Valentine’s Day at The Dream Art Cafe

Dining Set Up with customized wooden tables and art on every corner for Valentine's Day
The Dream Art Cafe Unique Dining Set Up

The Dream Art Cafe is a new must-visit family cafe in Baguio City that thrills us and we want to share our early Valentine’s Day experience with you. The cafe was established just 11 months ago and they offer a gastronomic experience like no other. The ambiance, food, and service are all superb, making it a great place to celebrate special occasions like Valentine’s Day.

Picture of a happy family in front of a butterfly mural installation at The Dream Art Cafe for Valentine's Day
Happy Tummies = Happy Smiles

Early Valentine’s Day Family Celebration at The Dream Art Cafe

A few weeks ago, we came across an advertisement for The Dream Art Cafe on Facebook and decided to give it a try. And boy, are we glad we did! Here’s a rundown of our experience:

Family dining at The Dream Art Cafe for  Valentine's Day
Let’s eat!


We began our meal with a classic Caesar salad and it didn’t disappoint. The combination of romaine lettuce, croutons, cucumber, savory dressing, and parmesan cheese was the perfect way to tantalize our taste buds.

A big plate of a classic Ceasar salad
Ceasar Salad (180 pesos)

Who doesn’t love fries? The Art-Cheesetic Fries became one of our favorites. Fresh-cut potatoes, seasoned, and deep-fried and served with a cheesy cheese dip.

A big serving of fresh cut French fries with cheese dip
Art-Cheesetic Fries (175 pesos)

Main Course

For our main course, we opted for the T-Bone Steak and it did not disappoint. The perfect steak sauce elevated the rich beef flavor, juicy texture, and perfectly charred exterior of the dish.

A big serving of a T-bone steak with tomatoes on the side and steak sauce
T-Bone Steak (385 pesos)

For those who prefer pasta or pizza, the Dream Art Pizza, loaded with ham, bacon, cheese, seasoned beef, and their own Angus beef, is a must-try.

A 10-inch pizza with ham, bacon, cheese, seasoned beef and Angus beef
Dream Art Pizza (420 pesos)

A meal will not be complete without pasta. We tasted the Art Pasta Espesyal. It is a fusion of tuna and fusilli pasta, served with garlic bread on the side, is a tasty twist on the classic pasta dish.

A big plate of tuna and fusilli pasta with garlic bread
Art Pasta Espesyal (240 pesos)


The beverages at The Dream Art Cafe are just as impressive as the food. The Dream Art Latte, a delightful combination of espresso, vanilla, and caramel, was a hit. We tried the cold version and it was delicious.

A big cup of latte from The Dream Art Cafe for Valentine's Day
Dream Art Latte Mediano (175 pesos) | Grande (185 pesos)

We were impressed by chocolate-y goodness of the hot Pot-Choco. We’re excited to try the iced version in our next visit.

They have a thirst-quenching mix of lemonade and real cucumbers which they call Cucumber Lemonada. It became my personal favorite, I even ate the cucumber slices after finishing my drink.

Photo of a cup of hot chocolate drink and a cup of cucumber lemonade mix thirst quenchers from The Dream Art Cafe for Valentine's Day
Pot-Choco Pequeno (150 pesos) | Cucumber Lemonada Mediano (85 pesos)

Ambiance and Service

Upon arrival, Don and Mike warmly greeted us and made us feel at home as we waited for our food. The entire staff was incredibly courteous and added to the enjoyment of our dining experience.

The service crew of The Dream Art Cafe for Valentine's Day
Big thanks to Mike and Don for attending to us.

Here are some of our favorite things at The Dream Art Cafe that made us say, “wow!”

First, The Dream Art Cafe offers a relaxing ambiance that makes dining there a stress-free experience.

Second, the staff was friendly and accommodating, informing us of the Wi-Fi password and ensuring that our needs were met.

Third, the artworks on every corner were relaxing and we had fun looking around. They have outlets available for charging laptops and phones.

And fourth, they are pet-friendly too!

Valentine’s Day Special Menu of The Dream Art Cafe

The Dream Art Cafe is the perfect place to celebrate Valentine’s Day. From February 11th to 18th, 2023, they are offering a special menu for couples. For only PHP 1,399.00, couples can enjoy 2 Porterhouse steak entrées, 2 slices of red velvet cake, 2 glasses of red wine, and 1 free rose.

If you wanted to surprise your loved one, you can go ahead and request a bouquet to be arranged by Kris Delights for an additional fee.

If you are looking for an awesome caterer for special events like birthdays and weddings, The Dream Art Cafe is your best bet! Make it happen by simply sending them a message for inquiries and reservations.

The Dream Art Cafe Regular Menu

Check out their regular menu below. They offer a wide variety of food choices that you can try. We will definitely try their Dream Art Cafe Favorites and Burgers and Sandwiches lineup.

List of menu including breakfast line up, appetizer, soup and salad, burgers and sandwiches, mains, Dream Art Cafe favorites, Artisteaks, Pasta and Pizza of The Dream Art Cafe
Menu part 1
List of beverages from Art Espesyal, Cafe Dulce, Cafe Classico, Non-coffee, other beverages and add ons of The Dream Art Cafe
Menu part 2

Food Delivery

If you can’t make it to The Dream Art Cafe but would still like to try their food, you can order their meals and drinks through the Grab app on your mobile phone.

The Dream Art Cafe in the Grab App
The Dream Art Cafe in the Grab App

Where to Find The Dream Art Cafe

The Dream Art Cafe is conveniently located along South Drive, just beside the South Drive Barangay hall/waiting shed. You can reach the jeepney terminal by heading to the front of SSS or Petron Harrison (Country Club Jeepneys). For their pinned location, click here.

Street view of the location of The Dream Art Cafe
The Dream Art Cafe landmark

How to Make a Reservation

While walk-ins are accepted, reservations are highly recommended. To make a reservation, you can call or text them at 0967 779 6706 or visit their Facebook Page: The Dream Art Cafe.

Signage of the logo of The Dream Art Cafe as seen on the street
Signage that can be seen from the street

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  1. Really great review po. Very informative. It feels as though I’ve already experienced it through your words. Can’t wait to visit this place and try out their Art Pasta Espesyal and Dream Art Pizza!! ♡

  2. The ambiance gives me an intimate and homey vibes. It is always a plus to me kapag ganito ang lighting, nagagandahan ako. Nakadagdag pa iyong mga magagandang artwork displays. Isa pa sa nagustuhan ko at siguradong gusto ng karamihan ay iyong kanilang fresh-cut potatoes, must try talaga ito. For sure, dinarayo itong cafe na ito lalo na ngayong Feb-ibig month.

  3. Great Review ❤️
    Perfect place for Valentines Day !
    Ang ganda ng ambiance and The foods are delicious as well
    The place ,when we create a good memories with our love ones
    Pinakagusto ko dito aside sa masasarap na foods ,they a have a good staff and pet friendly too

  4. Ang gandang cafe naman po nito . Perfect mag celebrate dito ng mga occasions lalo na ngayong darating na valentine’s day! ? Must try ng kanilang nkakatakam na foods . Open din sila for delivery ?

  5. Very Artistic talaga this Place. Sobrang ganda ng Ambiance at mga disenyo, and yung mga Food. Siguradong di ka magsisisi sa saraaap from appetizer to main Course ??? perfect place this Valentines. At kung hindi man makaalis you can free to call and deliver it too you . Thanks for This Amazing Blog Ms. Karla

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