Meet my Family

Wanna Meet My Family?

Let me introduce them to you virtually. I would say that I have a big family. There are six members in my family: my father, mother, two brothers, and my sister. I’m the eldest child. Anyway, this blog is not about me. It’s about them so let’s start!

Meet my Family
This family picture was taken last 2016.

My Parents

My dad is a driver while my mom is a teacher. They have authoritative parenting style. They may be disciplinarian but they highly value our opinions.

My parents dated for many years before they got married. They are high school sweethearts! Amazing, isn’t it? I think it’s really nice to marry your best friend. They may fight once in a while but most of the time they are sweet.

Meet My Family
Villa Vicencia Beach Resort, Batangas

My Siblings

Our names sound funny because it’s quite the same. My name is Karla. My siblings are Karlo, Karl, and Karlee. That’s just our first names. I opt not to talk about our second names because it sounds funnier.

Meet My Family
Twin Lakes, Laguna


Karlo is currently taking up BS Marine Transportation at MOL Magsaysay Maritime Academy. He actually lives in the academy that’s why we only see each other during the weekends or on holidays. He plans to be a ship captain someday.

Meet My Family


My youngest brother, Karl, is now taking up his master’s degree at the University of the Philippines. He studied BS Agriculture in Cavite State University. Just last year, he passed the board exam and got the third place among all the test takers.

Meet My Family


Karlee brings joy to the family. Karl and Karlee has a 10-year age gap. Having a younger sibling like Karlee made our family closer. She’s my mini me!

Meet My Family
Travel with Karla

As of now, I’m about to turn 27 and I still have no plans of moving out in the near future. I tried to be independent before and moved to another country but I realized that I want to be with my parents while they are growing old. In addition, I also want to be present in every milestone of my siblings.

I celebrated my 25th birthday at Jollibee

This is a photo of us during the enhanced community quarantine. I make sure that every weekend is family day so I treat them with food! I know this quite a normal day but we took a photo just because it’s not all the time that we have an opportunity to stay at home for a long period of time.

Travel with Karla

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Blogging Challenge No. 2

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Travel with Karla


  1. What a beautiful family! 😍 Please to meet u and ur family po Ms.Karla. Godbless ur family 😇💛💛

  2. It’s nice to know the story of your parents! I wonder how many in our generation ended up or the generation today would end up with their high school loves.

  3. I’ve always admired how you are as a sister and a daughter. From the time I virtually met you in our blogging group, I saw how you value your family through your posts. Then you brought your mom and sister here. Galing. Now that you are back there you are even more the doting big sister to Karlee who will soon be bigger than you, hihihi.

  4. I admire the closeness you have with your family. Plus it looks like Karlee is growing too fast and ikaw na yung magiginh bunso later on hahaha

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