Winter Bucket List

1. Go Ice Skating

I did my first ice skating experience with my elementary students. I must say that they are all good at it and I am noob. It was fun but I got some bruises!

2. Go Sledding

I went back to Seoul Land for this! It didn’t disappoint me. It was a weekday when I went there so the line is short. The sledding is included in the admission fee and you can go back over and over.

3.Go Snowboarding

This gave me a lot of body pain. It looks easy when I was watching it from the lift. The moment I tried it, I fell a lot of times. It is fun if you can control your body well. I’ll make a blog post about this soon.

4. Go Skiing

5. Make a Snow Angel

6. Try Ice Fishing in a Winter Festival

Ice fishing is suitable for patient people. Some people are willing to spend hours waiting for a fish to catch, they even brought a small chair and some mats as if it was a picnic. I only stayed outside for an hour and it feels like forever. It was fun at first but it’s really cold. It was -14°C when I did ice fishing. I must say that I really admire those people who are so eager to catch a fish.

7. Build a Snowman or a Snowball

I made them in Gapyeong Sledding Place. I had time to make these balls because I was injured. LOL. A kid fell while sledding, and I couldn’t stop my sled so I ran over him. I ended up having a wounded chin.


 What else should I include in this list?
Write them down in the comment box below.

7 Replies to “Winter Bucket List”

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  2. Nuts Oaks and Impact says: Reply

    Hy Karla, which ice festival did you go to? There is one in my town Hwacheon) and I think it’d be so cool if you did it here.

    1. I went to Singsing Ice Festival in Jaraseom. I think the one in Hwacheom is better. 😊

      1. Nuts Oaks and Impact says: Reply

        Ha aahahaha. Maybe not. Are you still teaching in Korea?

  3. […] I went there to experience snowboarding or skiing. They are included in my winter bucketlist. […]

  4. Done it all except snowboarding. Have fun! Snowman?

  5. I thought I was doing well until I came to point 3. From that one down to the end: I haven’t done any of that. Needing to add I don’t feel like skiing or snowboarding ever, but still. Cool pics!

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