Sober Skin Cosmetics and Skincare

Organic Tint PH is now Sober Skin Cosmetics and Skincare!

According to the owner, Ms. Voncy Ignacio, the name changed due to DTI’s requirements. Sober Skin Cosmetics and Skincare was established last March 2018 and now, they are so legit and registered!

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Their first products are organic lip and cheek tints, but as weeks passed by the owner decided to add more products like lip balms, tomato serums, soaps, creams, and highlighters all made with natural ingredients. Most of their products are inspired by different fandoms.

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My little sister even tried drawing the tiny details on the packaging. Can you guess the fandom?

Product Review

I tried to swatch four lip tints from Sober Skin Cosmetics and Skincare. There are four reasons why I liked them. First, they are highly pigmented. The color stays even after eating meals. Second, it’s easy to apply. Instead of the usual sponge applicator, it inside  roll-on bottles. Third, it’s organic. The ingredients includes Sunflower seed oil, Vitamin E, Vegetable Glycerin, F, D and C Colorant, and preservatives. The ingredients and the expiration date is printed on the packaging. Lastly, I love the fruity scent and the taste of the lip tints.

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Ginny shade looks very natural. It’s something I can wear everyday. I always keep it in my bag because it’s perfect for any occasion.

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Romantic shade is so Korean! It’s orange but it’s not super bright compared to the Chardonnay Orange Lip tint of Labiotte Wine Lip Tint. I think it looks so good on people with morena skin like my little sister.

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My 9 year old sister rocking the romantic lip tint.

Wednesdays shade is pink! Remember Mean Girls? Well I think this shade looks on guys too. It makes guys look like an oppa! Apply it moderately.

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Real men wear pink!

Unique shade lives up to its name. It’s very unique and classy. I would say it’s more serious than the Ginny shade. It suits the young professionals!

Sober Skin Cosmetics and Skincare (4)
Unique shade on my lips, Ginny shade on my cheeks!


Sober Skin Cosmetics and Skincare currently have 12 re-sellers and most of them are students. They plan to provide more opportunities for students, working moms, and full-time moms to earn extra money by selling organic products. In addition, they want to help girls take care of their skin and be more confident using organic products.

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For more details, you may contact them on their Facebook Page and Instagram Account.


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  1. Cute drawings! I too love the unique tint. You look beautiful with that tint😉

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  3. Nice little drawings! Interesting name for a cosmetics company. The opposite of LUSH cosmetics?

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  5. What a nice collection. I love the colours, they are very subtle. Great cosmetic brand.

  6. Looks like some great and beauty care there. I will have to share this with my daughter. She will be interested.

  7. That’s quite interesting, I’d never heard of tints before. I like the different shades, Unique the most.

  8. What we loved about the post is how real it is! Such great examples of using the product

  9. Love the sound of these lip tints – the shades are really nice 🙂 not sure if they’d suit my skin shade though! x

  10. Nice post! This is very interesting because of the featured organic lip tints.

  11. Organic products <3 wow i was searching for the same. I am not into cosmetics. But I think i should try some organic products, it is having so many beautiful color variations 🙂

  12. These neutral shades are cool. I don’t wear make a lot but I like these shades.

  13. cleverlychanging says: Reply

    I like that each shape of lip color has a soft look to it. The Ginny shade for the modern professional was my personal favorite.

  14. Liptints are my obsession right now! I want to buy every lip & cheek tint I’ll see. Hahaha. By the way, I love the shade Unique. Very natural lang.

  15. Elizabeth O says: Reply

    These look like really good products. I like the packaging on them its really eye catching and the colours are lovely!

  16. I love the hue of colors variation of this tints! Definitely will suit my skin color!

  17. This is so interesting! I don’t often wear anything on my lips but I like the sound of these as it is organic, especially the Ginny shade as it looks so natural – which is the kind of look I go for 🙂 Thanks for sharing this informative post!

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