Jenny Medenilla of the Transport Queen

Jenny Medenilla of the Transport Queen is one of the Mommy Bloggers of the South Bloggers who I worked with several times. We had several trips together. We’ve been to Vel Garden Resort, Yoki’s Farm, and even had a trip to Tanay, Rizal. Get to know more about her in the blog!

Jenny Medenilla of the Transport Queen

Jenny Medenilla of the Transport Queen

1. Are you a full time blogger? If not, what do you do besides blogging?

No. I manage a Transport Cooperative and a full time housewife too.

2. What do you write about?

 Almost everything and anything under the sun, but I mostly love to write about local travels, family adventures, food and lifestyle.

3. What inspired you to become a blogger? When did you start blogging?

I had my site since 2012. I started blogging about Real Estate Properties so my clients will have an overview of what I sell. Since I also love travelling, having my own DIY itinerary at hand, I decided to create a travel blog which started with the name “Traveling Bunting.” I was on a full time job then, so it took about 5 years before I reactivated my account and started writing again. That was last May, 2018 since then the blog “The Transport Queen” was born.

Jenny Medenilla of the Transport Queen

4. What motivates you to blog?

 I love writing and sharing my thoughts about different topics and with a wider audience.

5. What makes you unique compared to other bloggers?

I can blog about different topics and share insights based on personal experiences. I can impart learning on different topics, traveling hacks, and even poetry. Career-wise, I have been employed for 15 yrs, while doing Real Estate and other small businesses on the side, I have been in the Transport & Cooperative industry for 5 years, and I also experienced downside of business thus which enabled me to focus on blogging opportunities. I can also share insights on personal stories being a mother of 2, and a graduate of Clinical Psychology.  

Jenny Medenilla of the Transport Queen

6. What’s the most viewed article in your website? 

A product review of Theo Broma Cocoa Food Drink followed by a review of Torres Farm and Resort.

7. What’s the best thing about being a blogger? 

The best thing about being a blogger is the opportunity to see the world on a wider perspective – you get to see the over-all package of the brand, whether it is a resort or a product. Plus, the usual VIP treatment during Media or blogging events.

8. What are your challenges in blogging?


9. Message for people who wants to be like you.

 If you wanted to be a blogger – the first step is always to START!

10. If ever you’ll get a chance to Travel with Karla, where do you wanna go?

Let’s go back to Japan and visit Disney Sea!

Thank you Ate Jenny! I’d love to visit Japan again. It’s my dream to explore Disney Sea!

Travel with Karla
Jenny Medenilla of the Transport Queen

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  1. Aww i love posts like this since I love discovering new blogs to read. 🙂 Glad she came back to blogging after taking a long break. I can relate to that. hahaha! 🙂

    1. Another blogger to look out for. I agree with challenge for blogging, TIME.With all the office works and mommy duties. Hirap isingit talaga. Need ng matinding time management, pero dapat kayanin kung gusto talaga ang ginagawa

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