BTS Meal: 10 Clever Ways to Recycle!

BTS Meal is now the most popular limited edition meal in McDonald’s. In fact, a lot of BTS fans downloaded the McDonald’s app to make an early reservation. Now that it’s available in many branches here in the Philippines, it became a must have for Filipino ARMY. In this post I’ll show you creative ways to recycle the purple packaging.

1. Make a frame.

You can use it as a frame for your photocards!

BTS Meal

2. Frame it!

Wouldn’t it be nice to see all of them safe in a frame?

3. Put it on your phone case.

Wanna see it all the time? Upcycle it to a phone case!

BTS Meal

4. Use it as a cover of your notebook.

Even the paper bag can go a long way!

BTS Meal

5. Use it for journaling.

Unleash your creative side by creating a journal.

6. Place it on a keychain.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see them on your bag?

BTS Meal

7. Make a bookmark.

This is for ARMY bookworms!

8. Place it on your tumbler.

Fan of drinking coffee? Make a BTS inspired tumbler!

9. Use it as a home decor.

You can add some plants or literally post it on your wall!

10. Make a toploader.

Washi tapes and stickers are the key!

One man’s trash can be someone else’s treasure. I love how the BTS meal turn people into recycling and upcycling!

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How about you? Have you tried the BTS Meal yet?

If you have any creative ideas, share them on the comment section. Make friends with other fans!

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  1. super aliw ko sa creativeness ng mga army!! lalo nayung sa rubber shoes and bucket hat.. pero i dont think it will last long.. kaya mas ok din yung mga memorabilias that you shared here!

  2. I love these ideas ? borahae ???lumabas talaga ang creativity ng army. Napreserve na yung collab, nakatulog pa sa environment by recycling those packaging.

  3. Absolutely Must visit This Amazing Blog Mam Karla dahil tunay na makikita mo sa mga BTS Lover Kung Paano Nila binigyan ng Effort to Make Awesome DIY .. Sobrang ganda po talaga and perfect for Collection na sobrang pahahalagahan Mo… daming Pwedeng Gawin, at lalabas din po talaga dito ang pagiging Creativity natin to Make some DIY

  4. saving every moment and tangibles by creativity. nice way to have everything in your BTS meal to be cherished and not ending up in the trash. very helpful especially for the BTS fans

  5. Ang cute naman.. Ang ganda at ang galing ng pagkakagawa. ?? Marami ka din palang pwedeng gawin dito…. ?? Ang Galing ng naisip na idea.. Nakakatuwa lang dahil ang dami nilang naisip kung ano pwedeng gawin dito tulad ng gumawa ng isang frame, inilagay din sa case ng Cellphone etc.. Nakakamangha talaga at para sa kanila isa itong Remembrance ??

  6. A lot of BTS fans are very happy because of this especially my friends who keep everything included in their BTS meal except for the foods. They are putting it on their post and I can see it every time I open my social media accounts. This is just a proof how they love BTS.

  7. I just had a non-ARMY friend messaged me showing me a post similar to this, sabi nya nakakatuwa daw yung mga ARMYs grabe creative and lalo na yung recycling and upcycling part ?

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