Best Places to Visit in the Philippines According to Travel Bloggers

I’ve read a lot of “Best Places to Visit in the Philippines” posts. Most of them are written by one well-traveled person. For me, the perspective is limited if it comes from just one person only. I’ve decided to ten travel bloggers an here’s what they’ve said.


1. Ilocos Norte – It’s More Fun with Juan

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Situated on the northwest corner of Luzon, Ilocos Norte is a vacation hotspot because of its impressive shoreline and marvelous terrains. Both the old and new clash and blend in this progressive province as historic structures proudly stand among the developed areas. Visitors to Ilocos Norte and drawn to the municipality of Pagudpod because of its dazzling white sand and shimmering blue waters. The beaches in the town are the perfect destinations for those who want to relax or try fun activities under the sun. Swimming, boating, island hopping, diving, or lounging by the sea are just some of the nice things to do around the shores.

Best Places to Visit in the Philippines According to Travel Bloggers

2. Romblon – Where’s Bamski

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The Carabao Island has one of the beautiful beaches in the Philippines because of its powdery white sand and crystal clear water. Upon arriving at the Port, which is an hour away from the town of Sta. Fe Romblon, you will immediately notice its jaw-dropping beauty, that you would not want to take your eyes off of her. You may not also want to add any filter on your photo because of its vibrant colors – from turquoise to dark blue waters, white sand, green trees and pinkish orange skies during sunrise.

Swimming in its clear water will also satisfy you as it is floored with fine sand, and there are also small jellyfish that looks like a plastic at first, but you will feel something itchy on your skin once you got contact with them. These jellyfish prove that this island is healthy and unspoiled. A great place to relax and enjoy an island life!

Best Places to Visit in the Philippines According to Travel Bloggers

3. Camarines Sur – Travel with Karla

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Caramoan Islands is a paradise located at the far eastern end of Camarines Sur. It is well known for its pristine beach, powdery-white sands, aquamarine waters, and stunning limestone formations. Unlike other tourist spots, the islands of  Caramoan remained a virgin. It’s not highly commercialized, spoiled, and exploited. The only shops I saw beside the shore are the ones who are selling buko juice, and halohalo. There are also fishermen who sell lobsters and other grilled seafood. It became quite famous when a reality show called “Survivor”, filmed in some islands there.

Caramoan Itinerary


4. Negros Oriental – Yanna Paz

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Magical may still come short when it comes to Negros Oriental. No words could ever fathom its exquisiteness. Sibulan was like a warm cup of coffee I didn’t know I badly needed. Time seemed to stand still, where the quiet feeds the chaotic sense in Dumaguete City. The Manjuyod Sandbar was truly God’s art, and I’m most thankful for witnessing it with my own eyes.

What made our visit even more spectacular was our lunch with the locals, and our trust in them when they invited us to climb the top of Olympia to see the entirety of the sandbar. Not only was our trip allowed us to catch up with Mother Nature but also with the friendly turtles of Apo Island in Dauin, and the Gentle Giants of Oslob, Cebu which is just a 25-minute travel away from Sibulan. Negros Oriental is the perfect tale that can never get lost in time. Like a family, I know Negros Oriental will keep its arms wide open until the day I come back. I may not know when, but one thing’s for sure: I love Negros Oriental.

Best Places to Visit in the Philippines According to Travel Bloggers

5. Dumaguete, Negros Oriental – How We See World

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Pulang Bato Waterfalls also known as the Red Rock Waterfalls, is one of the best waterfalls in the Philippines that its uniqueness made it look a lot more beautiful and outstanding than other waterfalls. What makes it unique is that it appears to be red in color but the water quickly turns clear once you take it out of the river. This is mainly because of the the presence of natural red rocks and red layered structured found in the area that reflects it’s redness through the water. What makes it interesting is that, the rocks are yellow in colored when it’s dry but turns red when it’s wet.

Although it’s in a secluded area, many have been wanting to witness its beauty. This falls may not be as tall as other waterfalls nor the water’s current is not as strong as others but it’s calm and peaceful waters is just a front to its deep hole where it’s waterfalls and that it’s  deep enough for high dives.

Best Places to Visit in the Philippines

6. Antique – The Hungry Traveler PH

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In Tibiao, aside from the famous kawa hot bath, a unique way of relaxation by bathing in a large hot kawa, you should also visit the Tibiao River. This is one of the best water rivers in the Philippines. Also, it is perfect for water rafting, water tubing, and kayaking because of its current. In fact, it hosted the first “International Kayaking Cup” which happened in 1997. But in some part, you can also do bamboo rafting or fishing.

Best Places to Visit in the Philippines According to Travel Bloggers (3)

7. Catanduanes – Tara Lets Anywhere

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Catanduanes is one of our favorite tourist spots in the Philippines. Compared to its neighboring provinces in the Visayan region, we found it relatively less crowded and untouched. Catanduanes has vast farmlands, rolling hills and cliffs. We even enjoyed commuting due to its roadside views. It also has great beaches, which are good for swimming or surfing. It also has a hidden wealth of waterfalls. For history buffs, there are old lighthouses and churches to visit. Of these, our recommended haunts are the Palumbanes islands where you can visit Bitaog Beach and Tuwad-tuwadan Pool. Puraran is also a great destination for beginner and seasoned surfers. Among the other provinces we have explored in the country so far, Catanduanes is definitely in our top 5.

Best Places to Visit in the Philippines According to Travel Bloggers (4)

8. Siquijor – Happy and Busy Travels

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Siquijor is an underrated tourist spot in the Philippines. There are some bad misconceptions about the province, like there are witches and bad spirits, but those are not true. Siquijor has majestic beaches, astounding waterfalls, delicious food, and friendly people. I had first hand experience on how stunning Siquijor is. Shown in the picture is Paliton beach, an untouched beauty. Paliton beach in Siquijor has all of the characteristics of a perfect beach: fine white sand, clean water, and the clear blue sky. Siquijor is the best tourist spot in the Philippines and it has to be in everyone’s travel bucket list.

Best Places to Visit in the Philippines According to Travel Bloggers (5)


9. Zamboanga Sibugay – Kapampangan Traveller

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Albeit its usual stigma from Luzoners, this province packs in many off the beaten spots that travelers would surely marvel to. It has beautiful shorelines and group of islands still awaiting to be discovered. Its top destination is Buluan Island rimmed with creamy white sand and teeming marine life. There is a rocky hilly core where you can try to summit at the LGU’s approval. It is just a 15 minute boar ride from the main island. Loved waterfalls? Its breathtaking Malagandis Falls in Titay municipality would surely call your attention. Its height is approximately three storey high and its breadth almost triple its height. An easy 15-20 minute trek would lead you here. The town of Malangas has its beautiful sandbar and islands perfect for your island hopping appetite.

Best Places to Visit in the Philippines According to Travel Bloggers (6)

10. Agusan Del Norte – Omni & Bryce

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When I told my wife Omni I was going to Butuan for a business trip, her question was “Where Is That?” Then I said, “Mindanao”. And she did her best to discourage me to go because of a lot of sad news about Mindanao during that time. But since I can’t cancel my trip due to professional reasons, I still went. Butuan is probably not on our top of mind when we think of vacation but going there made me discover that Butuan is more than just a gateway to Cagayan de Oro and Davao. The city in Agusan del Norte is home to very unique and specific finds, great place for food trip and serves one of the country’s best kinilaw, a rich pre-colonial history; and the longest zip line in Asia! When you visit Butuan, condsider staying in Watergate Hotel especially if you are looking for good facilities and service without breaking the bank.

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How many of these provinces have you visited?

Did we miss any beautiful places in the Philippines? Feel free to write them in the comments below.

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  3. Yes, Siquijor does have that reputation. But the beaches are stunning indeed.

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