My Favorite Influencers

My Favorite Influencers: Bible and Values Education Unit Performance Task by Karlee Eliesse D. Obispo

They say that it takes a village to raise a child. I totally agree with that because I believe that I would not be who I am today without the help of the people around me. In this blog post, I will talk about my favorite influencers. You may not know them but I can say that they made a big impact on my life.

1. Alexandria

Let’s start with my favorite cousin, Alex. She influenced me to be artistic. When I was young, she exposed me to her creativity. I learned the basics of drawing and painting because of her. My cousin taught me to see life in a different life from different perspectives. She gives me advice on how to make good choices in life. As of now, she is studying Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Quinnipiac in Connecticut, USA. She influences other people by presenting her research studies. I admire her courage to live alone in a foreign land.

My Favorite Influencers

2. Karl

My brother, Karl, taught me about the things that I need to know on how to be a good citizen. He made me mature by educating me about politics and the government. He always tells me what is right and what is wrong. I love that he is very wise in analyzing people. My brother is now taking his master’s degree in Animal Science at the University of the Philippines. He influences other people whenever he voices out his political views to educate them.

My Favorite Influencers

3. Karlo

My brother, Karlo, taught me to be street smart. He has a lot of skills. He also taught me how to treat other people. My brother is friendly to everyone. I think that is the reason why he has lots of friends in our neighborhood. He is now studying Marine Transportation at MOL Magsaysay Maritime Academy. I love how he treats the people around him. He influences his friends to be better people not only inside the academy but also in the real world.

My Favorite Influencers

4. Karla

My sister, Karla, helps me to process my feelings. She taught me a lot about love and relationships. Although we have fifteen years age gap, we share a lot of similarities. I can tell her everything. She also tells a lot of stories to me. My sister is very adventurous. She travels a lot and meets different people. My sister is a teacher and a blogger. She is very busy but she never forgets to have time for the family and for herself. I love how she manages her life well.

Among the people I mentioned, my sister is the real influencer. She keeps on sharing her thoughts and advocacy on her blog and on her social media accounts. She influences her followers to have a work-life balance.

5. My Parents

My parents taught me about Christian values. As a child, they always bring me to church so I can learn more about God. Every Sunday, they make sure to worship in the church with the whole family. They taught me how to be a good person. Whenever I make mistakes, they discipline me. I sometimes feel bad at them when they get angry with me but I know that it is important to learn from my mistakes. My father is a driver and my mother is a teacher. They do their best to raise four good children. I admire them because they can be strict and loving at the same time.

Since my mother is a teacher, she influences a lot of students in Junior High School and Senior High School. She teaches them about cooking and other stuff. My father, on the other hand, influences the people in our community to have a proper waste segragation. He drives the garbage truck in our barangay. He disciplines our community to organize our trash properly.

My Favorite Influencers

I thank God for giving me people who helps me to become a mature person. I’m thankful for my family and friends that he has given me. They are my favorite influencers.

Karlee Obispo

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  1. How wonderful that your sister’s influencers are actually part of your family. Bakit pa lalayo when you’ve got a good, godly and strong family behind you!

  2. She got the right choice! She was exactly what we are in choosing the perfect choice! Detailed and accurate information!

  3. Wow I really appreciate this.
    Great job little sister. Lets support her and someday she will become one of the best influencer.
    She have the guts and skills in content writing.
    Congratulations keep up the good work.

  4. Wow I super love this. I remember an excerpt from this was posted on your ig story before. I like how Karlee wrote this blog. Naku may future si baby girl, pwede syang sumunod sa yapak ng ate nyang blogger.
    The way she see how these beautiful people made impact to her life is really inspiring.

  5. Wow nkaka.inspire nman tlga lahat , marami tayong natutunan sa mga taong malalapit sa atin, sa pamilya natin lalong lalo na sa magulang natin, sila ang mga ngtuturo ng mgagandang gawain sa atin, at tinuturuan tayo kung paano tayo maging mabuting tao ❤️

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