E2 visa for Filipino Teachers in Korea

Are you planning to teach in Korea? Here are the requirements to get an E2 visa for Filipino Teachers in Korea.

What is an E2 visa?

E2 visa is issued to those people who are teaching a foreign language.


How to get it?

Being a native speaker is one of the requirements. For the past years, it has been limited to seven countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, Ireland, and United States. However last year (2015), Korea allowed four additional countries namely India, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. (source: korea4expats.com)

Here are the basic requirements:

  • Notarized and apostilled copy of your degree
  • Criminal background check
  • Signed copy of your contract
  • Health statement
  • Photocopy of your passport info page
  • Passport photos
  • 2 sealed transcripts from your university
  • Curriculum Vitae

The requirements for the additional four countries are stricter than the seven countries.

  • They need to have a Bachelor’s degree in English studies or above.
  • They must have a teaching degree or license from their home country.

If you are qualified, here are the next steps to follow:

  1. Submit an E2 visa application to the Korean Embassy.
  2. Undergo a personal interview


Other options:

Besides having an E2 visa… there are other ways to be a teacher in Korea.

C4 Visa (Short term Employment)

You can apply as a teacher for summer camp or winter camp. This visa is only valid for three months.

D2/D4 Visa (Student Visa)

If you’re studying here, you can ask for a permit from immigration to teach during your free time.

D6 Visa (Missionary/ Religious Visa)

There are churches that hire English teachers for their church members.

E1 Visa (University Professor)

This visa is for those who are highly qualified to teach in prestigious universities in South Korea.

F6 Visa (Foreign Spouse)

If you’re married to a Korean, there are higher chances of being accepted in private schools.

Tourist Visa holders are not allowed to teach! You can’t just go here and apply in random schools. Your employer must process your working visa here before you go to the Korean embassy.

Do you have any questions? Read this first or leave a comment below.


  1. Hi Karla,

    I am a Filipino and i am an English Teacher. I teach in the US and hold Two US Engljsh Teaching Certificates. Can I teach in Korea?

  2. this is misleading. There is still no announcement nor agreement whether Filipinos can get E2 visa. You should also not cite korea4expat as your reference as it is not a reliable resource. May I suggest you to get rid that part, it is okay give hope to your fellow filpinon but false info.

  3. If I’m a Bachelor’s Degree holder but not in English and a LET passer because of the Teachers Certificate Program, will I be able to teach in Korea

  4. Hi Karla! I’m an elementary education student here in the PH. I will be graduating soon and i’ve been looking out for jobs in South Korea. Is it really possible for filipino teachers to get an E2 visa? There has been issues about not being a native speaker. Is it possible if the filipino teacher passed the board exam? I hope you see this ???? God bless!

    1. Hi william! It seems like you have information about applying visa for SK. Is it possible for filipino teachers to apply for an E2 visa? There’s always been an issue about Filipinos teaching english since we’re non native speakers. Hopefully, you’ll see this. Thank you!

  5. Hello Karla. I do want to make a small addition to your post. You mention those with a D2/D4 student visa could teach here. While this IS true, there is something your readers should know. In order to do that on a student visa, they would have to meet ALL of the same requirements as for the E2. (Background check, English studies degree, teaching license…etc etc) I am sure you likely know this, but I wanted to point it out in case some readers thought they could just come here on a student visa and avoid all of the other requirements.

    1. Hi William! It seems like you have information about applying visa for SK. Is it possible for filipino teachers to apply for an E2 visa? There’s always been an issue about Filipinos teaching english since we’re non native speakers. Hopefully you’ll see this. Thank you!

      1. As I understand it everything written in the blog is correct regarding a person from PH getting an E2 visa here. I just tried to check this with the official Immigration guide on the Korean government website, but the link to download the file is currently not working. I have no reason to doubt this blogger. The point of my comment was to speak on the idea of teaching English while on a D2/D4 visa. With that said however I have been here 13 years ( 10 of those on student visas) so I am well versed in those laws relating to students. There are quite a few Filipino/Filipina here teaching, but most of them are married to a Korean and have a resident visa. While it IS possible for a person from PH to get an E2, I am sure those jobs must be hard to find and get.

  6. Hi Karla! I was just wondering what is your church affiliation? Baka pareho tayo. I have a lot of friends from 1000MM na nagtuturo jan. I am a licensed teacher major in english and currently teaching in a government school. Do you think I will be qualified? And will it be easy for me to get my family there? Thanks much po. God bless your heart!!

    1. I’m a member of Methodist church. Another friend who also worked in Korea is a member of Presbyterian church.
      To be honest, it’s not easy for non native speakers like us to be qualified. They prefer people with Western features.

  7. Hi Miss Karla ask ko lang po how did you get the jib? Should i look for agency or direct? Thank you so much po. It will be a big help. Thank you!! Hoe for your reply 🙂

  8. Hello po Miss Karla, ask ko lang po pano po kayo naghanap ng agency or work to Korea? Gusto ko po sana itry na magturo sa Korea. Thank you so much po 🙂

  9. Hello po. I have a Korean friend who wants to hire me as an English teacher for his employees for a few months. What kind of visa should I apply for and do you know any requirements to submit? Hope to hear from you and thanks very kuxh for this post!

      1. so, i only need to have it notarized? kahit saan ba un? may nabasa kasi ako sa APOSTIU daw, do you have ny idea where that is?

    1. Ang alam ko po ipapa- red ribbon nyo po sa DFA sa pinas.. kasi po ibig sabihin ng apostilled, authenticated yan and valid sa ibang bansa.. yun po kasi ang pagkakakintindi ko ????

    2. maam ang nkalagay sa pasport ko you failed to qualified to the visa ano kya ang kulang ko na documents denied ako april 12 sabi cousin ko mag appeal ako kc my ipapadala na emergency letter pls reply kailangan ko tulong nyo maam

  10. I am a masscom graduate and I earned units in education…I am cirrently teaching.. I have been working as a teacher for 15 years now…. am I qualified to teach in Korea? my degree is AB MassCommunication with earning units in Education Major in English.Thank u for your tme.

  11. Hi Karla, I hope if you don’t mind, I would like to ask you again for the verification regarding the E2 Visa. I think, it is still, only open for the 7 countries namely, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, Ireland, and the US :'(. I am looking forward for this update because it is one of my dreams to teach in South Korea as well. 🙂

  12. Hi ate karla, I’m a graduate of BSED major in English at Notre Dame of Midsayap College. Pwede rin po ba yun kahit hindi ako graduate sa isang university? Thankyou po.

  13. Hi. Is it necessary to be proficient in Korean before they allow you any type of Visa/before they give you the job? I have a degree in English and I know very little Korean (sadly pang greetings lang alam ko). How did you study Korean? ????

    1. Tourist Visa doesn’t require TOPIK (test of proficiency in Korean language). Other jobs, you need to study Korean. Kasi di naman mag aadjust yung boss sayo. Hehehe. I took some online courses. 🙂

        1. It would be an advantage. Most of the students that I encountered have zero knowledge in English. I think I won’t be able to handle the class if I don’t know how to say the classroom commands in Korean. ^^

  14. Hi.

    I am a journalism gradaute and currently working in a US company. I am.olanning to take certificate in teaching this year and take the board by early next year. Is that eniugj to get a job as a teacher there? I am not an English major graduate but the course I took is somehow similar to it.


  15. Hello.. how about for those who doesn’t have Bachelor’s degree in English is it possible to work there as a teacher?

  16. Good day! May I ask how you got a job in kore.I am a newly licensed teacher and I also know how to speak and write in korean and I am hoping to teach there too.

      1. thank you for replying karla! Are you currently teaching in a church if I may ask. If I wont be able to be employed here in the Philippines I am planning to go to Korea and look for a job what visa should I get? Thanks again ,best regards to you

  17. Hi Karla!
    Thank you for writing this awesome post!
    I’ve been dreaming this for years because my passion is teaching and I was teaching Korean students for eight years. I’m a LET passer but I don’t have a Bachelor’s degree in English. Being a Catholic, I would love to have a D6 visa.Do you have any idea where I could learn more about this?
    Thank you for your response. 🙂

    1. Hello Jet, You may ask your church to give you a “dispatch order”. I am a Methodist so I asked one of the Pastors (District Superintendent) of the church. I also know someone who did the same. She is a Presbyterian.

      1. Hi Karla! Thank you for this info. After the dispatch order, what should I do next? I have no idea about this. Thank you for taking the time to answer.
        I just want you to know that you’re living my long-time dream and you’re lucky. 🙂

  18. Good afternoon! May I ask something? Do you have any idea how to find an employer in Korea? Do you know agencies that hire Filipino teachers? Thanks in advance ^ ^

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