I celebrated my 25th birthday at Jollibee!

Turning 25 is a milestone. It’s one of the most important birthdays to celebrate just like the 1st, 7th, 16th, 18th for young people! Older people tend to celebrate grand birthday parties when they turn 40, 50, 60 and so on. Since I don’t have much time to prepare for my 25th birthday, I celebrated it at Jollibee!

Why Jollibee?

It brings back childhood memories.

When I was young, my parents gave me a Jollibee Party. They saved for it so that all our relatives and friends can be accommodated. Having a party in Jollibee that time is quite expensive for a middle class family.

I celebrated my 25th birthday at Jollibee!

Now that I turned 25, I can now pay for my own party. I invited our relatives and friends to join my Jollibee Party!

I celebrated my 25th birthday at Jollibee!

It’s a Hassle-free Party

In this party, all I did was to choose the birthday party package. First, I chose the party theme. I prefer the neutral ones so I chose the Jollitown package. Second, I selected the party favors. This includes the mascot, balloons, game prizes, loot bags, party hats, and invitation cards. Lastly, I decided which food package to serve. I think I chose Package B: Chickenjoy with Spaghetti, Fries, Sundae and Drink.

I celebrated my 25th birthday at Jollibee!

It felt good because I don’t need to think about the venue, sound system, decorations and even the hosts. It’s really convenient.

They have activities for all ages!

People think that only kids can enjoy parties in fast food chain. I clearly mentioned to the coordinator that most of my guests are young adults. They said that they actually have different games for adults.

I celebrated my 25th birthday at Jollibee!
Question and Answer Portion with the celebrants’ family
I celebrated my 25th birthday at Jollibee!
Arrange yourselves according to…
I celebrated my 25th birthday at Jollibee!
The longest Happy Birthdayyyy!

It’s budget-friendly.

I spent 18,000 pesos for 70 guests. That includes the food (Php 210 per head), part favors (Php 2,000), and the birthday cake (Php 1,300).

Tip: Don’t forget to use your Happy Plus Card to get points.

I celebrated my 25th birthday at Jollibee!

Although many people prefer to celebrate in fine dining restaurants, I think Jollibee Party will always be fun as long as you are with your friends and family.

Travel with Karla

What made it super special is when my boyfriend sent me some flowers, balloon, chocolates, and a cake! It’s really unexpected because he lives in the US right now.

Travel with Karla in 2018
Travel with Karla in 2018

Have you tried celebrating your birthday at Jollibee? How was it?

Travel with Karla

I’d like to thank Jayvin Alinsod for documenting my birthday party. I’m really satisfied with your service.

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored by Jollibee.


  1. It’s always fun in Jollibee! Happy birthday, Karla! ? it’s cute that you were able to keep your 3rd birthday invitation card. Haha. I love it!

  2. Seriously, who does not love Jollibee? I am admittedly a fan (their burger steak!) and I would be happy to take my son if we get an invitation to a Jollibee party.

  3. Haven’t tried celebrating my own birthday in Jollibee but I managed to throw about 10 parties and events here already for Kpop groups!! haha

  4. There are several times we hosted adult parties in Jollibee. The latest was when my grandmother who recovered from mild stroke celebrated her 84th birthday here. It’s really different when you do it in Jollibee. When we were kids, we enjoyed but we can’t remember it anymore. Reliving the memories is a different think, mas naaapreciate mo na ngayon yung kiddie parties.

    Games and hosting were fun too! Oh, and how can we forget dancing Jollibee!!!

  5. I think it would also depend on who your guests are. I really think this will be a hit to young adults. But not adults who are really into eating in restos.

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