Travel with Karla in 2018

It’s been a while since I wrote something about myself. 2018 is full of surprises! Here’s what happened to Travel with Karla in 2018.

1. I switched from being a Travel Blogger to a Travel and Lifestyle Blogger.

What’s the difference? Before, I just visit different places and make some itineraries. Now, I make product reviews and attend events! It feels good to connect brands to their target audience through honest reviews.

Origani Skincare Philippines
Origani Skincare Philippines

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the brands who trusted me!

2. Travel with Karla finally has a new logo!

Thank you, JM Suba!

I also increased my subscribers! Thank you friends!

3. I hosted a bloggers party!

It all started with a Facebook rant. I was upset that I declined a lot of events because I’m only available on weekends. “What if I create my own event?” I invited some blogger friends and got some sponsors! Isn’t it fun to exchange ideas with bloggers from different fields? We really learned a lot from each other.

4. I was appointed as Sangguniang Kabataan Secretary.

It has always been my goal to serve the people. I did not expect to be a part of the government but God made a way to make this possible. It’s great to be a big sister to them and to help them in planning projects and activities.

SK Secretary 101
Sangguniang Kabataan Projects and Activities

5. I became one of the breadwinners of the family.

For the first time, I bought everyone new clothes for Christmas! Providing the needs of my family is really rewarding.

Celebrating Christmas at Chavez Estate (1)
Celebrating Christmas at Chavez Estate.

6. I became a Youth Advocate to Eliminate Online Sexual Exploitation of Children.

The Philippines has become known as a top global source of materials on child sexual abuse. More than 20,000 child pornographic images are uploaded to the internet every week. I feel that by educating children, this can be avoided. I do this every Sunday.

Eliminate Online Sexual Exploitation of Children

7. I learned how to do CPR.

Learn CPR. Strangers, and most importantly, your family may need to depend on it. I passed the practical test and I will receive my ID soon!

8. I attended a dance class.

I’m not really good at dancing but I tried! It was fun learning from G-force, the choreographer of celebrities!

K-Pop Dance Class at G-Force Dance Center Alabang (1)

9. I colored my hair.

For the first time in my life, I colored my hair! I also decided to curl it for a change. Thank you T & J Salon for the free makeover!

Free Hair Makeover from Tony and Jackey

10. I turned 25 this year.

I invited my close friends and family to my Jollibee Party! The last time I celebrated my birthday in Jollibee was when I was three years old. Haha! I’m happy that the guests exceeded my expectation. My family and friends enjoyed playing like a child in my party!

Travel with Karla

BONUS Plot Twist: My LDR boyfriend for four years sent me flowers, balloon, cake, and chocolates for my birthday! *KILIG*

How about you? What are the plot twists of your 2018?

Travel with Karla