TWB Summer Essentials Review

Every weekend, I try to explore different places. In fact, last week I went to Nagcarlan, Laguna to witness their Ana Kalang Festival. Since it’s summer time, I encourage travelers like me to have their summer essentials ready. Summer in the Philippines can cause dehydration because of the scorching heat. That’s the reason why you must not travel unarmed. Protect your skin using TWB Summer Essentials.

Worry no more! Tupperware Brands Philippines has it all for you. From sun screens lotions, skin sprays, body mists, cooling powder, lipsticks, and even a travel bag!

Here are my top picks!

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Suncelle Sunscreen Body Lotin and Instant Cooling Skin Spray

Suncelle Sunscreen Body Lotion (399)

Suncelle Sunscreen Body Lotion has SPF 30 PA++ which provides protection from powerful UVA/UVB rays that causes premature aging and skin cancer. You don’t what that! In addition, there are four reasons why I love it! First, it has a Collagen Protect System that prevent wrinkles caused by sun exposure. Second, it is water resistant. It doesn’t come off easily after sweating or while bathing. Third, it is lightweight. Unlike other body lotion, it deeply penetrates the skin without leaving oily or greasy residue. Lastly, it has Vitamin E that hydrates the skin!

Suncelle Instant Cooling Skin Spray (299)

Suncelle Instant Cooling Skin Spray is a very handy hydrating skin spray with sun protection. This product will instantly cool and refresh your skin. Trust me on this. It became my best friend when I watched the parade under the scorching heat of the sun. It does not only relieves the redness of the skin from sun exposure but also gives a more energized and fresh looking skin. It has two main ingredients: Aloe Vera which relieves burning and itching due to heat of the sun and Allatonin which locks in moisture for healthy and protected skin.

Tupperware brands also has Suncelle Invisible Sunscreen Spray SPF 50 (309), and Suncelle Facial Moisturizer SPF 40 (229).  They have a promo for Suncelle products, buy any 1 at 399 and get any 1 free!

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Fruty Body Mist Intense Grape (380)

I love the floral fruity scent of ColorFull Fruty Intense Grape. I like that the smell is not too strong. It’s perfect for all ages. Even my little sister loved it! Besides the Intense Grape, they also have other scents: Happy Orange, Sexy Apple, and Sweet Peach.

Cool Splash Cooling Powder (240)

The Cool Splash Cooling Powder is infused with SalScent. As you can see in the picture, I got Cool Blue and Zestful Purple. It is recommended to apply these cooling powder after taking a bath. These cooling powders release a refreshing scent when you perspire. The Cool Blue smells sweet and musky while the Zestful Purple has the scent of fresh flowers. I would recommend the Zestful Purple for babies to teens, and Cool Blue for adults.

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TWB Summer Essentials Review

Fruty Delight Satin Lipsticks (199)

Tupperware Brands has a lippie for every season! Although I still have some from their Justice League Collection, I grabbed the chance to have their Fruty Delight Satin Lippies because I love their cute packaging! Nevertheless, the actual lipsticks didn’t disappoint me. They are pigmented and long lasting. Among their four shades, I got the Intense Grape and Sexy Apple. I use the dark lipstick for night events and red lipstick for day time.  Get these limited edition Satin Lipsticks for only 199!

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TWB Summer Essentials Review

Expandable Bag (1099)

I actually used this bag the last time I went to a resort. It can accommodate all the things I need for my 2 days and 1 night trip. It has pockets inside. If you bought some souvenirs, you can just unzip the middle part to expand the bag. You might think it’s expensive but you can buy it for only 349 for every 500 worth of purchase from the April 2018 Tupperware Brands and brochures.


The products mentioned in this post were given to me by Tupperware Brands Philippines, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Nice review! I really liked the Fruty Delight Satin Lipsticks! it is pitty I do not have access in my country on these products :/

  2. I’ve never heard of the cooling skin spray. I spend a lot of time in the sun so this sounds perfect for me. Thanks

  3. SPF sunscreen protection is super important for me and not only at summertime, but during the whole year! Thanks for sharing these products ????

    The White Ocean

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