Chung Dam Parqal: Experience the Finest Korean Restaurant!

Chung Dam Parqal opened its doors last October 19, 2023. Southies can finally experience a luxurious Korean restaurant. Bring an empty stomach because you’ll surely be satisfied with the delicious King Crab!

Chung Dam Parqal

Chung Dam

Chung Dam is known for its authentic Korean culinary dishes. Their Hanwoo meats, Wagyu cuts, and Live King Crab will definitely give you a high-end Korean restaurant experience.

The Head Chef and The Owner of Chung Dam

Not the Usual Samgyupsal

Chung Dam takes pride in their high-quality meats. They have Hanwoo meats which are one of the rare and expensive meats in the world. They also have USA Prime Shortribs, USA Prime Ribeye, Wagyu, and Marinated LA Galbi to name a few.

Seafood Haven

They have a Live King Crab! This costs about 10,000 pesos per kilogram! Abalone, oyster, sea cucumber, sea squirt, and octopus are also available.

Chung Dam Parqal

Their Hon Maguro Sashimi Set is also a must-try. Everything is so fresh! 4 pcs of sashimi starts at 600 pesos.

Chung Dam Parqal

Authentic Korean Dishes

Those Korean dishes we see at Kdramas? They have it all here. All your Korean food cravings will be satisfied. Chung Dam serves my favorite kimchi stew and odeng stew! For beef lovers, they have Chadol Doenjang Stew, Bulgogi Stew, and Miyeokgug meal. Seafood lovers will enjoy the Haemul Doenjang, Female Crab Stew, and Honghap Stew.

Chung Dam Parqal

Cold noodles, bulgogi, tonkatsu, twigim, pajeon, mandu, ramen, and ttokpokki are also available.

Travel with Karla

My dining experience at Chung Dam is an interesting one. I was able to see how they preserve their seafood and high-quality meat. You’ll be sure that all the food they serve is maintained well.

Chung Dam Parqal

Chung Dam Parqal offers VIP Rooms for their customers. Their biggest room can accommodate 40 people.

The latest branch of Chung Dam is located on the 2nd floor Kawayan Building, Parqal, Aseana City, Parañaque City. They are open from 10 AM to 12 MN daily. They also have a branch in Malate and BGC.

You may follow them on their social media accounts for more details.

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