Hali Cosmetics: Style Meets Serendipity

Hali Cosmetics features 12 lip blurs that will definitely enhance your look. Hali Cosmetics offers a matte finish lip creme that has most of the colors of red, pink, and orange. It contains 3 ml of products.

12 Hali Cosmetics Lip Blur

Coral Collection

Coral shades include Zhania and Nicole.

  • Zhania is in a muted color that will add warmth to your look.
  • Nicole is a perfect mix of red and orange for those who prefer a vibrant red-orange on their lips.
Hali Cosmetics

Red Collection

Red shades include Brielle, Mandy, Lean, and Michelle.

  • Brielle is perfect for those who love a dynamic red color like Marilyn Monroe.
  • Mandy is a dark shade that can definitely look food for a date night.
  • Lean is perfect for a morena beauty.
  • Michelle is deep red color that gives you a sultry shade.
Hali Cosmetics

Pink Collection

Pink shades include Skylar and Cannie.

  • Skylar is a muted shade that gives your lips a younger-looking color.
  • Cannie gives you a natural look. It’s perfect for youngsters.
Hali Cosmetics

How to Use:

  • To Achieve that Korean lip color with our Lip Blur tints
    • Apply 3 small dots to your lips and blur it out using a brush or your hands.
  • To Achieve a bolder look
    • Apply the Lip Blur throughout your lips.
    • You can do it for about 1-3 layers depending on your preference.

Where to Buy:

  1. Mandy Mae Co. – Use the code HALIAngelsKarla to get  10% off with a minimum purchase of 300php.
  2. Shopee
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There are four things that I like about Hali Cosmetics:

1. They provide cruelty-free products.

Their products are manufactured by methods that do not involved experimentation on animals. This means that the lip blurs are not tested on any animals.

2. It is a long-wearing lip color.

I actually tried them on my arm to see if it will last for 24 hours. Apparently, it does!

Hali Cosmetics

3. The lip blurs are formulated by an FDA manufacturer.

There are many startup businesses that does not follow the FDA guidelines. To make sure that a product is safe to use, we must check if it is approved by FDA.

4. There are no harmful chemicals included.

The ingredients of these lip blurs includes Rose Water, Vitamin E, Flavorant, Premium Colorant, Talcum, Kaolin, and Food Preservative. It expires 24 months after opening the product.

Another special thing about the Lip Blur is it will keep your lips moisturize because it has Vitamin E & Aloe Vera Extract. Vitamin E promotes cell regeneration and relieves chapped and dry lips while aloe vera extract has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Hali Cosmetics

My top 3 picks includes Zhania, Lean, and Cannie. First, Zhania is quite unique for me. It’s a great shade to enhance your look. I wear it before leaving the house. Second, the red shade of Lean gives me a confident look. It’s perfect for night makeup. Lastly, Cannie shade is very simple. It’s great for everyday look. I recommend it for people who likes subtle makeup.

For more details, check out their social media accounts:

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  1. A safe and long lasting lipsticks that will surely enhance your beauty. Hali Cosmetics has 12 lip blurs that will make your look on a higher level. This are definitely good lipsticks that are highly recommended

  2. ..Ang kagandahan pa may 10% off pa sya for minimun purchase of 300 Anyway thankyou po sa pag share ng code. Magagamit din po namin ito .

  3. Every woman is dreaming to have such cosmetics. It’s amazing that Hali Cosmetics features 12 lip blurs that will definitely enhance the look. It’s also nice that there is a code that can be used to get 10% off. This is a great offer for every woman out there for them to have a new cosmetics to try. I really like the honest review of these products.

  4. Packaging pa lang panalo na! At ang daming shades na pamimilian bagay na bagay kahit sa anong skintone. Yung Lean at Cannie rin ang bet ko Ms. Karla ? Higly recommended talaga ang Halis Cosmetics dahil cruelty free at safe gamitin. ❤️

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