Things Every Goblin Fan Must Have

If you got crazy over the Kdrama Goblin, you’ll enjoy reading this list! These are the Things Every Goblin Fan Must Have.

1. Red Scarf


This scarf reminds Ji Eun Tak of her mother.

2. Plush toys


You may but them at Bonicrew, they also sell the plushies in Descendants of the Sun.

3. 2s candle

Things Every Goblin Fan Must Have 3.jpg

Ji Eun Tak use these candles to summon the Goblin. You can buy them here.

4. Maybe Stars Will Take Your Sadness Away (Poetry Anthology)

Things Every Goblin Fan Must Have 4.jpg

This book was featured in Goblin. You can buy it at GMarket.

5. Pure Love White Musk

Things Every Goblin Fan Must Have 5.jpg

Remember the scene when the Goblin tried different jobs? He’s really endorsing The Body Shop. LOL!

6. Ji Eun Tak’s Hoodie


You can buy it at (

6. Ji Eun Tak’s Necklace

Things Every Goblin Fan Must Have 6.jpg

You can but it at Ebay Shop Korea.

8. Ji Eun Tak’s Designer Bag

Things Every Goblin Fan Must Have 7.jpg

It is Paul’s Boutique, Middle Nicole Enamel Black. You can buy it at Ebay.

9. Goblin Official Soundtrack

Things Every Goblin Fan Must Have 8.jpg

You can buy it at GMarket.

10. Sunny and Wang Yeo’s couple bracelet


You can buy it at Stylus Jewellery.

Do you still have more to add to the things every Goblin fan must have? Feel free to write it down in the comment box.

And oh, by the way, I also like visiting the shooting locations of Goblin, and other Korean Dramas.


  1. Hello,

    Have you purchased the Goblin OST cds already? Did you buy it online from GMarket? If yes, how much did you pay/spend including the taxes, etc.? Was it through a courier? BTW, I am based in Manila. Thanks.

  2. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog and now I’m reading each of your blog entries with much happiness and fangirl feels. Haha!

    May I just ask, are the Boglegel dolls only available online? My friend’s travelling to Korea next week and the only thing I asked her is Mr. Buckwheat. However, when I searched for it, it seemed that it’s just available at the Bonicrew website 🙁 Have you seen some on any of the stores in Seoul? Thank you!

  3. hi karla! what is that drink that ji eun tak and sunny been drinking? is it available in Korean stores here in the Philippines?

  4. I collect teacups and tea sets. Grim Reaper’s teacups and teapots. I have been searching online where to buy.

  5. Hi Karla! Just would like to ask if bonicrew is a legit website and if others had purchased goods there before? Because I’ve made a payment for international shipping to the philippines, yet it still hasn’t updated me for more than a month. Hopefully its not a scam website? But would like to ask again since I’ve gotten the info here.

  6. hi! do you have any idea where I can buy the plush toys? in Korea? are they available in MIniso? hehe. any store close to myeongdong or hongdae? thanks!

  7. For the perfume the link directs me to the korean website however I was wondering if you knew if people from other countries can get it shipped out to where they live? Ive been on google trying to find where to buy it and finally found this site with information. I really want this perfume even though I don’t know if its a unisex smell or what but I was just wondering if you could let me know. Thank you.

  8. interestingly, i own a white musk perfume (even before the drama aired). not surprised they were endorsing it…love that perfume scent! <3

    ..I was looking for that couple bracelet too..thanks for the info!!
    luckily we will be visiting seoul next month. can't wait!

  9. Hi Karla,

    Is the book in Korean? Is it available in English please? I tried to read it but it was in Korean and do not know how to enquire the seller. Wanted to get a friend for her birthday as it’s her favourite show.

  10. Karla dear, I really want Blackhug plush toy (o kaya si Lee Dong Wook mismo) but for some reasons my pre-order can’t get through on Bonicrew website. 🙁

  11. where can I buy that fragrance from The Body Shop from Korea (the one with Gong Yoo’s face on the cover)? the one sold in the US of course does not have his face in it.

      1. I tried that but having problem with checkout, can’t seem to log in even with my FB account. 🙁

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