The Perks and Rewards of being a Travel Blogger

The perks and rewards of being a Travel Blogger are really enticing. It’s the reason why more and more people are creating travel related contents. There are over a billion blogs in the world according to statistics, that’s roughly one blog for every seven people on the planet. Out of the 1 billion blogs, hundreds of millions are English-only. Out of all the English-only blogs, more than a million are travel blogs. A lot of people are really talking about TRAVEL.

A good percentage of travel bloggers and influencers are actively trying to make money by growing their blog and social media to become a viable business or at the very least a modest side hustle. 

But travel blogging is not easy. Statistics show that 3/4 of the people who decided to become travel bloggers, quit in less than a year after launching their own platform and most travel blogs last for only 5 years. Lack of time, too much work involved and tiredness are seen as their main reasons for quitting.

However, being a travel blogger has its perks. The longer you blog, the more beneficial it is for your travel goals, career, and even finance. It might take time and a lot of effort to build an audience, but as you see the result of your hard work little by little, that’s something precious.

Let’s take a look at some of the perks and benefits of being a travel blogger.


Travel helps you to understand the meaning of life and become a better person. Each time you travel, you see the world with new perspectives and you become connected by building social relationships. It gives you opportunities to learn and grow, the chance to be truly engaged in an activity, to develop new skills, to discover new cultures and to be closer to yourself and to others.

Being a travel blogger makes you feel fulfilled as you see your audience grow. It gives you pride for all milestones and achievements in fields such as photography, writing or blogging and social media.

Source of Income

You might not make a living from blogging, but you can make money with your travel blog. With the great number of traffic travel blogs receive monthly, it is not impossible for you to be qualified in Adsense and earn revenues. Most travel blogs have high domain authorities and Alexa which are very good candidate for sponsored posts.  If you have been blogging for a year, it will gradually grow to become your part-time job, then a full-time job, and more into a business that employs others in the future.

Freebies and Perks

The Perks and Rewards of being a Travel Blogger
The Perks and Rewards of being a Travel Blogger

Brands offer free sponsored trips, accommodations and travel-related experiences to professional travel bloggers. If your blog is popular enough, you can get paid to travel. Successful travel bloggers are often offered free stays at different hostels, hotels, bars, casinos from around the globe, in exchange for honest reviews on the blog where they don’t only get experiences but cash as well – or at least cash allowance if not cash payment.


The Perks and Rewards of being a Travel Blogger
Travel with Karla in Asia

Travel bloggers inspire those who always wanted to travel and blog full-time but never managed to leave their comfort zones. The readers follow the blogger’s travel tips and travel photos on social media because they see the world through their eyes.

Memories of a lifetime

After a decade or so, your blog will be a great source of knowledge and will be a collection of great travel memories. It can be a legacy that you can share with your kids who may follow in your footsteps one day.

So why not talk about travel, when it shows us what truly life is?

The Perks and Rewards of being a Travel Blogger


  1. Karla, an excellent insight on the perks of being a travel blogger. If you love to travel, which obviously you do, this is a great way to do it. I love that you are inspiring more people to become travel bloggers. Take care. Scott

  2. I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy the perks of my blog two months after launching it this year! Mahirap sa simula kasi diretsong full time ako pero Karla, you inspire me to keep going and love what I do and also to stay grounded. ??

  3. Ah yes, travel blogging is always fun. If you are already traveling might as well document it, right? Wonder what travel bloggers have been up to though since the lockdown?

  4. I’m glad I support a blogger like you. Hindi lang dahil mahilig ako sa kdrama but because you are inspiring as well. Continue with your passion ? keep inspiring people ?

  5. I havent experienced the same perks kasi di pa yata masyado uso ang ganto nunfocus ko pa ay travel. Plus mas motherhood ako ngayon since limited resources naman ako for travel haha sponsor pls char. Pero me ilan na din akong hotel staycations na nakalibre.

  6. When I first engage on a blogger like you I thought it was just for the giveaway but as I continue following you I learn a lot especially more on life lessons. Being a travel blogger has its perks but it looks difficult. Yes, makikita sa perks yung source of income but I think it is more on being an inspiration to a young dreamer like me. A blogger like you inspire us to travel someday and leave out our comfort zone too. ❤

  7. I admire you and I inspired to all you have done now for being a blogger, influencer and so on.
    You really deserved all of these blessings Ms. Karla and I always support on you ❤️

  8. Being a Blogger and Influencer it’s not easy but this is Big Oppotunity, and Great Blessing From Us, i’m really Proud Being What You have now ate Karla, at Your Age ang dami Mo nang Pangarap na natupad, at patuloy na tinutupad.. You really Deserve Kung Ano pag mga blessing ang darating sa Buhay Mo .. ang Being Channel of Blessing Am Always Here para Masuportahan ka sa abot ng Aking makakaya .. ????

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