KDrama Review: The World of the Married

The World of the Married Synopsis

The World of the Married, also known as A Couple’s World, is about a doctor who seems to have a perfect life. She’s at the peak of her career in the hospital. In addition, she also has a great family life. Things changed when she found out that her husband is cheating on her. What’s worse? The husband and the concubine even took a trip with their close friends!

5 Reasons To Watch The World of the Married

1. It talks about the realities of marriage.

Unlike other Kdramas which seem to be too good to be true, this series will show you different types of marriages. Some are successful, others are just pretending to have a good marriage.

The World of the Married

2. It has bed scenes!

Although we often see Koreans portrayed as wholesome, this one will show you their sexual side. You can even see a bed scene on the first 5 minutes of episode 1!

The World of the Married

3. Every character has their own problems to solve.

The plot does not revolve on the affair only. It also talks about their life after the divorce. The side stories of other characters are also interesting. I’ve only watched until episode 8 but I think that there will be more character development.

The World of the Married

4. It will teach you that you can’t trust everyone around you.

I couldn’t imagine myself in Ji SunWoo’s shoes, it’s torturing to see how she dealt with her husband’s lies & betrayal. The worst is she’s surrounded by deceitful friends who knew everything but no one tries to bolster her. After watching the first few episodes, you’ll probably want to slap this doctor!

The World of the Married

5. This drama is not for the faint-hearted.

There are lots of confrontations. The lines will really give you lots of feelings! Although the concubine is really pretty, cheating is never justified.

Trigger Warning: There are scenes about domestic abuse.

The World of the Married
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  1. Hindi ko pa ito napapanood pero base sa synopsis maganda po siya. Gantong ring klase ng kdrama ang gusto ko panoorin, yung intense po.

  2. I had mom read this kasi tanong sya ng tanong about this eh kakasimula lang nya kagabi manood HAHAHA 😀 I haven’t watched it yet pero base sa reaction ng kapatid ko parang ayaw ko ma highblood hahaha but from the point of view of this post, I’m probably starting it next week na.

  3. Ms Karla. I watched the show because of your FB post and now I’m waiting for the latest episodes! Haha! I also urged 2 of my cousins to watch and now they’re hooked, too! hehe!

  4. Ang ganda nito Ms Karla, wala pa nga akong tulog kagabi dahil tinapos ko gang Season 8. it’s not drama for me, mas curious po ako sa mga side story nila, sa mga mystery na feeling ko talagang balot yung character nila…excited ako sa mga next na episode

  5. Pinag-iisipan ko pa kung papanuorin ko ito, nakakacurious kasi yung mga reaction ng mga nanunuod nito.. andaming inis. Makakarelate kaya ako kahit na single ako? or baka naman magbago pananaw ko sa marriage kapag pinanuod ko ito.

  6. This series is really intense and immersive. The script and lines delivered are impressive. I am not used in watching series or shows that features infidelity, but this changed my perception about this type of entertainment. Surely, upcoming episodes will keep us at the edge of our seats.

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