, with diners sharing the pot and cooking their food at the table.

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1. Selection of Soup

They have six kinds of soups to choose from. This includes Good Luck Spicy Butter Soup, Healthy Tomatoes Soup, Mushroom Soup, Clear Water Soup, and Tom Yam Soup. There’s an additional 680 pesos if you want the Golden Lobster Soup.

Good Luck Hot Pot

In Good Luck Hot Pot, they provide one pot per person. You don’t need to share the soup base with other people.

2. Good Luck Sashimi Platter

They provide this Good Luck Sashimi Platter per person.

3. Good Luck Surf and Turf on Ice Platter

This selection depends on how many people you are in the group.

1-2 pax2 selection
3-5 pax3 selection
6-8 pax4 selection
9-10 pax5 selection

Good Luck Seafood on Ice Platter

This includes Assorted Shrimps and Crabs on Ice Platter, Lobster on Ice Platter, Deep Sea Grouper on Ice Platter, Assorted Crabs on Ice Platter, and Assorted Clam on Ice Platter.

Good Luck Hot Pot

Good luck Premium Selection of Meat on Ice Platter

They have American Angus Snowflakes Beef, American Beef Cube, Goodluck Beef and Lamb, New Zealand PS Grade Beef Brain Part Slice, and Black Chicken Roll Slice.

Good Luck Hot Pot

4. 60 Kinds of Unlimited Selection


They have Marinated Jelly Fish, Blueberry Yam, Fine Radish Slices, Chilli Oil Beef Tendon, and Black Fungus with Special Homemade Sauce.

Good Luck Hot Pot

Assorted Vegetable and Mushrooms

People can order Golden Needle Mushrooms, Shitake Mushrooms, and even King Oyster Mushrooms. They also have Crown Daisies, Spinach, White Turnip, Pumpkin, Potatoes, and Kelp.

Good Luck Hot Pot

Premium Grade Seafood

For seafood, they have Grouper Fish Slices, Shrimp, Small Geo-Duck Clams, and Scallops. They also have Green Mussels, Big White Shells, and Kalibo oysters.

Good Luck Hot Pot


They offer American Angus Snowflakes Beef Slice and Beef Cube. In addition, guests can order an Australia Lamb Slice, a New Zealand PS Grade Beef Brain Part Slice, a Premium Grade American Beef Slice, a Premium Grade American Lamb Slice, a Selection of Mongolian Lamb Slices, and a Black Chicken Roll Slice.

Noodles and Rice

They have Seafood Fried noodles, Homemade Fresh noodles, Pan-Seared Chive dumplings, and Minced Pork Cabbage dumplings.

Good Luck Hot Pot

They also have Seafood Fried Rice. You can ask the staff to serve them in portions.

Handmade Dishes and Assorted Meatballs

People can also order duck blood, quail eggs, lobster ball, Fuzhou Fishballs, and China Pork Sausage. They also have salted tofu, luncheon meat, crab stick, beef tendon, and assorted bean curd.

Good Luck Hot Pot

Sweets and Desserts

They have Black Sesame Balls, Red Dates and Tremella, Good Luck Special Cold Gulaman, Sweet Glutinous Rice Cake, and even Crispy Cake.

You may also order fruits and their famous Papaya Milk Jelly.


Guests can choose between Coke, Sprite, and mineral water. There’s an additional charge for a cup of tea but I think it’s worth it.

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Besides the great food, I also enjoyed the live performances. They perform every 7 PM, 9:30 PM, and 12 MN.


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Good Luck Hot Pot is located on the Ground Floor of NexGen Tower, Pasay City, Manila. They are open every day from 4 PM to 12 MN. They offer private function rooms for your events. For reservations, you may send them a message on their Facebook Page: Good Luck Hotpot.

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I and my boyfriend had a great time at Good Luck Hot Pot. We also enjoyed trying out different Chinese Traditional Clothes. This is free for all the customers. I would say that it’s worth the money. We only spent 2668 pesos per head. I recommend that you try it too!

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  1. Ang daming pagpipilian at ang fresh ng kanilang seafood and meat. Pati iyong appetizer, nakakatakam talaga. Bet ko din iyong pa-live performances nila.

  2. Omgg gustoo ko dn ma experience sa ganito . Ang sasarap , fresh at ang gaganda ng mga platings ng mga foods sulit na sulit tlga . Pwedeng pwede pa ma ity ang mga traditional clothes for free 🥰

  3. Gusto ko dn ma experience sa mga ganito , ang sasarap , fresh at ang gaganda ng mga plating nila sa mga foods . Sulit na sulit na dn tlga . Pwede pa ma try ang mga traditional clothers for free 🥰

  4. Wow gusto ko din itry yan ❤️ mukhang masarap ❤️ and mag eenjoy dahil sa libs performances para ka talagang nasa China ❤️ China feels ❤️❤️

  5. Ohhh woww,ang daming Choices sa foods Ms karla pero for sure ,masasarap ito lahat at mag eenjoy din dito cuz they have also a live performance
    And thanks sa great review Ms karla
    And it’s worth to visit this place with our loves ones , family or friends

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