A1 Premium Shabu Shabu Parqal is now open!

A1 Premium Shabu Shabu Parqal is now ready to serve you with premium quality meat and fresh vegetables! You heard it right, the long wait is over. The blockbuster A1 Premium Shabu Shabu in Greenbelt 3 opened a branch that will cater to Southies!


#A1ShabuShabuParqal is now open! Grabe Premium Quality talaga ang meat nila! ? Try nyo ang Mongolian Beef Set, Angus Beef Set, Pork Loin Set, and Seafood Set. Uuwi kayong busog na busog at satisfied!!! #A1PremiumShabuShabu #TravelwithKarlainParanaque #ParqalMall #Parqal

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A1 Premium Shabu Shabu Parqal Menu

A1 Premium Shabu Shabu has an ala carte menu. You may choose from the local market to the imported meats. They offer different kinds of soup bases, seafood, and vegetables. Besides the Classic Shabu Shabu favorites, you should also try their handmade house specialties. Noodles and rice are also available in their menu.

A1 Premium Shabu Shabu Parqal Menu

I recommend trying their set menu if you’re going there with family and friends.

A1 Premium Shabu Shabu Parqal Menu

They also serve desserts and different kinds of drinks. Beer and wine are also available. You may bring your favorite drink but you have to pay a 600 pesos corkage fee per bottle.

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What To Order:

Since my friends and I ordered from the set menu, we were given a big bowl of veggies and dumplings each! This includes fresh shrimp balls, squid balls, mushroom meatballs, Hong Kong Wanton, and egg dumplings. They also have shiitake mushrooms, black fungus, and golden mushrooms. Pechay Baguio, green leafy veggies, and vermicelli are also included. If you like a heavier meal, you may ask for a cup of rice.

For the set meals, I recommend the Angus Beef Set, Pork Loin Set, Mongolian Lamb Set, and Seafood Set. Their Angus beef is tender and has a rich beefy flavor. Pork Loin is tender too and has a mild flavor. It’s a perfect meat to get the flavors of your soup base and dipping sauces.

A1 Premium Shabu Shabu Parqal
Angus Beef Set 1050 pesos | Pork Loin Set 680 pesos

The Mongolian Lamb is one of the popular dishes in Chinese cuisine. It is known for its delectable blend of sweet and savory flavors and its tender, thinly sliced meat. The Seafood set includes squid, shrimp, fish, and mussels. They are all fresh!

A1 Premium Shabu Shabu Parqal
Mongolian Lamb Set 980 pesos | Seafood Set 1180 pesos

If you’re not used to making a dipping sauce, you may ask them to do the mix for you. The staff are very helpful. They can create a dipping sauce based on your preferred level of spiciness.

For drinks, we had the Yobick Yogurt Drink. It’s a great way to end the meal.

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They are located at Ground Floor, Building 3, Parqal Mall, Diosdado Macapagal Blvd, Parañaque. Besides the great customer service, I actually like their interior design. There are partitions to separate each table. I love that we enjoyed our privacy while eating.

You may check out their social media accounts for more updates:

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  1. Omg this is what I needed especially napakalamig ngayon dito sa amin. Those shabu-shabu looks good as well!

  2. Sulit na sulit magdate dito! ❤️ sarap nung kanilang sets talagang masasatisfied ang mga customer!

  3. Yayy finally !!the long wait is over
    And different kinds of soup bases, seafood, and vegetables, siguradong
    busug talaga kapag Pupunta dito

  4. Nakikita ko palang mga Photos na to nagugutom na ako. shabu-shabu isa sa gsto ko matikman 😍😋😋 ang daming Choices and truly Sulit na sulit .

    1. Saya maka visit dito , super fresh nga ng kanilang mga meat . Sna mapasyal dn kmi dito soon 😍

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