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Babylon Cosmetics is startup business which aims to promote women empowerment, self-confidence, and staying true to yourself.

The Richest Woman in Babylon

This idea started in March 2021. The owner, Baby Rose Delos Angeles, used the names of the shades are her closest and real friends who also inspire her and supports her to bring out the best in her.

The brand name Babylon Cosmetics was also inspired by the book she was reading The Richest Man in Babylon. It is a book of personal finance that guides people on how to grow their money. The character was a poor scribe who became the richest man in Babylon and he teaches men to get rich. She was challenged and inspired by the book so she made it a brand name.

There are women who are now making names not just in entrepreneurship but with every aspect and she wants to inspire and encourage women of our generation to be themselves, stay authentic and do what they love to do and don’t let people’s opinion of you become your reality. We can also make a difference.

With her goal to bring back her self-confidence, she decided to create a brand name that can empower women. One of the things that gives her confident is lipstick that’s why she started selling one.

5 Shades of Babylon Cosmetics

I got a chance to try the five shades and here’s how it looks like:

1. Arci

Arci has a dark red shade. Dark red colors makes women feel strong! It’s great for a date night!

Babylon Cosmetics
Arci is named after a selfless woman.

2. Andrea

This lipstick has a shade of pink. It’s very feminine. I’d recommend this for a day makeup. Pink makes you feel young!

Babylon Cosmetics
Andrea is named after a strong woman.

3. Heaven

Heaven is the darkest of all the shades. I like how it emphasizes my lips. No time to put on makeup? Just use this shade and you’re good to go!

Babylon Cosmetics
Heaven is a name of a clever woman.

4. Jane

Jane has a neutral shade. I like how it shows simplicity. This is great for everyday makeup.

Babylon Cosmetics
Jane is named after a cheerful and bubbly woman.

5. Rachel

Rachel gives me the flirty type of red shade. It’s bright and gives you a friendly feeling.

Babylon Cosmetics
Rachel is named after a marupok woman.
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Four things I like about Babylon Cosmetics:

1. It is multi-purpose.

This oil based tint may be used on the eyelids, cheeks, and lips.

2. It is long lasting.

You’ll still have your lip tint on even after eating. I love that it doesn’t smudge easily. As what the packaging says, it is kissproof and maskproof! It does not transfer to cups, clothes, or skin!

3. The ingredients are safe.

It includes Isododecane, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Caprylic Triglyceride, Sunflower Oil, Castor Oil, Pigments, Flavors, and Tocopherol Acetate.

4. The packaging is really pretty!

Although I’m not fan of the shiny box packaging, I was surprised with the bottles. I love that it includes a diamond like gems on top of the lip tint applicator.

Top Picks:

My top three includes Rachel, Andrea, and Jane. First, I’ll use Rachel for zoom meetings. Second, I’ll use Andrea for random dates. And lastly, I’ll use Jane every day!

Babylon Cosmetics

Here’s a closer look for comparison:

Babylon Cosmetics
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Babylon Cosmetics is open for resellers. The owner aims to help those people who lost their job because of the pandemic. If you want to buy their products or if you like to be a reseller, you may contact them on:

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  1. I really love this Babylon Cosmetics because it aims to promote women empowerment, self-confidence, and staying true to yourself. Women really needs a support like this for them to improve and grow to be the vest version of themselves. Keep up the good work Babylon Cosmetics.

  2. a new brand not only for your beauty but also can help you to earn because they are open for business partners. with the lipsticks, they have good shades, safety to use and also long-lasting. good to consider of you want to buy new lipstick

    1. Ang gaganda naman po ng mga ito. Packaging palang panalo na . At pati mga shades sobrang gandA po. may 5 shades pa na pwedeng pag pilian.. Perfect din ito sa mga mahihilig na mag lipstick na kagaya ko . Siguradong magugustuhan talaga nila ito..

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