Angat Buhay joins Clorox PH’s Safer Today Program

Clorox PH’s Safer Today Program joins VP Robredo’s Office in providing COVID-19 care kits to communities

Clorox PH's Safer Today Program
Angat Buhay Volunteers packaging Clorox disinfecting wipes to the group’s Bayanihan e-Konsulta Kits meant for COVID-19 positive patients. (Photo Reference: VP Robredo FB Page)

Pasig City, Philippines – To help enhance the safety and cleanliness of shared spaces in communities amidst the threat of the pandemic, Clorox Philippines partnered with the Office of the Vice President of the Philippines in providing cleaning and disinfecting products, as part of its Clorox Safer Today Program.

Formed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Clorox Safer Today Program is a successful movement. It aims to promote research and innovation dedicated to the public’s enhanced safety, and to help in addressing the current global health crisis. It was also first started in the United States.

This time, Clorox Philippines, one of the country’s leading providers of cleaning and disinfecting products, brought this movement to the country. To kick off the project, the company donated around 2,520 Clorox disinfecting wipes and cleaners to the OVP. Some of which were included in at least 2,000 Bayanihan e-Konsulta kits last April 19.

Clorox PH Safer Today Program
Clorox Packages containing over 2,520 Clorox Disinfecting wipes to Angat Buhay Headquarters.
Photo reference: Angat Buhay team

OVP’s Response

“We are thankful to Clorox Philippines for extending its support to our initiatives. It is this spirit of Bayanihan that fuels our efforts to help our fellow Filipinos during this difficult time. Our office’s COVID Response Operations are made possible by many generous partners like them,” Vice President Leni Robredo said. 

VP Leni Robredo’s office will distribute the kits to Bayanihan e-Konsulta patients, both confirmed positive with COVID-19 and those suspected COVID-19 patients, as prescribed by the group’s volunteer doctors and health professionals. Other than the Clorox wipes and cleaners, each kit will also include an oximeter, other medical supplies, and medicines.

The OVP’s flagship anti-poverty program Angat Buhay bridges the public and the private sectors to address the needs of families in the farthest and the poorest communities in the country. The OVP and its partners support these communities through its six key advocacies. This includes food security and nutrition, universal healthcare, public education, rural development, housing and resettlement, and women empowerment.

“To say that we are happy to bring this movement into the country is an understatement. Amid these trying times, the call for Bayanihan among us, Filipinos, has never been more important. Through our collaborations with organizations like Angat Buhay, we have never felt more fulfilled to help our Fellow Filipinos. We will stop at nothing to help provide safer and cleaner shared spaces for all,”

Paulo Lao, Sales & Marketing Director for Clorox Southeast Asia

To learn more about Clorox Philippines and the Clorox PH’s Safer Today Program, visit our website at or follow our Facebook page @CloroxPhilippines. You can also call us via landline, +63 2 637 0517. To buy Clorox products, visit their Lazada page,  The Clorox Company Flagship Store

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  1. very helpful program from Clorox PH and the VP. One of the necessities of our time are disinfection products. We want to always have a clean surroundings to protect us and our love ones safe from different germs and viruses. Safer Today Program will help our kababayans through COVID-19 care kits that they will distribute.

  2. This partnership of Clorox Philippines with the office of the Vice President of the Philippines in providing cleaning and disinfecting products, as part of its Clorox Safer Today Program. This kind of program is what we need right now. It’s really important to have a program to enhance public safety, and help in addressing the current global health crisis.

  3. I already read this blog, nakipagtulungan ang Clorox Philippines sa Opisina ng Vise President ng Pilipinas sa pagbibigay ng mga produktong paglilinis at pagdidisimpekta, bilang bahagi ng Clorox Safer nito Ngayon Program. Ang Clorox Philippines, isa sa nangungunang tagapagbigay ng mga produktong paglilinis at pagdidisimpekta ng bansa,.

  4. Very Nice Campaign from Angat Buhay and Clorox Philippines super Generous, at makikita mo talaga ang pagiging isang Tunay na Pusong Pilipino, mas marami parin talagang Mabubuting Puso ang bukas palad na pagtulong sa mga Taong Nangangailangan .. iba talaga ang bayan kapag Nagkakaisa at nagtutulungan ??

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