Papa Ken Chicken: Yay or Nay?

Papa Ken Chicken gives you a great tasting chicken at a price that doesn’t break the bank. They have nine flavors to choose from!

Since I’m in Manila office twice a month, I make sure to try various food located around Sampaloc, Manila. I came across their Facebook Page so I ordered them for lunch.

Papa Ken Chicken

What I ordered:

1. K-Chicken

Living in Korea for two years, I have high standards for K-Chicken. For an honest review, I can say that it can be Korean inspired because of the spiciness but I’m looking for the “yangnyeom” taste. This is 3/5 for me. They are still starting and I believe that they can still improve this flavor.

Papa Ken Chicken

2. Honey Garlic Chicken

The Honey Garlic Chicken exceeded my expectation. I love the sweetness level. The chicken is well-glazed. I can compare it with Bonchon’s Korean Fried Chicken. It’s 5/5 for me!

3. Spicy Pinoy BBQ

Can you see the tiny chili seeds on the chicken skin? It looks super spicy but it isn’t that spicy. For someone who’s not a fan of eating spicy food, I can tolerate their level of spiciness. If you want to eat more rice, Spicy Pinoy BBQ is the flavor for you. I think this goes well with beer! This is 5/5 for me.

Papa Ken Chicken

4. Soy Garlic

Soy Garlic may not look really appealing physically but it is flavorful. The flavor does not only stay on the breading but also on the chicken. It goes well with rice meals! It’s 5/5 for me.

Papa Ken Chicken

5. Butter Garlic Parmesan

Last but not the least is the Butter Garlic Parmesan. In my opinion, this is one of the best flavors they have. It’s not the usual fried chicken we can cook at home. I love that they are flavorful and not oily. It’s 5/5 for me.

Papa Ken Chicken

Mojos and Dips

Although the mojos and dips are just on the side, I would say that I and my officemates are totally satisfied with them. They taste really good. It’s like the mojos you order at Shakey’s but a thinner version.

If you plan to order extra dips, I totally recommend the PK special! The garlic parmesan and honey mustard also taste good.

Papa Ken Chicken Menu

They offer nine flavors:

  1. K Chicken
  2. Honey Garlic
  3. Lemon Pepper
  4. Spicy Pinoy BBQ
  5. Soy Garlic
  6. Butter Garlic Parmesan
  7. Original with Gravy
  8. Salted Egg
  9. Orange Chicken

Their best sellers includes the K Chicken and Honey Garlic.

Papa Ken Chicken

They also have mojos and rice meals. For mojos, you may choose dips between PK Special, Garlic Parmesan, Honey Mustard, and Gravy.

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Papa Ken Chicken is located at 1656 Dimasalang Street, Sampaloc, Manila. They are currently available for delivery. As of now, their physical store is still under construction. People can order from 10 am to 9 pm.

Papa Ken Chicken
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I had a chance to talk to the owner and here’s what he said:

We started the business because of the pandemic. Since foodie kami lahat sa family ,we put so much value into the price everyone is paying. Our family continue to develop and create the best tasting fried chicken.

Kenji Rangel, owner of Papa Ken Chicken
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Will I order again? Definitely!

I’ll order two of my favorites: Honey Garlic and Butter Garlic Parmesan. On my next try, I’ll will order the Lemon Pepper, Salted Egg, and Orange Chicken. I’m curious about their taste too!

How to order:

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  1. Yay for me! Chicken wings are one of the best parts with fried chicken. Added with different kinds of flavor, definitely finger lickin’ good. Papa Ken Chicken offers 9 flavors and you will never go wrong trying them all. This worth to be tasted.

  2. There’s a lot of food restaurants and a place to visit to try a new variety of food during this pandemic just like this Papa Ken Chicken. It’s really amazing that there’s so much to try in Papa Ken Chicken that will gives you a great tasting chicken at a very affordable price. It’s really important to have a budget friendly food to try that will make it much more enjoyable.

  3. Waaah 🤗😋 Ang sasarap naman po ng mga to. Itsura palang panalong panalo na.. At Mayroon pa silang siyam na flavor na mapagpipilian.. 😋🤗 Worth it worth it ang pag punta dito..😋🤗 At Siguradong babalik balikan mo ito. For me Yay na yay 😋😋 Must visit po itong Papa Ken Chicken 😋🤗 Sarap tikman lahat ng pagkain nila 🤗😋

  4. Defenitly Inspiring Business, Super Like Ko kung paano at Kelan lang nagsimula ang Kanilang Kabuhayan na Ito, At Yay na yay! Po talaga dahil sa Sobrang Sasarap at malinamnam na kanilang mga Binibenta .. Super Affordable Pa Malalasa pa .. That’s why Called Papa Ken Chicken dahil sa Owners name na Kenji, super Nice, Awesome, and Highly Recommended po talaga

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