Goblin Shooting Locations

Here are the Goblin Shooting Locations you shouldn’t miss when you visit Korea. Enjoy and have that magical feeling while traveling!

1. BBQ Olive Chicken

This is the place where Ji Eun Tak work as a part time waitress. It is owned by Sunny, the beautiful lady who caught the heart of the grim reaper.


To go there, you have to take Seoul Subway Line 3 (Orange Line) and get off at Daecheong Station, Exit 4. Walk for about 500m and turn left when you see the aisle with many restaurants. (Source)

The second shop is located in 81 Cheonggyecheon-ro, Gwacheol-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul.

Goblin Shooting Locations (1)Goblin Shooting Locations (2)

2. Dal.Komm Cafe

This is where grim reaper met the other grim reaper. In that episode, we witnessed how he tells the couple how they died.

Goblin Shooting Locations 2.jpg

It’s also the place where Descendants of the Sun and W was filmed.


Take the Seoul Subway Bundang Line or Shin Bundang Line and get off at Jeongja Station Exit 3. (Source)

3. Miniso at Lotte World

Goblin Shooting Locations (3).jpg

It is where they bought the Goblin plushies!

4. Subway (Cheongna Branch in Incheon)

This is the place where grim reapers usually eat. Eun Tak and goblin also ate here.

5. Bridge near Yongdap Station (Exit 2)

Goblin shooting locations 4.jpg

It is the place where Sunny and Grim Reaper met. The scene where they saw the green ring.

Goblin Shooting Locations (2).jpg

6. Seoul Choong Ang High School*


It’s Eun Tak’s school when she was high school.

Goblin Shooting Locations.jpg

7. Unhyeongung Yanggwan at Deoksung Women’s University*

Goblin Shooting Location 1.jpg

It’s the exterior of Goblin’s house. It’s near Anguk Station exit 4 beside in Unhyeongung Palace.

8. Samcheongdong

Goblin Shooting Locations (4).jpg

It’s the street in front of Insadong.

Tea house White Birch Story


9. Deoksugung Palace Wall


Goblin can see Grim Reaper’s teahouse in that wall.

Outside Seoul:

  • PAJU: Chocolatier Zino – This is where they eat steak!
  • INCHEON: Hanmi Bookstore – This is the place where goblin and deity talked about Eun Tak’s life
  • GOCHANG: Buckwheat fields – This is the place where the goblin died. (4.5 hrs away from Seoul)
  • GANGNEUNG: Jumunin Beach – This is the place where Eun Tak accidentally summoned the goblin after making a wish. (4 hrs away from Seoul)
  • ANSEONG: Seongnamsa – This is the place where goblin set the sky lanterns

There are still a lot of shooting locations I want to visit. I’ll update this every time I visit one. Click here for more Korean Drama Locations.

*Duksung Women’s University and Choong Ang High School doesn’t allow visitors to come in anymore because it disturbs the classes and for security purposes.


  1. Hi Ms. Karla, thanks for sharing this! Me and my sister wanted will be visiting Korea this Coming June 2019. I would like to ask, do the places listed above are somewhat near to each other and can be visited all within one day? Just want to maximize our trip. Thank you in advance! 🙂

    1. Hi! Most of them are located near Anguk Station. You may skip the Yongdap Station because it’s quite far. For the BBQ Place, just visit the second shop. It’s nearer.

  2. I’m not sure if this case only happened to me but I think entering the university is now forbidden. Last December 2017, we went there on a Sunday, and we were only able to enter the Unhyeongung Palace. Other passage way going to the Goblin’s house are closed so we can’t take a picture with the house upclose.

  3. Hi Karla. Annyeong!

    Can you give me instructions on how to get to Sunny’s 2nd restaurant? Kamsahamnida in advance.

  4. hai ,
    I would like to ask, when you went to Unhyeongung Yanggwan at Deoksung Women’s University at that time are you allowed to go inside by campus security there?
    because when I went there last April I was not allowed into his campus by security

      1. I also went there last December 2017and we were only able to enter the Unhyeongung Palace. Other passage way going to the Goblin’s house are closed so we can’t take a picture with the house upclose. So sad.

        1. I went there last winter 2017, they really do not allow tourists to enter anymore, but if you can speak a little bit of korean, just charm your way in and tell the Ajussi that you are a ‘Filipino’ fanatic of the drama.

  5. Hello sis karla nakita ko Po sa isang YouTuber na hnd na Po da Pwd pumasok Doon sa bahay ni goblin ???????? may nka lagay na Po na note ????

  6. Hey would just like to ask.. how about the grim reaper’s tea house? Is that a true placd or made for the set? Thank you so much!

  7. Ms. Karla,, anytime po ba pwd pumasok dun sa deoksung university? Kasi free day ko po every sat and sunday, dun lang ako nakakapasyal-pasyal …!thank you ???????????? godbless and looking for more of your gala’s ????????

        1. Omo…we will hope mapagbigyan kami makapasok pag punta namin by october. I though sa labas lang yung house ni goblin loob pala talaga ng university.

  8. hello pwede pasama sa dalcomm or subway o kahit anong location na pinost nyo dito? well go to korean in MAY thanks.. ill pay for you hehehe

  9. dear Karla,
    thank you so much for this blog.

    i love tea house. and i love Goblin.
    i will go to Seoul next week,
    and to visit tea house White Birch Story is on my bucketlist.
    would you like to tell me the directions?

    thank u very much

  10. dear Karla, i love to read this.
    actually i ant to experience it also. the goblin filming site.
    will be there in Seoul this 20 March…
    but only in a short time…
    do you have best recommendation for 1 day only?

    thanks a lot

  11. I love how these seemingly ordinary places could suddenly become attractions in their own right! I’ll definitely have to stop by the bridge and the cafe when I go back to Korea!

  12. Haaii does the place in unhyeongung open for public? I will come to Seoul on April n i hope i can visit that place

  13. Hello!

    Alam niyo po ba kung saan yung may “We Bare Bears” na dessert place? Yung bigay nila Kim Shin kay Eun Tak

  14. Hi Teacher Karla, thanks for this! blog mo talaga isa sa mga vinivisit ko palagi. 🙂 Hope you get some idea on filming locations of Weightlifting Fairy too! All the best. 🙂

  15. Hi, do you have any idea as well on the filming set of weightlifting fairy kimbookjo? I’ve been searching all over the net 🙁

  16. I discovered your page when I was searching for links on how to purchase Eun Tak’s toy (Buckwheat). Thanking you for all that you do. 🙂

    Take care always.

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