Thrianne: The Makeup Artist

In this journey in life, we meet a lot of people. Cliché as it sounds, some people stay and some people go. I’m going to feature one of the people who stayed. I met Thrianne during my first year in University of the Philippines. I would say that she’s talented, artistic, and carefree! After nine years of friendship, I met her at Westeroast Cafe. I caught up with her and learned that she’s now living her dream to be a makeup artist!

Thrianne: The Makeup Artist

Thrianne gets inspiration from different forms of media: the internet, TV, films, or print media. Whenever she sees some makeup look that catch her attention, she studies it. Some of her career inspirations are Alex Box and her outside the box creations, Mary Greenwell and her slapping techniques, Morag Ross for film and time period makeup, and Kazuhiro Tsuji for his work on the Darkest Hour.

“I study the artist’s techniques and figure out how I can mix it up and make it my own. As the saying goes, ‘good artists copy, great artists steal'” Thrianne said.

Interview with Thrianne:

1. What do you love most about make up?
I can think of 3 things. First, I like its ephemeral nature. You make one look and didn’t like it? Doesn’t matter, it’s not gonna last, or better yet just take it off. Second, I also like having faces as your canvas and all the challenges that come with it. Lastly, I like that it’s easily appreciated. The people who wear the makeup and those around them can easily see if you did a good job.

2. How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?
Personally, I don’t think I have a signature look for my clients because my makeup application is customized for each face i work on. No two faces are the exactly the same so I have to cater to specific details of each face. I guess my style is that i always like to make my clients look like they’re effortlessly beautiful even if makeup application took 2 hrs.

Thrianne The Makeup Artist 1.png

3. What’s your favorite makeup brush?
My hands!  I usually do makeup adjustments with my fingers. Most products especially cream based products react with the warmth of your fingers making them more blendable and natural looking. I remember that one time i misplaced my brush holder (containing all my brushes) and i had to do my client’s full face with zero brushes. And yes, we achieved the look that we’re going for.

4. What’s your favorite make up product?
In my pro kit, my favorite product is my RCMA shinto palette. What i love about it is the simplicity of its ingredients and the versatility of the products. It has 50% pigment compared to other brands ranging only from 18-30%, which means, a little goes a long way. You can thin it out and build it up depending on the coverage you prefer. I use it as foundation, concealer, contour and highlighter.


1. Who are the celebrities you worked with before?
Well, since I’m also doing makeup for TV and film, I’ve worked with lots of celebrities. However I’m not taking full credit because special effects makeup looks are usually done with my team.

2. Who do you want to work with in the future?
I would love to work with other like-minded artists who are willing to break through the limits of our craft. And also people who would see me as a real artist with makeup as my chosen medium and not as a beautician.

Thrianne The Makeup Artist (20).jpg
Rachel Gabreza, Stars of the Albion 2018 Grand Prix Champion

3. What has been the biggest challenge of your career?
I think the biggest challenge is overcoming my self-doubts. It took me a long time to actually believe that I’m good enough to compete with other MUAs in booking clients. I’ve always just relied on referrals and for the longest time i was afraid to put myself out there. I still have doubts on my abilities up to now. It’s a process, but I’ll get there soon enough. I hope.

4. If you weren’t a makeup artist, what else would you do?
Probably some other type of artist. I’ve always loved working with my hands. Recently I’ve tried some sculpting for prosthetic appliances. I’m not very good at it but i liked it. So yeah, i think if ever I’m not doing makeup I’d just look for another medium to express my art.

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1. What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women?
Take great care of your skin. It’s the biggest part of our body but is also usually the most neglected. So hydrate, eat healthy, have proper hygiene.

2. What are some common beauty mistakes that women make?
Washing your face hundred times a day. Some people think that having a squeaky clean face is good skin care. However, washing your face more than 2 times a day with soap or facial wash would only irritate or dry your skin out resulting to oil glands producing more oil. But if you’re really adamant about facial washing, then opt for oil based cleansers.
Another mistake is applying more makeup products to hide skin imperfections. More product=more texture. The key to hiding blemishes is that less is more. Use corrector under skin-colored products to effectively hide blemishes.

3. What products do you think should be a staple in every woman’s purse?
Good ol’ lipstick. Lipstick can easily bring color to your face. It can be also be used as a blush when you’re looking pale. I sometimes use it as an eyeshadow too combined with using it as a blush to give off a natural flush.

4. What three makeup item should no woman leave home without?
Lipstick, brow product, eyeliner

5. What advice can you give to people who wants to be make up artists?
Keep practicing. Not on your face but on other people’s faces. If they really want to be makeup artists, working on other faces would be a good practice for their eyes to identify different skin types and undertones and also to subtly enhance features of different faces.

Travel with Karla

I volunteered to be a canvass!

In this look, Thrianne used my Korean cosmetics: Innisfree No-Sebum Primer, Tonymoly BCDation, Nature Republic Eco Crayon Eyes, The Faceshop Designing Eyebrow Pencil, Laneige Lash-fessional Mascara, O Hui Real Color Eyebrow Kit, and Mamonde Highlight Liptint.

Thrianne The Makeup Artist (19)

My face is totally transformed from no-makeup to day makeup to evening makeup. She’ll definitely be my makeup artist on my wedding!

Thrianne is one of the artists who worked in the movie Goyo and Hitboy (Indie Film). She’s currently working on another prestigious film under Tawong-Lipod Creative Studio. When she’s not doing special effects, she works as a freelance makeup artist. Bridal makeup, Debutant Makeup, Creative makeup, name it! If you wish to work with her,  you may contact her in her social media accounts:

Makeup by Thrianne Facebook Page| Makeup by Thrianne Instagram Page

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Travel with Karla now features people from different walks of life. I’m planning to make a spotlight for every interesting person that I meet in my journey. If you enjoyed reading this interview, you may also check out my other blog post: Rens Tuzon: The Coffee Painter.


  1. She’s really talented pero in the industry talaga ang hirap makicompete especially if bago palang but ang galing nya, she overcame her fear, and she’s so strong to put herself out there to prove that she can be one of them too.

    I think what I really liked from her portfolio is when she used her own face as her canvas! Ang galing!

  2. She’s so talented. Great artist indeed. For sure she will do and achieve more with her great make up skills.

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  4. OMG the comments are overwhelming! Thank you so much guys for your kind words and thank you Karla for featuring me and my works. ???? Also, feel free to contact me in my social accounts if ever you need a makeup artist. ????

  5. It’s lovely that you’re interviewing the people who have stayed with you and it’s good that she’s doing something she loves. Some of those looks are stunning x

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  12. This makeup artist is ON POINT. I was nodding my head along with everything she said, including dispelling the myth that washing your face 100 times a day is good for it. Heed her advice, people!

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  13. This was so enjoyable and interesting to read. Thrianne is obviously so talented and has a great eye for what looks good and you can see how passionate she is for her craft.

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