Where To Buy It’s Okay Not To Be Okay Merch

These It’s Okay Not To Be Okay Merch will definitely save us from our separation anxiety! I compiled a list of online shops in the Philippines where you can buy some cute IONTBO merch.

1. Kagamitan_Everything

Kagamitan_Everything sells IONTB paintings, shirts, and pictures.

It's Okay Not To Be Okay Merch
DINO SHIRT (available in peach, black and white)
  • XS-M 250 pesos
  • L-XL 260 pesos
  • 2XL 300 pesos
It's Okay Not To Be Okay Merch
PAINTING- 300 pesos (8×10 canvas) *you can also send your desired design or picture you want to be painted

Package Bundles:


Where To Buy:

  • Instagram and Shopee: @kagamitan_everything
  • Twitter: kgmtn_vrythng

2. Wear Ur Stan

Wear Ur Stan sells shirts not only inspired by IONTB but also from other KDramas.

It's Okay Not To Be Okay Merch
Shirts cost around 380 pesos or less

Where To Buy:

  • FB Account: WY Stan
  • Twitter & Instagram: @wearurstan

3. Pollinterest

Pollinterest sells IONTB stickers and face masks. Very timely, right?

It's Okay Not To Be Okay Merch
Face masks cost 90 pesos
It's Okay Not To Be Okay Merch
Get 20 pieces of these stickers for only 110 pesos

Where To Buy:

4. Purple Dream KShop

Purple Dream KShop sells official and unofficial IONTBO merch. They have Mang Tae and Dinosaur Dolls. They have different kinds of books: Zombie Kid, Cheerful Dog, The boy who feds on nightmare, Monkfish book, and Finding the Real Face Book. In addition, they also sell IONTBO OST Album and Script Book version 1 and 2. All artists will definitely love their Faber-Castell Limited Edition Colored Pencil Set.

It's Okay Not To Be Okay Merch
Official Mang Tae & Dino DollP1,450 each + LSF
Unofficial Mang Tae & Dino KeychainP480 each/ P950set + LSF
IONTBO BooksP1,350 each + LSF
IONTBO OST AlbumP1,950 + LSF
IONTBO Script Book version 1 and 2P1500 each + LSF
Faber-Castell x IONTBO
Limited Edition Colored Pencil Set
P4,600 + LSF

Where To Buy:

5. Sharpins

Sharpins offers handmade crafts by Kdrama addicts! They sell cute enamel pins, keychains, and button gel pins.

It's Okay Not To Be Okay Merch
Enamel PinP2802″x1.5″
Material: Brass
Enamel KeychainP2802″x1.5″
Material: Brass
Button Gel PinsP110-1501″
Material: Expoxy Gel, Steel Pins

Where To Buy:

6. Jacksqueen Store

Jacksqueen Store sells IONTBO Plushies, Gangtae ID Set, and Dino Family Shirts.

It's Okay Not To Be Okay Merch
IONTBO Plushies (Mangtae, Gangtae, Moonyeong, Ko Gildong)
with free GangTae OK ID Set
7 inches – 450
12 inches – 550
15 inches – 650
Gang Tae ID Set (pre order til Aug 21)
with Sticker Set Freebie
Dino Family Shirt
with Sticker Set Freebie

Where To Buy:

7. Kyeomborghinni

Kyeomborghinni provides IONTBO Glittered Vinyl Sticker Pack.

It's Okay Not To Be Okay Merch
One sticker pack costs 159 pesos only. It includes 9 designs.

Where To Buy:

8. Purple Stellar PH

Purple Stellar PH is an online shop which caters Filipino fans in getting their K-Pop/K-drama goods and merchandise.

It's Okay Not To Be Okay Merch
– The Boy Who Fed on Nightmares
– Zombie Kid
– The Cheerful Dog
– The Hand, The Monkfish
– Finding the Real Face
P 680 each
Drama Script Collection Part 1
Drama Script Collection Part 2
P 880 each
IOTNBO x Faber-Castell Fairytale PackageP 3,700
Mang Tae 15cm keyring dollP 1,350
Ko Gil Dong Dinosaur 15cm keyring dollP 1,350
IOTNBO OST AlbumP 1,350

Where To Buy:

9. Maison Merch

Maison Merch sells almost everything! They have Psycho its Ok Script 1 & 2, The boy who fed on a nightmare, Zombie Kid, Spring Dog, The Hand and the Monkfish, and. It’s Okay Not To Be Okay Fairy Tale Artist Special Package with Faber Castell. What makes them different is that they accept installment payments.

It's Okay Not To Be Okay Merch
The Hand, The Monkfish
Finding The Real Face
P 750 each
Psycho But It’s Okay Script ver 1 and 2P 900 + LSF
The Boy Who Fed on Nightmares
Zombie Kid
P 790 each + LSF
The Boy Who Fed on Nightmares & Zombie Kid SetP 1,400 + LSF
Spring DogP 700 + LSF
ITS OK NOT TO BE OK Artist Special Package with Faber CastellP 3,700 + LSF

Where To Buy:

10. Anytotes

Anytotes  offers IONTBO Inspired Totes Bags in 4 Designs (The Trio, Mun Yeong and Gang tae, Mang Tae, and Iconic Line).

It's Okay Not To Be Okay Merch
All designs cost 190 pesos only.

Where To Buy:

11. Koryana Merch.PH

Koryana Merch PH sells personalized items like phone case, tote bags, wallet, pouch, pop sockets and paper crafts. They also have hoodies and shirts.

It's Okay Not To Be Okay Merch
IONTB MerchPrice List
Phone CaseP 250
Tote BagsP 180
WalletP 90
PouchP 110
Pop SocketP 100
ShirtsP 260
HoodiesP 500 – 600
Paper CraftsP 300 – 550
It's Okay Not To Be Okay Merch

Where To Buy:

12. Vi Corner Shop

Vi Corner Shop currently offers IOTNBO-inspired t-shirts and tote bags designed by their own artists.

Refer to the images below for prices:

For orders, you may send them a message at:

Travel with Karla

When I was in Korea, I keep visiting Kdrama filming locations. Now that I’m in the Philippines, I enjoy buying some Kdrama merchandise as a remembrance for some great dramas I watch.

It's Okay Not To Be Okay Merch

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  1. Kumpletos rekados ika nga ,ang saya at very reasonable mga price nila ,tiyak matutuwa an aking dalaginding dito .

  2. I love the mang-tae keyring doll kaso mahal?. Dun muna ako sa mga phone case at wallet kaya pa ng budget?❤️

  3. Thanks for compiling them. Now every fangirl has easy reference where to buy merch they want. Sarap pa naman magshopping kapag kpop merch talaga.

  4. I have gaming friends based in SoKor who will send me the Mang Tae doll and scriptbook as a Christmas present so that’s something I’m looking forward to! Happy to know that many retailers are also selling here 🙂

  5. Wow K-drama merch are a big business. Buti wala pang trademarking nito.
    Those face mask are so cute.

  6. SOBRANG TRENDING LANG TALAGA NG SERIES NA TO! Di mo naman masisi because maganda rin naman kase talaga yung story. But out of everything on this list, I like the Anytotes the most dahil super bet ko yung mga tote bag, less hassle dalhin. Ang ayaw ko lang pagka nagkagusto ako ng merch from Luzon, ang mahal ng shipping fee papunta dito sa Mindanao HAHAHA kaya I usually look for local alternatives instead.

    1. Ay yan nga ang major problem. Kailangan bulk orders para tipid sa shipping fee. Sabay sabay haha! Ganyan din friends ko nung sa Korea pa ko nakatira, problemado sila sa shipping fee haha!

  7. I have not watched It’s Okay Not To Be Okay but I always hear a good review of this. When I have the time, I will definitely watch this and this will be at the top of my list. Love to have those merch!!

  8. Grabe mag trending yung series na ‘to pero di ko pa napapanood! Ang cute ng mga merch especially the tote bag! I’m sure many fans will be happy that you compiled this list, and yay to supporting other businesses by promoting about them too. ??

  9. I’ve really been seeing a lot of posts about ‘it’s okay not to be okay’. I’ll definitely check this drama out soon when I have the time. For now, I just wanna say how cute these merch items are!!! I’ll return to this blog post when i’ve finally watched it and am worthy to get my hands on these items hahaha

  10. Etong mga ganito na kakasora ng budget tlg e. Hehe. I already asked someone to purchase the dino for me. ? Cutiie.

  11. hindi pa ako makarelate dito. hindi ko pa kasi napapanood. never ko pa na try bumili ng mga merch ng mga pang Kdrama related.. sguro kasi me bagets na ako… pero i think kung single pa ako baka namamakyaw din ako nyan

    1. Recently finished this series. Grabe, ang ganda ng story. And i can say naattach talaga ko sa mga characters. So, super thanks sa list na to. Will definitely buy some of these.

  12. Although I do not watch Korean Dramas, I have this fascination with stickers. Seeing how cute the stickers you showed were, made me want to actually buy them despite not being a fan of it.

  13. This is a HUGE list! I’m most drawn to the totes, pins, Faber set, and the books, though I haven’t watched the show yet. 🙂 Ang hirap magpigil when you know you’ll get addicted to K-drama again!

  14. Mga plushies ang madalas kong bilhin kapag sobrang nagustuhan ko ang kdrama. Sana available pa kapag nagdecide na ako na bumili talaga. Thanks sa compilation na ito. ?

  15. Since I like art journaling, I am interested in their colored pencils! I also like the packaging nun! The facemasks and the totebags are too cute! The best ka talaga, nacompile mo mga toh! 🙂

  16. Super Gaganda ng mga Design mapa Shirts or even the Mask ang gaganda, And Super Affordable talaga.. and yung Quality Look so perfect. ???? Thanks for sharing this Ate Karla ???

  17. Wow! Will check out their page! Sana maka avail soon, really want yung The Boy Who Fed on Nightmares & Zombie Kid Set ? Kamsamida for sharing, Ms Karla! ❤️

  18. Hi, before promoting shops sana you make sure that these designs are theirs and they didn’t steal them off of pinterest or redbubble lang. As a blogger, sana you’ll be more responsible of what you promote. Please don’t promote stolen work. One of the shops you promoted stole my cousin’s designs before pero they took it down na. Pero it looks like they got other works from pinterest/redbubble ulit. https://www.facebook.com/215641542175914/posts/845419865864742/?d=n

    1. This is so nice! Available din pala yung mag books 🙂 Would like to buy all of them kaso ang pricey! Yung “The cheerful dog” nalang muna from purple stellar ?

  19. Wow! Talk about merch! ❤️ Ang gaganda! Gusto ko yung shirts from Kagamitan_Eveything and Anytotes! ❤️ Hoping to purchase in the near future! Haha intay-intay lang extra budget! ?

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