JuanLife Philippines: Is it worth it?

I recently got three JuanLife Philippines Personal Accident Insurance. So in this blog post, I’ll let you know if it is worth it or not.

JuanLife Philippines

So here’s a little background about JuanLife Philippines:

JuanLife is an exclusive product of Agile Insurance Agency and Business Technologies, Inc. (AGILE). It’s an insurtech company which aims to develop and provide affordable insurance for Filipinos. Using the advance technology, they want to provide insurance fast and convenient to the community.

Another company behind this is the Stronghold Insurance Company, Inc. (STRONGHOLD). It’s an insurance company in the Philippines with 60 years of experience with nonlife insurance products.

4 Reasons Why I Chose JuanLife Philippines

1. It’s affordable.

For as low as 350 pesos, people get a coverage up to 150,000 pesos.

Check the table below:

Accidental Death150,000 pesos
Permanent Disablement150,000 pesos
Medical Reimbursement7,500 pesos
Unprovoked Murder/Assault50,000 pesos
Burial Assistance3,000 pesos
JuanLife Philippines

2. They have insurances for all ages.

They have insurance policy for ages 7 to 65 years old. In addition, each insured can avail of multiple JuanLife Personal Accident Insurance policies amounting to a maximum total combined average of 1,000,000 peos for themselves every year.

3. It’s convenient

Unlike other insurances where you have to talk to pushy financial advisors, you can just buy this directly from their website: https://shop.juanlife.com.ph/

In addition, it’s also easy to activate. There are actually three options. First, you can activate it via Facebook Messenger. Just search JuanLife Activation, click Get Started, Activate, and fill out the form. Second, you may activate is using SMS. Just text ACT (space) JuanLife and sent to 09190607566. Then, you’ll be asked to send personal information like PIN, Name, and Birthday. Lastly, you may activate it using their website: www.juanlife.com.ph/activate

Final Thoughts:

Unlike other insurances that I currently have, JuanLife Accident Insurance is valid for only one year from the date of activation. It’s not bad provided that it’s really affordable. In addition, their terms and conditions are easily accessible on the website. I also like that the accidents that happened in other countries will also be covered. Overall, I must say that it is worth it!

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  1. I was looking for insurance as well, just in case, as I have two young kids. I liked Juanlife as it is easy and looks like a good deal, but then saw a promo in GCash: free 100k accident insurance by Singlife. That’s hard to beat!
    In the end I bought a full life insurance, as disability and death in 80% of the cases come from other than accidents. For just over a million cover I pay 283 peso monthly. Very happy with it!
    No forms, only a few clicks and it was done, deducted automatically from my GCash and I still got the free accident cover on top:)

  2. I think any available type of insurance is worth it because having it is making us feel safer. We should normalize the discussion of having an insurance and encourage others to get one as well.

  3. This is really amazing. Thank you so much for sharing us this information. This Juanlife Accident Insurance is really amazing even though its only valid for only one year from the activation. This is not so bad since it’s really affordable. Upon reading this I can definitely say that it’s totally worth it.

  4. Accessibility and convenience! Affordability and it’s really amazing to try ! It’s really for the family security!

  5. Wow npka gandang insurance nito and tlgang malaking tulong para sa atin . Very affordable pa kumpara sa iba , very convenient pa ? Thank you for sharing ❤️?

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