My Daily Routine

My daily routine did not really change dramatically during this pandemic. On weekdays, I work from home. On weekends, instead of traveling I spend my day watching Korean Dramas, cleaning the house, and editing the video for the Sunday Online Worship Service in our church.

My Daily Routine

Let’s talk about my daily routine during weekdays…

6:00 AM – Morning Devotion

I start the day with a prayer. Then I read the bible. Not really, I just access Our Daily Bread. Their website has new devotions everyday. It includes scripture reading, short story, and a prayer. Other times, I use the YouVersion app.

My Daily Routine

7:00 AM – Exercise

I’m not getting any younger so I make sure that I have time to exercise. As we grow older, our metabolism gets slower. So we really need to make extra effort to burn the excess calories!

8:00 AM – Online Meeting with my colleagues

Ever since the quarantine has begun, we started having online meetings every day. I think it’s a good way to manage the employees and have bonding at the same time. In the previous norm, I only get a chance to see them once a week whenever I report to the office.

My Daily Routine
No makeup, got dressed up for a sudden meeting!
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9:00 AM – Create any content

This is my only time to check my social media accounts. Most of the time, I try to create a blog or a vlog. On other days, I just read and engage to other bloggers and support them as well.

Watch my Daily Routine on YouTube:

I created this few weeks before the Enhanced Community Quarantine!

12:00 NN – Teach

I work from 12 noon until 9 pm. My busiest day includes 14 coaching sessions and a two-hour lecture. So yeah, basically I just teach the entire day!

My Daily Routine

9:00 PM – Rest and Relax!

I end the day at 9 PM. If I still have energy, I watch a movie or some series. But most of the time, I just turn off all my gadgets and take a good sleep.

My Daily Routine
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Travel with Karla

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Blogging Challenge No. 2

Travel with Karla


  1. Check ko nga yung Our Daily Bread, minsan gamit ko ung YouVersion app at The Study Bible app. Yung exercise talaga yung pangarap kong idagdag sa routine ko, pero dahil tamad ako, hanggang pangarap na lang siya.

  2. I’ll check out Our Daily Bread, just recently I saw your post about your church and your dedication to your faith, hats off Ms Karla. Mas madalas ko kasi makita sa post mo ay about travel, food, your work from home stuffs, and kdrama. Natuwa ako na nag-share ka rin about your faith

  3. I’m a fan of you talga Ms.Karla. lalo na you are so dedicated at yung faith mo kay God talagang ang taas. 🤗😍💞😊Nakakatuwa lang na may morning devotion ka.😊

    1. Galing ng routine Ms Karla, talagang all facets ng life ay covered! Hats off! I’ll check out Our Daily Bread, most of the time kasi we watch mass sa TV

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