AirQueen Mask Review: Yay or Nay?

During this pandemic, all of us are trying to keep up with the new normal. Wearing face mask is now a must whenever you want to go to any place. I recently wrote a blog post about Maskne. I had face irritations because of wearing cloth masks. Now, I discovered that wearing a surgical mask is better. Here’s an AirQueen Mask Review:

Three Reasons to Buy AirQueen Mask:

1. The mask is US FDA approved with a 95% filtration rate.

They are using a nanofiber filter. This means that it will give you a sense of assurance that, you and your family are protected when using this product. This is safer than using cloth masks.

AirQueen Mask Review

2. It’s comfortable and breathable.

The material used is thin and light. You won’t have any irritations when you wear it. I love it’s ergonomic design. It doesn’t slip off my nose.

AirQueen Mask Review

3. It is reusable and washable.

This product will save you money because you can use it up to ten times. Besides bringing in quality products for an affordable price, Airqueen Philippines understands that the Filipino people need the product, thus giving them a discount from Php 129.00 to Php 64.00 each from orders via their Lazada and Shopee page.

AirQueen Mask Review
AirQueen Mask Review

How to Use:

  1. Wear the mask to cover your nose and chin.
  2. Hook each strap over your ear to lock them in place.
  3. Press the nose piece with the fingers of both hands so that the mask is in close contact with your face.
  4. Cover the entire mask with both hands and adjust it to fit the face to make sure there is no air leakage.

Precautions for Use:

  1. Make sure not to place towel, tissue, etc., inside of the mask.
  2. Do not use if the inside of the mask is contaminated.
  3. If you are a pregnant woman, child, senior citizen, patient suffering from respiratory tract or cardiovascular disease and feel uncomfortable in breathing: discontinue using the mask immediately. Consult your doctor or other specialist if necessary.


  1. Ang ganda ng mask na to 95% filtration rate, reusable at washable pa hindi sya nakakairita suotin unlike sa iba at affordable pa. Kaya highly recommended talaga ito sa mga naghahanap at sure na sure na protected while using this. ❤️

  2. What I really love about this AirQueen Mask is the 95% filtration rate that approved by US FDA unlike in our usual cloth mask. Most of all it is reusable and washable that’s why we don’t need to think of buying again and again. Highly recommended talaga! ❤

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