Winter Bucket List

Welcome to my Winter Bucket List! These are all the things I want to experience in Korea during the winter season.

1. Go Ice Skating

I did my first ice skating experience with my elementary students. I must say that they are all good at it and I am a noob. It was fun but I got some bruises!

2. Go Sledding

I went back to Seoul Land for this! It didn’t disappoint me. It was a weekday when I went there so the line is short. The sledding is included in the admission fee and you can go back over and over.

3.Go Snowboarding

This gave me a lot of body pain. It looks easy when I was watching it from the lift. The moment I tried it, I fell a lot of times. It is fun if you can control your body well. I’ll make a blog post about this soon.

4. Go Skiing

5. Make a Snow Angel

6. Try Ice Fishing in a Winter Festival

Ice fishing is suitable for patient people. Some people are willing to spend hours waiting for a fish to catch, they even brought a small chair and some mats as if it was a picnic. I only stayed outside for an hour and it feels like forever. It was fun at first but it’s really cold. It was -14°C when I did ice fishing. I must say that I really admire those people who are so eager to catch a fish.

7. Build a Snowman or a Snowball

I made them in Gapyeong Sledding Place. I had time to make these balls because I was injured. LOL. A kid fell while sledding, and I couldn’t stop my sled so I ran over him. I ended up having a wounded chin.

 What else should I include in this Winter Bucket List?
Write them down in the comment box below.


  1. Hy Karla, which ice festival did you go to? There is one in my town Hwacheon) and I think it’d be so cool if you did it here.

  2. I thought I was doing well until I came to point 3. From that one down to the end: I haven’t done any of that. Needing to add I don’t feel like skiing or snowboarding ever, but still. Cool pics!

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