Helpful Travel Apps For A Safer Commute

There are helpful travel apps for Commuting in the New Normal. These apps can be very beneficial for the commuters who travels for work during this enhance community quarantine.

Helpful Travel Apps For A Safer Commute

1. Grab

These days, people want to avoid public transportations that caters a lot of people like trains and buses. If you prefer having more privacy and less exposure to other people, taking a Grab is the best option. Grab is the leading ride-hailing app in the Southeast Asia. Unlike the usual taxi rides, Grab provides the exact amount that you need to pay as soon as you select your destination.

2. Angkas

Angkas is an app where people can book a biker to bring them to another location safely. Just like the grab, you can easily see the exact amount of fare that you need to pay just by looking at the app. Angkas riders practice health safety protocols seriously. In fact, passengers need their own helmets to book. In addition, they only accept payments through cashless transactions.

3. provides the most accurate and efficient directions around Metro Manila. It includes all the major transit modes: jeepneys, buses, trains, UV Express, Comet eJeeps, and Pasig River Ferry. This app can give you multiple options on how to go to a place you haven’t been to.

4. TrainsPh

TrainsPh gives CCTV access to all stations of the MRT. They provide updates on the latest train status. People can see if the train is already arriving and know their distance from every MRT, LRT, and PNR station. It is so easy to check if the passengers are already piling up.

5. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is one of the apps that provide accurate weather forecast. Whether it’s an international or a local trip, make a habit of checking the weather. You need to prepare the right clothes and gears so you can be safe and free from any hassle while traveling.

6. Google Maps

Google Maps offer real-time GPS navigation. It can help people to beat the traffic by providing real time traffic conditions. In fact, over 220 countries are mapped on this app. It even includes some indoor maps to navigate inside big places like airports and shopping centers.

7. Waze

Waze app shows real time road traffic alerts. It suggests alternative routes for faster drives. Even if you know the way, Waze will recommend a better route so you can skip the traffic, roadworks, and accidents.

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Downloading these helpful travel apps is just one way to be safe. Always bring a dose of common sense while commuting!

Even though we are well-prepared, there can still be unforeseen inconveniences that might occur while we are on the road. To ensure safety when traveling, never leave home without the essentials. I recommend that you protect yourself and have worry-free travels with a good travel insurance.

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  1. Back in the Philippines, gamit na gamit ko si Grab app. Having a reliable weather app is very helpful too especially planning for your trips. Sympre, hindi mawawala si Google Map.

  2. Wow, first time to hear about Trains ph and how impressive! I know Sakay though I don’t think I’ll ever book a ride with them, I’m still okay with Grab and wishing they let another TNV in.

  3. I didn’t know about and TrainsPH. Thanks for sharing this list. This is so helpful for commuters lalo na ngayong pandemic because let’s face it, it’s really scary to commute these days. Glad I saw this post 🙂

    Cielo Fernando | The Girl Behind the Pen

  4. I wasn’t aware that we had a TrainsPH app! I think I’ve used the others at least once when I was in Manila for work, and while I think their UI can be improved, it’s a huge step towards using tech on a regular basis. I love how hassle-free commutes are because of these apps. Time-saver AND hindi ka pa maiinis kasi na-overcharge ka or what. 🙂

  5. Itong mga travel apps na to ang ginagamit ni hubby ko. Delivery driver sya at talagang malaking tulong na may ganitong apps Sa panahon ngayon.

  6. These travel apps is a great help especially for those who loves to travel. I’ve tried using some of this travel apps especially this Google maps which helps me a lot. It is really easy to use and convenient as well. These helpful travel apps is just one way to be safe that’s why we also need to be active and be aware to our surroundings while traveling because we don’t know the possibility of what will happen next. This blog is very helpful and thank you for sharing this.

  7. Very informative po. Thanks por sharing ❤️ tbh di po talaga ako marunong bumiyahe kasi nakakatakot po talaga and I’ll keep this in mind po for me to travel safely ?

  8. This list are helpful lalo na ngayong pandemic and its better to have alternative apps din kasi pagnagloko un isa may back up ka pa.

  9. Nice one! Ngayon ko lang nalaman marami na din palang apps na ganyan sa Pinas. It’s really helpful lalo sa mga mahilig magcommute and less hassle talaga pag may app na pwede mo makita yung time interval ng mga trains and others.

  10. I use all of these pre-pandemic (except TrainsPH… but familiar with it) Now I heavily rely on Grab if I really need to go out (not the most economical option but the safest), order food or pick up stuff.

  11. Done reading your blog. Worth it po talaga ang pag babasa ko. Ang nice naman po nitong APP na to. Napakalaking tulong po talaga nito lalo na sa mga commuter na naglalakbay para sa kanilang trabaho. Talagag ang lahat ng ito ay Kapaki pakinabang.. Thankyou for sharing ms karla.

  12. Even before the pandemic I always use Grab,, Google Maps and Waze, very helpful tlaga lalo sa mga tamad magcommute like me. Haven’t tried Angkas yet kase takot ako sumakay ng motor dahil sa mataas na number of cases ng accidents involving motorcycle

  13. Hi Karla, I am only introduced to Google maps and rest are completely I haven’t heard before. Moreover, I think that these apps wont work in India. By the way, it’s good to read that something like these apps exist in some part of the world.

  14. These travel apps are great help now that we are back to quarantine period. Less hassle and save time. We can be sure pa na we are safer and we can reach our destination without worries.

  15. Yay ! Meron din pa lang trainsph and . Very helpful din tlga itong mga apps na to lalo na sa panahon ngayon . Para ang mga commuters hndi na nihihirapan lalo na sa mga terminal . Thankyou for sharing this po ❤️

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