Reasons for Denial of Korean Visa

Applying for a Korean Visa isn’t always successful. Sometimes people get denied because their credentials have not established them as a qualified applicant for the visa category they have applied for. These are the reasons why:

1. Your Passport is invalid.

Your passport must be at least 6 months valid.

2. You are prohibited to enter Korea.

  • Persons carrying an epidemic disease, narcotic addicts or people who can cause danger and harm to public health.
  • Persons carrying firearms, guns, swords, or explosives.
  • Persons deemed likely to commit any act detrimental to national interests of Korea or public safety, and to economic or social order or good morals.
  • Mentally handicapped persons, vagabonds, the destitute or other persons in need of relief
  • Persons for whom 5 years have not elapsed after being deported from Korea.
  • Persons who have taken part in slaughter or cruel treatment of people on the grounds of race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, and political opinion.

3. You have a record that shows you have previously violated the Korean law.

This applies for those who worked illegally in Korea, and to those who stayed here after their visa has expired.

 4. You failed to submit the required document completely.

Before going to the embassy, make sure that you have all the requirements.

5. You failed to qualify to the visa category that you have applied for.

There are more than 10 categories of Korean visa. Make sure to choose the category that is appropriate for you.

6. The documents you have submitted cannot be verified.

You have to give authentic documents. They call the institutions to validate them. Don’t fake it.

7. You failed to prove the purpose of entry to Korea.

For example, the purpose of your entry is to work there. You have to show them the contract between you and your employer. You have to provide them any proof.

8. You failed to prove strong economic and family ties to the home country.

You have to prove that you can afford to spend money here. It’s the reason why they ask for bank certificates. If you’re a business owner, you have to show them your business permit. If you’re an employee, you have to show them your certificate of employment. If you’re a student, you have to show them your certificate of enrollment. You have to prove that you don’t have any reasons to overstay.

 9. Your inviter is not qualified to invite you.

For example, you’re applying for a medical visa. Your inviter must be a registered doctor.

 10. You failed to prove the relationship with your inviter.

The inviter must not be any random Korean person you met. They may ask you personal questions regarding your relationship. Like for example, it’s your Korean husband, you should give them your marriage contract.

 11. You failed to give prima facie evidence of your marriage validity.

If you’re married, you have to give them a valid marriage contract.

12. You failed to give the correct information about your spouse.

I think this mostly applies to those with Korean husband applying for a visa to Korea. You really have to know all the information about your husband.

13. You and your husband failed to prove keeping a normal marital life.

I don’t really have any idea about this. This might be related to the financial, or mental status of the couple.

Applicants may apply again after 6 months with the same purpose, unless there are emergency/humanitarian reasons or application for different purpose.

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