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Due to advancement of technology, new jobs have been created. We now have virtual assistants, social media managers, website developers, and tech support specialists. What do they have in common? They are digital nomads! Most of these jobs can be done at home or anywhere with internet connection. I, myself, works at home. I’m a professional teacher who educates people from different countries. I teach IELTS and TOEFL to students and professionals from Philippines, India, Jamaica, UAE, and Saint Lucia.

Working at home has a lots of pros and cons. Some advantages includes saving time from commuting, saving money in public transport, clothes, and food, and of course, spending more time with the family. On the other hand, working at home limits human interaction, distractions at home is unavoidable, and not having a strong internet connection is the greatest challenge!

Coffice Workspace

A co-working space is a shared office where individuals can work independently or collaboratively. In my case, Coffice Workspace is just walking distance from my house. I go there whenever my internet connection at home is not good.

Reasons Why You Should Go to Coffice Workspace

1. They have affordable rates.

The amount you’ll spend for a cup of coffee is equivalent to three hours rental at Coffice Workspace! How good is that?

First 3 hours ₱ 150 ₱ 180
Succeeding hours ₱ 40 ₱ 50
Whole day ₱ 350 ₱ 380
1 Month₱ 3250 ₱ 3250

What are the perks? The payment includes free freshly brewed coffee, use of landline telephone, and piso print services.

2. They have individual desks.

If you’re a very introvert person, this is perfect for you. They even have glass partition telling your seatmate not to bother you.

3. They have comfortable lounge.

This is the place to relax a bit when you’re too tired from working. Can you see the small white machine on top of the phone? That machine generates a specific username and password to connect to the internet. The internet connection automatically expires as soon as the time is up.

4. They have unlimited freshly brewed coffee.

Coffee + Office = Coffice! Some people can’t function well without a good coffee. Don’t worry they got you! What I like about them is that they care for the environment. They encourage people to use their own mug or tumbler instead of paper cups.

5. It’s a great venue for seminars and workshops!

You can rent the whole place for as low as ₱500 per hour. The place is not only perfect for seminars and workshops but also for online jobs, consultancy works, study & research, and meetings.

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Soul Sesh at Coffice (1)
Soul Sesh at Coffice

Coffice Workspace is located at 2F MJV Building, Palapala Road, Sampaloc I, Dasmarinas City, Cavite. For inquiries, you may contact them on their social media accounts:

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Coffice Workspace is one of the co-working spaces in Dasmarinas City. I will always choose a co-working space over a noisy coffee shop or a computer shop filled with gamers.

I highly recommend it if your looking an intimate venue for private meetings. However, if you need a bigger space, you can also check out Hey Focus Lounge.

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  1. This is very apt for people who’s tired of doing work in coffee shops or at home esp freelancers. I’ve tried something like this in Alabang and it’s way expensive (PHP 400 an hour) so seeing their cheap but reasonable price makes me wanna try here.

  2. I have always wanted to make a co-working space. I think it’s a great idea! You can collaborate with others, it’s affordable, it’s a space you can concentrate (working from home is hard!) & you’re not alone. Most entrepreneurs struggle with the isolation of starting/running a business.

  3. You’re so lucky that there is a coffice workspace around the corner where you can just go and get done with your work. As a blogger, I’d really appreciate suh a place.

  4. Wow! May student rate na din sila, this is perfect kasi di lang nila cater mga professionals but also students. The best din to lalo ng sa pag gagawa ng thesis ng students and malapit din sa sakayan and SM Dasma.

  5. Never heard of this before, but it sounds awesome and it looks like a comfortable place to get work done! I am a coffee addict, so the idea of unlimited coffee sounds amazing as well!

  6. sounds like a great way to spice things up while working… I like that there’s an option like this out there, I work from home so I know it can feel like your secluded from others at times (my 2nd job is in a community center though, so I do get my fill of people on those days ; )

  7. This is a great option when you just want some peace and quiet when you’re working from home. I love that they offer unlimited brewed coffee too!

  8. I love working in coffee places that have a calm and creative environment! There’s something about being able to sip on a cup of coffee with a group of creative individuals while getting work done!

  9. I can see the advantage to working in a comfortable space like this, especially when your own internet connection gets slow. And the coffee would be an added bonus for me.

  10. That looks like a really great place. There should be more places where you could use a computer if you don’t have one.

  11. I totalty want to join one of these. I have a friend who does her remote work from WeWork spaces and she loves that it has all the things she needs to operate her business.

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