Commuting in the New Normal

Commuting in the new normal setting might really scare you. You have the right to feel that way. After all, we are still under a pandemic. If you don’t have your own car, you’ll still have to take the public transportation. Life goes on as they say. We need to go to work and help the economy. In this post, I’ll give you some tips on how to survive in this pandemic.

1. Wear the right gears.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires all public transport passengers to wear face shields aside from face masks. This means that you cannot take a jeepney ride or bus ride unless you are wearing a face mask and a face shield. (Source: Memorandum Circular 2020-014)

2. Bring alcohol or hand sanitizers.

In the Philippine setting, not all transportations use a transportation card. During jeepney rides, you still need to pass some coins from the driver to other passengers. For buses, you still have to pay cash to the fare collector. It’s important that you clean your hands right away to destroy any microbes or virus.

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3. Observe physical distance.

Although there are plastic barriers in between seats, try to choose a chair without a seatmate. Let’s practice the one seat apart. In addition, if you see that the bus is full, don’t get it. Standing is not an option in buses during the new normal.

Commuting in the New Normal

4. Bring your own pen.

Some buses requires people to input their personal details for contact tracing. This includes the name, place and time they got in the bus, and the destination. I’m not sure if they sanitize the pen that is being passed around, so it’s better that you use your own pen. If QR codes are available, just use your phone to answer the health declaration form.

5. Avoid touching things.

Avoid leaning on the windows, curtains, and even the armrests. If you can’t avoid it, it’s better to bring some wet wipes and clean them first.

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For the working class, commuting in the new normal is inevitable. We need to work to put food on the table. Not everyone has an opportunity to work from home. Since commuting puts us at risk, we must do the necessary safety measures to keep us and our loved ones safe.

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  1. Really relateble I just started my own travel blog and then covid hit and I could not travel anymore from my country. No travel planning for me at all ?

  2. Those reminders are the same also in Baguio, although we go around in Jeeps/Taxis and walking here, indeed, we always need to wear protective gears. I am also strict in Safe physical distancing, I bark at people who are claiming my personal space. Lol hehe

  3. Thank you for sharing this.. especially lagi kami nasa labas ng fam.. Kaya doble ingat narin kami.. Ingat ka din po lagi and stay healthy ms. Karla and Godbless 🙂

  4. Actually, commuting during this time is really scary. Nareport nga na 500 mrt employees got covid eh recently eh. But yeah, not everybody has their own car and we don’t really have much of a choice. Ingat nalang talaga

  5. Commuters should really be extra cautious specially now that our daily cases are getting higher. Everyone should be responsible with all this safety measures. Keep safe!

  6. ive been riding grab when i go out. pero at times, nag e-jeep lang ako kasi sa sm lang naman ako pupunta which is quite near me. minsan na try ko mag bus and i seat talaga kung san walang tao kasi meron magkakatabi pa din. me jeep na punuan pa din. my gosh. kaya jeep rare ako sumakay except if walang laman. todo spray ko din sa clothes ko pag baba ko ng public transpo or grab.

  7. We all need to follow this, especially that the CoVid transmission usually comes from public transpo. Ingat talaga dapat.

  8. Commuting before is so convenient and now it is the opposite. I honestly will be quite anxious on commuting. Best to bring sanitary gear and supplies.

  9. This is very helpful especially to those people who are scared of going out because they dont know what to expect in communting or traveling. I am so glad that they also have structured protocols that will guide the commuters on how to protect themselves and others in public.

  10. Need talaga ngayong doble ingat kasi hindi naman pwedeng hindi lumabas baka gutom yung abutin natin.keep safe po Ms.Karla and thank you for tips need talaga natin yung 1-5 para iwas virus.

  11. I agree po since pandemic pa din we really need to keep safe not only for ourselves but also for our loved ones. These tips that you have listed are very helpful especially if we really need to commute. Wearing the right gears, bringing alcohol/sanitizer, observing physical distance, bringing own pen, and avoid touching things are simple yet very important habits. If you failed to do so, you are exposing yourself to the covid 19. Better be overprotected than sorry.

  12. pero nakakamiss dn po makipagsiksikan sa jeep heheh hayy ingat po, ganyan dn po dito samin need tlaga naka facemask and face shield, tapos hiwa- hiwalay dn tlaga pagdating sa upuan, eto na ung new normal natin e need na tlaga masanay tayo at sumunod po para sa safety na dn natin lahat po. 🙂

  13. Wow . Tlgang need natin kompleto lahat ang suot at laging my dalng sanitizer at alcohol lalo na ballpen .. keep safe po lagi ms.karla sa byahe ?❤️

    1. Keepsafe po ms karla. Kailangan talaga natin na mas mag doble ingat talaga Tayo at dapat kumpleto tlaga ang dala natin. At hndi talaga mawawala ang facemask, face shield at specially sanitizer .

  14. Stay safe Ate Karla, Carrousel Bus, Mabilis At Talagang Safety First, hndi pwedeng Sumakay ng Mask lang ang Suot dapat Talaga With Face Shield, At 2 seater, yung Ibang Bus 1 person lang dapat even have Plastic sa Gitna.. Kaya Oks Lang Khit MagCommute na ..

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