Travel with Karla in 2017


I reached 550K page views!

This year, I finally got my own domain! Yayyy!

My website got a lot of page views this year. From 2,000 to 510,000 views! That’s around 1,500 views per day.

Travel with Karla in 2017.PNG

I would like to thank everyone who visited my website! Is your country included? (I still have more flags but I chose to display countries with 400+ views.)




I reached 50K followers!

I get a lot of page views because I kept on sharing my blog posts in my Facebook Page. I made this page last January and I didn’t expect that it will reach 50 thousand in one year.

Travel with Karla in 2017 4

I would like to thank everyone who constantly shares the pictures and videos in my page.

Travel with Karla in 2017 5.PNG


INSTAGRAM @travelwithkarla

I reached 6K followers!

Travel with Karla in 2017

My goal next year is to achieve that 10K followers!


Other Social Media Milestones:

I’m not really active with my Youtube and Twitter accounts but I’m planning to make some vlogs next year!


And that’s my social media statistics for 2017.

What are you thankful for this year?

4 Replies to “Travel with Karla in 2017”

  1. Thanks!😊 I’ve tried sharing my blog link in facebook and instagram. Sorry,
    What kind of Specific task?

    1. Omg, I didn’t notice that. What I mean is tags. 🙂

  2. Wow! I just started blogging (it’s been a month😂) and i only got few views, so I am super amazed by the bloggers who reaches a thousand of views😊
    I think I will gonna work hard from now on haha.

    1. Sharing your links in social media will really help you gain traffic. Also, use specific tags so you’ll appear in the google search results.

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