Villa Escudero

Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort is a premiere Eco-Tourism Resort that showcases the Philippines’ cultural heritage. From the traditional carabao carts, Filipino dishes, to the traditional costumes of the staff, visitors can really appreciate the beauty of the Philippines.

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I bought the earrings from their souvenir shop.

My family tried to the day tour of Villa Escudero and here’s my honest review about our experience. As much as possible, I don’t really sugar-coat reviews because I want my readers to see the realities and not be disappointed.

Day Tour Review

Prior going to the resort, we reserved online and paid for a down payment in the bank. We just brought the deposit slip in the reception area. They gave us a glass of gulaman as the welcome drink. They also gave us some stubs for Carabao Cart Ride, Lunch, Museum, and Gate.

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Museum Tour  (2/5)

The first stop is the museum tour. In the outside, it looks like a facade of a church painted in pink. On the first floor, it’s filled with old relics from churches, preserved insects and animals, and some portraits of indigenous people. On the second floor, there are traditional clothes, a collection of old money from different nations, some antique jars and other old objects.

Cameras are not allowed inside so let me share my observations. In my opinion, the museum is not well-maintained. The exhibits are right next to each other. The pathways are very narrow. Some of the displays are very dusty. The museum is not air-conditioned. Is it worth the visit? Not really.

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Lip tint from Sober Skin Cosmetics and Skincare 

Carabao Cart Ride (5/5)

Kalabaw (Carabao)  is the national animal of the Philippines. Carabaos are used in agriculture. They are also used as means of transportation. Although I’m not a fan of exploiting animals, I really had a great time at this ride. The carabaos are clean. They are not smelly and I think they are well taken care of. In addition, there’s a singer at the back playing traditional Filipino songs.

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Souvenir Shop (4/5)

From the museum, we were transported by the carabao cart to the souvenir shop. I wasn’t able to take pictures inside but this ice cream cart replica is perfect for your Instagram!

Inside the souvenir shop, there are some traditional clothes, bags, and accessories which are made by some designers and indigenous people. For me, they are quite pricey. I have this habit of buying ref magnets but I didn’t buy one from Villa Escudero because it’s worth 200 pesos. Most of the time, I can buy ref magnets at 3 for 100 pesos, 50 pesos, or 100 pesos.

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Pants from @elabellascloset

Waterfalls Restaurant (2/5)

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Top from Brazzi Sun Bra

Villa Escudero is well known because of their waterfalls restaurant. It’s not everyday that you can eat with your feet submerged under the cold water from the waterfalls. It’s quite a good experience.

The ambiance is good but the food is disappointing. I love how they cooked the okra and eggplant. However, their liempo and tilapia is burnt. The fish is yellowish on the inside and the beef is hard to chew. I ate the steamed vegetables instead. The Filipino dishes in Cabalen are so much better.

Swimming Pool (5/5)

They have swimming pools for the adults and for the children. What I like the most about it is that they have warm Jacuzzi pools. My sister had to sneak in because kids are not allowed in the adult pool area. LOL. By the way,  the toilets and shower rooms are very clean! Kudos to the maintenance department!

Water Rafting (5/5)

From the infinity pool, people can see this amazing lagoon. Besides the scenic view, I also felt secured because there are staff who looks over us. They even required us to use some life vests which I think is very necessary.

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Cultural Show (4/5)

Since I’m a fan of traditional performances, I enjoyed watching them. From the costumes to the actual performance, all their staff work hard to make it possible. There are adult and child performers showcasing the Philippine Folk Dances from different eras. If you want to watch the show, you should be there from 2:00-3:15 pm.

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Before leaving the premises, they showed us some of our pictures taken by their official photographers. They are selling them for ₱200 ($4). They showed around ten pictures. We only bought two because it’s quite pricey.

Villa Escudero (1)

My family and I went there on a Thursday morning so we paid ₱1600 ($30) per head. Though I was not satisfied with the food, I enjoyed the other amenities. I’d say that the price we paid is worth it. On other days (Mon-Wed), they only charge ₱1450 ($27) but it doesn’t include the cultural shows.

In addition, they also have accommodations. They have suites for two, four, six, and even for twelve people. Some are air-conditioned, others are not. Make sure to book first before going there.

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  1. Love your post and pictures more. Love hearing very honest reviews and yours is certainly that.

  2. It’s my long plan to visit the place, thanks for your honest overview.😁😊

    1. Travel with Karla says: Reply

      You’re welcome!

  3. It’s nice to know there are many things you can do inside Villa Escudero. Too bad about the museum and the food, though. But rafting looks so inviting plus the carabao ride. The work load of the carabao there is definitely lighter than what it is designed to do, plowing the fields, so I think animal exploitation is not an issue:-). You have an added harana, too. Niceeee!

    1. Travel with Karla says: Reply

      Yasss. The harana is the highlight! It’s perfect for Linggo ng Wika! HAHA!

  4. It’s really refreshing to hear an honest opinion. It definitely makes meme trust you and your opinions more 🙂 It looks beautiful, even if some parts were a bit dissapinting!

    1. Travel with Karla says: Reply

      Thank you! As much as possible, I write what I’ve experienced in detail so that my readers won’t get disappointed once they visit the place.

  5. Nice, honest reviews. I like that, particularly since you were specific about what wasn’t great (dusty museum displays, burnt food etc.). The lagoon photo is beautiful. How lovely that you can include your family in these adventures.

    1. Travel with Karla says: Reply

      Thanks! Now that I’m back in Philippines, I make sure that my family members can experience traveling too. I believe that it’s a good way to make some memories.

  6. I heard many good reviews about this resort and definitely looks cool to visit. I would be thrilled to enjoy that falls and a bit of lake tour.

  7. Those are some lovely earrings you ended up getting. Glad you seem to have liked the place, Love the pictures you have clicked.

  8. Sigrid Says Blog says: Reply

    I have always read about Villa Escudero and have always wanted to visit here but never got to. Hopefully we have another Manila trip coming soon so that I can bring the kids here. It would be so much fun! I am from Bacolod in the Visayas. 😀

  9. simplysensationalfood says: Reply

    It sounds like a good day out despite some things not being how you expected them.

  10. Looks like you had a really great visit! Love the pictures! They are amazing. Good review!

  11. This is a really great review on what looks like a lovely place to visit. Your pictures are all so gorgeous and it looks like you had a great time.

  12. What an amazing place. Good to know there is a pool for adults and children. I would love to visit one day.

  13. This looks like a fun trip to opt. Lovely photos and waterfall restaurant is the thing which i liked the most in your post

  14. This place looks incredible. Everything is so beautiful. Especially waterfall restaurant ❤

  15. Will definitely check this out next time I fly back home! I would love to travel more to different parts of our country and definitely miss eating our delicacies as well.. Ahhhh

  16. Caroline Brandt says: Reply

    The Philippines are just gorgeous! The water rafting and the Carabao Cart Ride sound the most fun! -Tonya Tardiff

  17. Oh my gosh this looks incredible and so much to do! Adding this to my must-visit spots!

  18. Day tour at Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort looks amazing with not even a dull moment. We would love to give it a try on our visit to Philippines. Do you think is it a good idea to stay there too? Since it is eco tourism resort, sounds appealing.

  19. There’s so much do there! That Waterfalls restaurant looks like a really unique experience — nice pics of the dishes! Also, wonder if the singing guy in the back of the cart ride takes requests –“if you could — Stairway to Heaven, please”

  20. This looks like such a stunning place and the waterfall restaurant is such an unusual thing I’ve never heard of anything like that before. The pool looks so nice as well, you can’t beat a good swim on holiday x

  21. This trip looked amazing. It had every element that makes for a good trip. The photos were so authentic and beautiful. The food looked delicious. I’ve always wanted to go water rafting, how was it?

  22. I would like the cart ride for sure. I might do the raft too if there were no scary ickies in the water. 😉

  23. All the activities from this list sound amazing. but I have to say that my favorite would be the waterfall restaurant for sure.

  24. I only went to the Philippines as a very young child. I didn’t get to see all these great natural sites and cultural exhibits. Looks really intriguing !

  25. The waterfall restaurant looks amazing! A new concept to experience.
    I hope to visit some day.

  26. The waterfall restaurant looks amazing! And I agree with the exploiting animal bit but again, if their clean and well looked after they probably have a better life than some Carabo.

  27. Jennifer Prince says: Reply

    The colors are so gorgeous there! And I love those boats you were able to row. I’ve never seen that kind before!

  28. Aw you had such great time and did so many activities I’m jealous! Also, you rock every outfit (especially the floral pants) xx
    xoxo MonsterFrogaki (MyLifeasFoteini)

  29. This place looks FANTASTIC! I would really love to chill there and have a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing, it is really valuable!

  30. This trip sounds like so much fun! Oh I can’t really express how much I like your post. Great outfits as well, I always struggle with perfect summer looks on vacation

  31. Waaa. Been eyeing on this for so long. I thought there waterfall restaurant is good but… Oh well! I love to try the water rafting! Looks cool 😎

  32. These are beautiful pictures and it looks like a fabulous trip! What great memories to have as well!

  33. These pictures are so beautiful! And it all looks so fun. I can’t believe that “boat” holds up, it looks so fun!

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  37. I agree with the 5/5 rating for the Carabao Ride, Bamboo Rafting, and Swimming Pool. They’re actually a lot more enjoyable than the waterfalls restaurant. Keep the good content, Karla! 😊

  38. Your photos are just so gorgeous! I would love to go and explore every single place you visited! Just looks amazing!

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  40. All of this looks like so much fun – especially the waterfall restaurant! It looks beautiful there!


  41. Wow! I love the scenery at this resort. It looks very beautiful! If I visit the Villa Escudero, I would love to try water rafting. I don’t remember ever going water rafting before, and I would love to try!

  42. Nicole Anderson says: Reply

    I found this review very interesting and this place is somewhere I would love to visit. I appreciate your honest review and ratings because not everyone will write in a fair and balanced way. The waterfall restaurant with your feet in the water certainly sounds like a very unique experience.

  43. i love your photos! this looks like such a fun trip!

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