Korea’s Seoul Subway vs Philippines’ Metro Rail Transit

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Special Seats

  • Korea offers specific priority seats per car in the train. Their subways are very accessible to the blind. Textured tiles were made to guide the blind until they reach the door of the train. They even have braille located near the doors.
  • Philippines has a special car just for PWD, pregnant, and senior citizens. They also have a car exclusively for women.

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Transportation Card

  • Koreans use T Money in trains, buses, and taxis. You can even use it to pay in selected convenience stores.
  • Filipinos use Beep Card in trains and selected buses in Manila.


  • The minimum fare in Korea is 1,250 won. ($2.00)
  • The minimum fare in Philippines is 13.00 pesos. ($0.25)

Korea's Seoul Subway vs Philippines' Metro Rail Transit


  • In my view, both countries don’t really litter inside the train. The only problem I see in Philippines is the strong body odor of some sweaty people from work. I guess the climate is one of the factors to consider.

Time Schedule

  • Korea has many subway apps which can tell you the exact time of arrivals.
  • Philippines doesn’t have any app but I found a schedule on their website. It doesn’t tell exactly the time of arrival but it includes the headway time.

Train Transfers

  • The lines in Seoul are connected to each other. Going out is not necessary to transfer from one line to another.
  • There are three lines in Manila buy you still have to walk for a couple of minutes to reach the other line and you have to pay again for another ride.


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