Goblin Shooting Locations

1. BBQ Olive Chicken

This is the place where Ji Eun Tak work as a part time waitress. It is owned by Sunny, the beautiful lady who caught the heart of the grim reaper.


To go there, you have to take Seoul Subway Line 3 (Orange Line) and get off at Daecheong Station, Exit 4. Walk for about 500m and turn left when you see the aisle with many restaurants. If you’re not good with directions, just type this (서울 강남구 일원로9길 8 1층) in your map and follow the GPS. (Source)

The second shop is located in 81 Cheonggyecheon-ro, Gwacheol-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul.

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2. Dal.Komm Cafe

This is where grim reaper met the other grim reaper. In that episode, we witnessed how he tells the couple how they died.

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It’s also the place where Descendants of the Sun and W was filmed.


Take the Seoul Subway Bundang Line or Shin Bundang Line and get off at Jeongja Station Exit 3. (Source)

3. Miniso at Lotte World

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It is where they bought the Goblin plushies!

4. Subway (Cheongna Branch in Incheon)

This is the place where grim reapers usually eat. Eun Tak and goblin also ate here.

5. Bridge near Yongdap Station (Exit 2)

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It is the place where Sunny and Grim Reaper met. The scene where they saw the green ring.

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6. Seoul Choong Ang High School*


It’s Eun Tak’s school when she was high school.

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7. Unhyeongung Yanggwan at Deoksung Women’s University*

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It’s the exterior of Goblin’s house. It’s near Anguk Station exit 4 beside in Unhyeongung Palace.

8. Samcheongdong

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It’s the street in front of Insadong.


9. Deoksugung Palace Wall


Goblin can see Grim Reaper’s teahouse in that wall.

Outside Seoul:

  • PAJU: Chocolatier Zino – This is where they eat steak!
  • INCHEON: Hanmi Bookstore – This is the place where goblin and deity talked about Eun Tak’s life
  • GOCHANG: Buckwheat fields – This is the place where the goblin died. (4.5 hrs away from Seoul)
  • GANGNEUNG: Jumunin Beach – This is the place where Eun Tak accidentally summoned the goblin after making a wish. (4 hrs away from Seoul)
  • ANSEONG: Seongnamsa – This is the place where goblin set the sky lanterns

There are still a lot of shooting locations I want to visit. I’ll update this every time I visit one. Click here for more Korean Drama Locations.

*Duksung Women’s University and Choong Ang High School doesn’t allow visitors to come in anymore because it disturbs the classes and for security purposes.