Garden of the Morning Calm

Garden of the Morning Calm is the oldest private garden in Korea. It is composed of around 20 gardens. It also has a flower shop, an herbal shop, gift shop, Korean restaurant, coffee shop, and tea house.

Why do you need to visit The Garden of Morning Calm?

I have two reasons to visit this place: to see the colorful leaves of Autumn and to see the filming location of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds.


When is the best time to visit?

I’ve been wanting to visit this place every time I visit Gapyeong. It was winter when I first went to Gapyeong. During winter, most of the trees are withered. All they have is a lighting festival. They just put some lights on the withered plants to make it look attractive. I’ve decided to spend more time in Petite France than to go there. Then came Spring, I wanted to visit the garden but it rained. I always have a reason not to go there.
I told myself that I shall go there on Autumn. For me, Autumn is the best time to visit the Garden of the Morning Calm. It the time when the green leaves turn into yellow, orange, and even red.

How to go there?

The fastest way to go there is to take the subway going to Cheongpyeong Station. Then take the Gapyeong Tour Bus or bus 31-7 going to Morning Calm Arboretum. If you miss the bus, you can take a taxi to go there.


How much is the admission fee?

I went there on a Monday but I only spent 7,000 for the entrance fee because I have a coupon with 22% discount.

Adults: 8,000 won (Mon-Fri) | 9,000 won (Sat, Sun & Holidays)
Teenagers: 6,500 won (Mon-Fri) | 6,000 won  (Sat, Sun & Holidays)
Children: 5,500 won (Mon-Fri) | 5,000 won (Sat, Sun & Holidays)


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  1. Hi Ms Karla, we are planning to visit the Garden of Morning Calm on 25 November 2018 but saw some review that most of the flowers and leaves will be withered in end November. When was you visited the place with those pictures ?

  2. Hi Ms. Karla! As what I’ve previously stated, we were suppose to travel to Seoul South Korea this Nov. 10-17, but due to unavoidable circumstances, we were not able to travel within the scheduled flight. Unfortunately, we had to rush our son to the hospital. I’ve already booked with Klook for NSeoul Tower, Nami Island, Petit France, Land of the Morning Calm and Everland, I even specified dates of our visit for these places.. My concern is what will happen to my bookings with Klook since we did not have the chance to use our voucher intended for certain dates. Please enlighten me. Thanks and God bless!

  3. Hi Ms. Karla! I would like to ask if we can visit Nami Island, Petite France and Land of the Morning Calm in just one day? We’ll be in Korea this Nov. 10-17 and we want to visit these three places..Thanks.

      1. Hi Ms. Karla! Is it true that there are free access to selected 21 tourist attractions if we purchase Discover Seoul Pass via Klook app? Thanks.

  4. Hi Karla!

    is there a tourist bus from Nami Wharf that goes directly to Garden of the morning calm? Where can we find the tourist bus from the wharf? thank you!

  5. Hi Karla,

    Do you know the schedule of the buses going to the Garden? And how far is it from Seoul? Is half day enough to explore the garden? Thanks. 🙂

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