Hi Bye Mama Ending: Happy or Not?

Hi Bye Mama Ending has been quite controversial. Some fans loved what happened. Others are disappointed. Let’s talk about what happened in episode 16. Is it a happy ending or not?

If you don’t want spoilers, stop reading this. Some people want to know the ending before actually starting to watch the drama. If it’s a sad ending, they prefer not to watch it. So here’s a quick recap of Hi Bye Mama Finale.

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Cha YuRi doesn’t want to take her place back.

She said that she never loved anyone else more than she loved herself. For the first time, she loved someone more than herself and that’s her daughter, Seowoo. If Yuri lives, Seowoo will end up seeing ghosts her entire life.

Hi Bye Mama Ending

Mi Dong finally understood why Yuri was sent back.

Apparently, Yuri’s mom (Jeon Eun Suk) wished to see her daughter again. It’s the reason why she came back to life! It was even hanged on the temple where she always prays.

Hi Bye Mama Ending
“I want to see my daughter once more.”

Jeon Eun Suk saw her daughter cleaning up her room.

Yuri asked why her mom kept her things untouched. This is sad because she’s starting to say good bye to her mom. The mom knows that her come back is temporary.

Hi Bye Mama Ending

Notable Scenes:

When Ganghwa and Yuri finally had their moment as a couple, it’s bittersweet!

When Seowoo put a sticker on her mom’s hand, she really feels her pain.

At the last part, Seowoo finally called her mom, I’m sure everyone cried here!

Cha Yuri created a bucketlist!

1. Keep my promises with friends.

She invited her ghost friends for a samgyeopsal party! It’s funny because people can’t see the ghosts.

Hi Bye Mama Ending

2. Return favors.

In the previous episodes, we’ve seen how the family ghost protected Seowoo from the exorcist. This time Yuri invited Pilseung to have a family meal with them.

Hi Bye Mama Ending

3. Enjoy everyday life like other moms.

Yuri and her best friend went to Dal.komm just to spend time with their kids.

Hi Bye Mama Ending

4. Say Goodbye to my family.

They went on a picnic and even had a sleepover with Seowoo. It’s really cute to see all of them in one bed.

Hi Bye Mama Ending

5. Say Goodbye to my closest ones.

They had a camping trip just like the old times but now with the kids.

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Hi Bye Mama Ending: Happy or Not?

Cha Yuri left with no regrets. She was able to do all the things she wants. She left knowing that her husband and child will be in good hands together with Minjung.

Hi Bye Mama Ending

Although others are not satisfied with the ending, I think that everybody deserves a happy ending even Minjung. From the start, she showed that she can be a good mother to Seowoo and a good wife to Gang-hwa.

Hi Bye Mama Ending
In this scene, Seowoo saw their family picture in the book she’s reading. She’s also wearing the friendship bracelet given by Minjung to Yuri.

What about you? Are you satisfied with the ending?

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  1. This is actually why I love Kdramas. They have unexpected twists & turns and endings.I am one of those who wants to have a hint of what they are about to watch or read. I’ve been seeing this series on Top Rated Kdramas and I can say that this deserves to be really included.

  2. I love the ending! I thought it felt a bit abrupt and I was kinda bummed because the other ghosts’ stories aren’t settled yet, but it’s a realistic closure and I couldn’t ask for more! Not a single hateful character in this drama, even Minjeong is so relatable and easy to empathize with.

  3. Yung nakamove on na ako dito kahit papano tapos nabasa ko uli. Naiyak nanaman ako. Huhuhu one of the most touching series ive ever watched. Nanay kasi siguro ako, i feel for yu ri.

  4. Happy ako sa ening kasi realistic yung ending. You can’t asked someone to stay kung patay niya siya talaga and she’s lucky to be alive even if it’s just 49 days to do the things na hindi niya nagawa when she was alive.

  5. I like the ending. It’s “undramatic” and fitting under the circumstances. And because I love the character of Minjeong.

  6. So interesting to watch this. Nun nalaman ko ending mas na excite nako panoorin.?❤️?
    Thanks for this Ms.Karla.?

  7. Hindi ko pa napapanood ito Ms Karla, pero base sa nabasa ko, it’s a good ending po para sa story. And base sa Title rin na Hi Bye Mama, I expected na ganito ang ending

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