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Last week, I organized a bloggers party at Charming Tagaytay Vacation Home. We spent two days in Tagaytay. It was great seeing them go to the South for a change. On our way home, they asked me to have a stopover at a coffee shop near my place. The first thing that came into my mind is the Sit & Zip Garden Cafe.

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They have wide range of food to offer: Appetizers, Pastas, Sandwiches, Burgers, Tapsilog, and Rice Meals. For beverages, they have Frappes, Milk Teas, and Overload.

The price of their appetizers ranges from ₱75-129. They have Fish N Chips, Chicken Tenders, Calamares, Buffalo Wings, Honey Garlic Chicken, Nachos, French Fries, Mexican Chili Fries,  Mojos, Nuggets, Pizza Roll, Onion Rings, Cheese Sticks, Chicken Skin, Chicharon Bulaklak, and Shanghai.

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Chicken Skin (₱89) and Shanghai (₱75)

The Pasta meals include Carbonara, Bolognese, and Meaty Spaghetti. You can have them for only ₱120. Their sandwiches and burgers are served with fries. The price ranges from ₱75-120.

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Since we went there for snacks, no one ordered rice meals. They offer different kinds of “silogs” ranging from ₱79-109. Other meals includes buffalo wings (₱119), burger steak (₱95), pork chop (₱95), pork sisig (₱99), daing na bangus with salted egg (₱110) and many more!

The Beverages include brewed coffee (₱80), hot choco (₱80), cappuccino (₱99) and various types of lemonades (₱70). They have many Milk Tea flavors (₱89-99): Pearl Classic, Wintermelon, Okinawa, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry,  Taro, Oreo, Banana, Matcha, and Vanilla.

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Honeydew Frappe (₱99) and Pink Lemonade (₱70)

Some flavors of Frappe’s are new to me: Honeydew (₱99), Choco Malt (₱99), Halo-halo (₱119), Taro (₱99), Matcha KitKat (₱199) and Buko Pandan (₱99).

Sit & Zip Garden Cafe (3)If you wanna go extra, you should try their Overload Menu for only ₱150. Flavors include Chocolate, Cookies N Cream, Strawberry, Caramel, Choco mint, and  Matcha (₱160).

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Sit & Zip Garden Cafe is located in front of Robinsons Place Dasmarinas. It’s on the second floor of Kossa Mart (Korean Store in Palapala).

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Thoughts about the Sit & Zip Garden Cafe:


  • They don’t have WiFi but they have lots of board games! I think it’s a great place to actually talk with your friends.
  • The ambiance is good but they don’t have a general theme. It’s a mixture of nature, bohemian theme (dream catchers and tent) and random stickers on the glass wall.
  • The meals and beverages are affordable. It’s good for students!
  • They have a big serving – you can share the drinks with your friends!


  • It’s hot inside. They need to lower the temperature of the aircon during the afternoon.
  • The people are courteous but they are slow. I know that it’s made to order but we are the first ones to arrive there. It irks me to see other guests being served first. I hope they will have a number system (first order, first serve).
  • The Frappe is too sweet. My friend specifically mentioned that she wants the sweetness to be 25% instead of 100% but it’s still too sweet.
  • The Pink Lemonade is okay but I can still sip some powder from the bottom.
  • I wasn’t able to try the meals but my friend mentioned that the burger is messy. I guess there’s too much cheese. Maybe they can put it on the side too.

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  1. the drinks look delicious but I agree with your friend, the burger with all the creamy cheddar cheese looks not so good. I was at Five Guys and they served me a burger with the cheese suuuuper melted and it was disgusting (and I love cheese!).

  2. The drinks look really good. I have not tried some of those flavors you mentioned. I would love to try the burger too. Even if I would make a mess, it is okay. Its a burger!

  3. I love the patty of their burger but i’m not happy with the cheese sauce. matabang huhu. Hoping they would also add aircon kasi mainit 🙁

  4. Look like a beautiful place to relax and enjoy a meal with family and friends. Looking at the pros, it’s nice to have board games for a change instead of everyone focusing on their phones.

  5. I feel like i need to be away from social media since ive been depending on it nowadays and i love board games so this place will workout good for me

  6. Looks like a really nice place to dine and relax with family and friends. I love those beverages. They look so delicious! I wish I lived closer. I’d be there everyday!

  7. Too bad ang daming cons…. and they should improve their food first 🙂 Most of the restaurants popping around are the one na pa-trend lang but the quality of food are ultimate fail. Haay! Was hoping pa naman sa food ’cause the place looks really nice 🙂

  8. The pictures of the food made me crave the food. It sounds like there is a wide variety of food which good. Other than the cons, it does sound like a cool place to eat.

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