Soufeel Name Necklace

Soufeel Name Necklace is one of the best gifts I received last Christmas. Personalized gifts are the best because it lets people know that you prepared this gift specifically for them, not just something you picked up on the way.

Soufeel Name Necklace

It came with a pouch, and a small cloth for cleaning.

Soufeel Name Necklace

Soufeel Name Necklace is special because it’s personalized. My name is Karla and people often misspell my name as Carla. I think wearing this will help people how to spell right. It’s 2019!

Soufeel Name Necklace

Things You Need to Know about Soufeel Name Necklaces:

  1. Your name must be 12 characters or less. Only the first letter could be capitalized, no punctuation, and symbols. I wanted to have “Travel with Karla” but it’s too long so I decided to have Karla instead.
  2. Soufeel Name Necklace requires 5-7 business days to handcraft.
  3. It cannot be returned unless it is defective or damaged.
  4. The name cannot be modified once you finish payment.
  5. Soufeel has 90 Day Return Policy:
    This applies when they sent the wrong order or item(s), you received any broken items, or the quality of the products you received is poor/defective.
  6. The color may become a bit darker than before as you wear it, but will not rust or fade. (I haven’t experienced this yet.)
  7. The chain length can be adjusted to 40 cm, 42.5 cm or 45 cm (pendant length excluded).
  8. In order to maintain the gloss of the jewelry, it’s not recommended not to wear it under a humid environment for a long time.
  9. If you’re in the Philippines, shipping takes about 10 to 20 days. Be patient!
Travel with Karla

As a minimalist, I try not to wear too much jewelry. For me, wearing too much accessories is just for special occasions. I think I will wear the Soufeel Name Necklace more often.

I recommend this necklace because it works well with my sensitive skin. The pendant is 14k Gold Plated while the chain is made of copper.

Travel with Karla
Soufeel Name Necklace
It goes well with all my clothes!

Do you want to have your own personalized necklace? Get a 15% off when you use the code Karjv15. Click this link to see other types of Soufeel necklaces.

Soufeel Name Necklace


Travel with Karla


  1. That’s so pretty! I would love to have one! The craftsmanship is definitely amazing.

  2. Oh my god! we have to say we absolutely Love them ! lookd like we need to do some shopping

  3. Never heard of the company before but I’ve seen several personalised jewellery pieces before. I like to get personalised items for my kids…it’s just nice to have something different sometimes.

  4. This necklace reminds me of that “Carrie” necklace by Carrie Bradshaw, the one she almost lost in Paris. Looks great on you!

  5. Well the 12 character limit probably rules out Sri Lankans as potential customers ???? I. have two friends called Karla and it’s amazing how that simple 5 letter name apparently poses a total challenge to people trying to spell it!

  6. That looks great! Unfortunately, I cannot wear any necklace as of the moment as my baby keeps on pulling at them ???? but it looks pretty!

  7. These are cute! I like that they’re perfect for sensitive skin. I’m picky about what jewelry I wear and don’t want to wear too much. These seem like the perfect example. I also love that you included all the needed to know stuff like shipping time and the humidity thing! I wonder if it’s the same if I wear it in the shower? I’m kinda lazy and forget to take my jewelry off then, haha.

  8. I have never heard before about them. I love how you have draged attention on the must know if you are willing to order. Very useful information to know. I personaly would never even thought about that.

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