Loreal CC Balm Genius Review

One of the things you’ll see inside my travel backpack is my lip balm. I always bring a lip balm with me whenever I travel to avoid dry lips. It’s very essential to take care of our lips because unlike other parts of the body, it has no sebaceous glands, which means that it cannot make its own oils to keep it moisturized. It also has no melanin, which gives it no natural protection from the sun.

Earlier this month, I made a vlog about Loreal CC Balm Genius. (Please subscribe!)

Let’s talk about these Loreal CC Balm Genius.

Loreal CC Balm Genius Review

 The packaging comes in gold tubes and colorful plastic caps. The shades are written at the bottom.

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I got five different shades: Fearless Red (708), Daydream Beige (713), Femme Fatale Mauve (705), Roseate Delicacy (701), and Isaphan Rose (703).

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According to the box, these 5 Caresse CC balm genius has exclusive micro-neon technology. It instantly flushes lips with vivid color. It has ultralight Aerogel and color corrective oil which delicately wrap lips in extraordinary shine.

Fearless Red

I think this shade too bright for me. I think this shade is suitable for people with strong personality. Those who are confident and bold. I can’t pull it off.

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Daydream Beige

I like nude shades because it looks elegant. I can wear it in the office or any other formal events.

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Femme Fatale Mauve

Femme Fatale Mauve is supposed to make your lips look seductive. However, when I tried it, I felt that I ate a greasy food. I didn’t feel sexy at all.

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Roseate Delicacy

This one is colorless. It felt that I just applied a petroleum jelly on my lips. Ugh. I’ll just give this to my little sister.

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Isaphan Rose

This shade looks simple and girly. I can wear this everyday!

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Final Thoughts

  • Color Intensity: The balms are not highly pigmented. You need to apply it using several strokes.
  • Moisture: The balms feels buttery and they hydrate my lips well. It feels creamy but it’s not sticky.
  • Resilience: It’s not that long lasting. You have to reapply it after a couple of hours.

Which shade do you like best?


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