TWB Colour Collection Review

It’s time for a makeup review! Whenever I travel, I usually bring a couple of lippies to make sure that I look good on pictures. I really thrilled to show you the Tupperware Brands Colour Collection 2018.

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Pout of this World

Tupperware Brand’s new product this May is the Colour Collection High Definition Iconic Matte Lipsticks(199). These lipsticks are specially formulated to give moisture-rich, vibrant, and high definition lips. It has a smooth lip color that glides right on with a silky matte finish that never feels dry. One of the shades they launched is the Modern Clara “ it is the one red shade for every Filipina.

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TWB Colour Collection

My favorite shade among them is the Beauty Queen. It looks really elegant and it’s suitable for my everyday look. Megan Young used it in this photo. Anyway, these set of lipsticks are the best among the previous ones I reviewed because of their shades, and they are highly pigmented.

The lipsticks in white packaging are called Collagen Lipsticks (199). Compared to the HD Iconic Matte Lipsticks, Collagen lipsticks have a richer and creamier texture. It adds moisture while reducing the appearance of fine lines. Collagen ensures that the lips are properly hydrated and plump.

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Vintage Glam, It Girl, Runway Ready, Beauty Queen, Indulgence, Sweet Cocoa

Crowning Glowy

The Colour Collection Whitening BB Cream (399) has many benefits. It whitens and brightens skin, protects skin from UV rays, helps heal acne blemishes, softens and hydrates dry skin, promotes cell renewal, reduces pigmentation, retains moisture, and aids in improving skin elasticity. It’s all in one beauty balm that will make you look like a queen with your radiant skin. It’s available in two shades: Light and Natural.

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Photo Taken by Karlee (my nine-year-old sister) – She asked for credits! Haha!

At first, I thought that the natural shade is too dark for me. Upon blending, I think it’s really suitable for the Filipina skin tone. It’s light weight and easy to apply. I don’t feel that I’m wearing a makeup at all. Unlike other BB creams that I used before, this one won’t make your face shiny. It’s a yes for me. Haha!

The All Day Wear Pressed Powder (259) is a long-wearing powder foundation that gives skin a smooth, flawless coverage that lasts up to 8 hours. It’s good to use for setting foundation or BB cream and perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. It’s available in three shades: light, natural, and medium.

What I like about the pressed powder is that it contains Vitamin E and SPF 15. It’s does not only makes you grease-free but also makes your skin healthy. It’s hard to find products that are packed with healthy ingredients these days.

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Photo Taken By Karlee

Beauty rules

The All Day Wear Lengthening Mascara (279) really defines and extends the lashes. I like that it’s waterproof and not clumpy . It’s easy to apply and it’s long-lasting.

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Photo Taken by Karlee

The All Day Wear Brow Mascara (229) is my favorite among all the items (Kilay is life). It doesn’t come off easily even when exposed to too much water like swimming. Girls, we need this! It’s easy to apply and it’s perfect haha! It’s available in three shades: black, dark brown, and natural brown.

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Photo Taken by Karlee

Final Look

Products used: Whitening BB Cream, All Day Wear, Pressed Powder, All Day Wear Lengthening Mascara, All Day Wear Brow Mascara,  High Definition Iconic Matte Lipstick (Beauty Queen)

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I tried to recreate Megan’s look using Tupperware Brands Colour Collection.

Megan Young is the new Colour Collection Ambassador! For some of you who doesn’t know her, this Filipino beauty queen was crowned as Miss World in 2013. Check out the behind the scenes video of her photo shoot.

Wanna have a special Colour Collection make-up package? The Tupperware Brands Philippines Facebook Page has an ongoing promo for TWB Colour Collection. Check out their Facebook page for details.


The products mentioned in this post were given to me by Tupperware Brands Philippines, but all opinions are my own.

To know more about the TWB Colour Collection, you may visit the following social media accounts of Tupperware Brand Philippines:


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  1. Awesome color selection, I often need bold colors for the photo shoots I direct. I am going to look into this line up for out Makeup collection.

  2. I am loving the beauty queen colour I feel like it would be the perfect lip colour for my skin tone! I am going to have to try it out

  3. The Vintage Glam shade is wonderful. I don’t wear makeup often but I prefer neutral shades.

  4. It’s kinda amusing to know Tupperware having a make up line. I’ve always known them for plastic home products so I’m just having a hard time reconciling that (plastics) and cosmetics. Anyway, great review.

  5. Since when does Tupperware have make up? Or have I been living under a rock? haha. I wish I was brave enough to wear those colors!

  6. I really like the look of the pressed powder foundation especially with it having Vitamin E and an SPF15. Will have to see if these are available online.

  7. It’s awesome to hear that they don’t have that never-feel-dry feel which definitely irritates so for sure, you definitely have a collection of awesome matte lipsticks. Mind you, I also carry a couple of them to ensure I look different in my pictures lol!

  8. Me too..I never knew tupperware had lipsticks as well. I would to try it. I love all the shades especially the Vintage Glam. Also, I really love the All Day Wear Lengthening Mascara. Great Review.

  9. I never knew tupperware had lipsticks as well. And all I prefer is Lakme, Revlon and Mac for lip colours. I am so smitten by these matte colour lippies. They look so gorgeous. Are they available online?

  10. Those look so pretty! I particularly love the shade “indulgence”! I love that pinky sort of tone that is perfect for everyday wear.

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