Anakula Coffee for an Awesome Valentine’s Date

Artisan Coffee date, anyone?

How would you like to start your Valentine’s date this year?

Would it be “Excitement with a dash of stress” or “Intimacy with a shot of peace and quiet?”  You must be toying around some choices, and at the back of your mind, you know, after the pandemic, there is much more to life than fancy and flair. We all know the Behind Scenes during this special day.

Before, a fancy restaurant would be the first place you’d think to take your date, and since this is also THE comeback year, almost everyone must be planning the same. 

I already feel the rush and chaos. 

What is a perfect date anyway? I think it should be focused on getting the most of each other’s attention, by having momentous, undistracted conversations.

And I have found the perfect place and setting for you – 2 words: Anakula Coffee

Coffee Date with your Valentine. Because, why Not?

Coffee is always a good idea. It always saves our day and our sanity, and almost everyone has the same affinity or love for it. When we add coffee to our plan, it is a plan that surely won’t backfire.

If you already have that dinner reservation, I bet your date will not mind waiting for the traffic to subside while enjoying a cup of coffee in a sit-down conversation and having your full attention.

Same as capping off the night by continuing your tête-à-tête in a cozy and inviting atmosphere, coupled with the ambient light and cafe sound, plus the aroma of the coffee brewing and prepared in the background – that itself sets and retains the romantic mood.

I can imagine that warm, fuzzy feeling already. Si romántique!

Hey, you don’t need to overthink because I’ll lend you more information on my latest discovery about the coffee shop that fits the bill. 

ANAKULA Coffee for that Unique Coffee Experience

If you are from the South, you’ll be thrilled to know that you now have easy access to artisanal coffee right inside a quiet nook in Las Piñas, aptly placed inside a community where innovative ideas, family gatherings, and friendly vibe abound.

The coffee shop’s name is already a conversational piece for you and your date. It flows the same with the unique labels of the coffee blends – the Malvar, Mestiso, Sikwate, Blanca, Sikwate Eh! and Presa.

And even after this love month, whether you intend to unwind for some mental health coffee break or a place to hold a short business meeting, this is a perfect quiet recluse and venue. They have free wi-fi to help you with that. 

Minimalist Ambience for no distraction conversation free wi-fi for Work or meetings

I find the shop’s minimalist design, intentional. The place provides no distraction for customers who intend to enjoy their coffee and conversations – perfect for that eye-locking convo with that someone special or for your alone time (remember, it’s okay to date yourself). 

Anakula serves Quality and the Filipino Dream

Aside from their uniquely crafted brew blends, what I love about Anakula is their commendable customer service. Friendly and accommodating baristas add to the great experience here.  

Quality coffee crafted by the best Barista of Anakula Coffee

Anakula means Ship Captain, derived from an old Tagalog term for the sailing leader.  Indeed, everyone is treated here highly like El Kapitan!

It is notable to learn that the head barista is a certified TESDA coffee expert-slash-instructor.  So, whether you’re in the mood for light, mild, or for strong blend Anakula coffee is made for your liking, guaranteed to hit the right spot.

Anakula Artisan Coffee 

But coffee is not just all that. It is as versatile as life itself. 

With that in mind, the young entrepreneurs behind the brand Anakula are on a mission to elevate our coffee experience with specialty artisan coffees made for Filipinos and called it the Filipino Dream and their vision: Filipinos to be renowned as the leader in the artisanal coffee scene.

Artisan coffee made affordable and convenient for Filipinos to access and enjoy. 

What is Artisan coffee?  

Artisan Coffee by Anakula Coffee

It refers to a type of coffee made with a focus on high-quality, handcrafted, and carefully prepared coffee beans. Artisan coffee often uses traditional methods and high-end equipment designed to showcase the unique flavors and characteristics of coffee beans.

And you can feel that this coffee shop indeed offers Artisan Coffee just by looking at its menu:

The simple yet compelling menu of curated Anakula coffee brees

Anakula coffee is affordable, yet the taste is above par, guaranteed!

As for the time being, the shop offers coffee and a few savory pastries to go with it. The meals are still on the captain’s drawing board, a work in progress, so to speak. Always be on the lookout for their updates!

But Wait, There’s More!

Keeping to its vision to empower the Filipino and the Philippine heritage through food and drinks, the team has concocted different ways to reach more places through their in-store and special offers.

1. HARANA – Anakula’s Limited Valentine Special Offer

For this love month, Anakula serves the HARANA blend – served hot or iced. I implore you to try this red velvet mixed with sikawate and espresso concoction.

Anakula Coffee VAlentine's day Promo

You can actually enjoy it as a pair or for yourself. Either way, you would surely want more!  Check out their social media page for updates. 

2. You Can Order online

Too busy to go to the coffee shop? Just head to the Food Panda app and search for Anakula Coffee – just a few tapping of buttons, you’ll be able to enjoy these delicious beverages, hot or cold, to your liking.

3. Take them to your Events and Meetings 

If you can’t bring the gang to Las Piñas, consider taking Anakula to the gang!

Mobile Coffee Bar

This is actually a brilliant and welcome idea. Your circle will surely love you to bits.

Anakula may be relatively new but has already made an impressive scene in many events such as weddings, birthdays, and meetings with its Mobile coffee bar.   They have different packages for events. If you want to inject vibrant energy into your party or gathering, you may call Ms. Danielle Pineda to inquire at 09985446948 or [email protected]

4. Be the Kape Kapitan in your circle, attend their Coffee crafting Workshops  

Home Brewing 101 at Anakula Coffee

And as I’ve mentioned, the Head barista, Mr. Argie Vegas, is a certified instructor frequently holds a Home Brewing 101 workshop in the shop, complete with exclusive coffee recipes. You’ll definitely be the life of the gathering once you whip up some coffee for your guests, like a pro!

location - Travel with Karla

Where to find Anakula Coffee 

  • Anakula Coffee Las Piñas is located at Blk 3 Lot 28, Capitoline Hills, BF Resort Village, Barangay Talon Dos, Las Pinas City just 2 minutes’ drive away from the Mary Immaculate Nature Church, Las Piñas.
  • The store is open 10 AM to 8 PM on Mondays to Thursdays / 10 AM to 9 PM on Fridays to Sundays.
  • For special days or Holidays, do ring the store at (02) 8241 9852 for new info.

To learn more about their offers and booking schedule, send a message to Anakula Coffee on Instagram or Facebook Anakula Coffee for more info on their offers, events, and updates.

Anakula Coffee Shop is not just a place to enjoy your coffee – It’s an experience. Make each moment count. Don’t just take my word for it, visit Anakula Coffee and let us know how your experience was.

Have a memorable Valentine’s Day!

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About the Author: Nelle Gillesania of <> is a homeschooling mom of 2 curious boys. A multi-potentialite, a self-made multimedia and voice artist, and a “rambler writer” who runs on coffee. She strongly believes that the first and natural teachers of our future leaders are:  family love, nature, and experiences.  

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