Shapewear Guide for Different Body Types

If you’ve already chosen one or more styles that define your personality through your clothes, you’re halfway there. Now it’s important to know how to choose clothes that flatter your body type. Furthermore, what are your primary needs when dressing up? If you can, list the parts of your body that need adjustment. Once that’s done, you can choose the best bodysuit shapewear to wear during the day, or on special occasions. In short… at every moment of your life! Since you deserve to be empowered and at ease with yourself.

1. Triangular shaped body

If you have a triangular body shape, you should invest in clothes that flatter the upper part and soften the lower part of the body. It’s interesting to invest in clothes with a high collar, so you can try putting together a look with the Metallic Shiny One Piece Shapewear Mock-Neck Romper. The shiny metallic effect is a fashion trend. It can be worn with full or wide skirts that will flatter you more.

Shapewear Guide for Different Body Types

This jumpsuit has a simulated collar and highly elastic fabric inside and out, consisting of 68% Nylon + 32% Spandex. Features lightweight support for the chest, double-layer control in the tummy area, and a three-dimensional cut that does not oppress the hips.

2. Rectangular shaped body

If you have this body shape, your shoulders, hips, and waist are the same size. You need to choose pieces that harmonize the parts. You can wear shapewear bodysuit shorts under a flowy dress or A-line skirt that you already have in your closet. The V-neckline like the Built-In Shapewear Deep V-Neck Twisted Shine Maxi Dress could be a great choice too.

Shapewear Guide for Different Body Types

If you are going to choose a slimming bodysuit, invest in a Full Confidence Open Gusset Slimming Bodysuit. It has full light control and control for the tummy, bust, butt and thighs. The straps are adjustable and soft fabric made from 77% Nylon / 23% Elastane.

3. Hourglass shaped body

This is one of the most desired formats by women. If you have the same size shoulders and hips and a thinner waist, you effectively have an hourglass figure and can wear clothes that enhance your natural beauty.

Shapewear Guide for Different Body Types

You can invest in any type of bodysuit, but if you choose a dress, choose the Built-In Shapewear Slip Midi Lounge Dress.  It delivers full-body shaping and features double-layer waist control. Adjustable straps, modal ribbed fabric, and technology for a butt-lifting BBL effect.

4. Oval shaped body

In this case, the waist is wider than the shoulders and hips. You should leave your neck free, wear a long blazer, and invest in U or V-shaped necklines. A good investment could be a strapless shapewear slip like the Built-In Shapewear Off Shoulder V-Neck Ruched Midi Dress.

The off-the-shoulder design lengthens the neckline and highlights the curve of the shoulders and neck. The modeling mesh integrated into the waist panel shapes your tummy for perfect flatness. It has highly elastic fabric with 52% nylon + 48% spandex manufacturing material. It has cotton lining in the groin area, which eliminates the need for panties, giving you greater freedom.


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